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       A Seal Upon Your Heart, p.24

           Pepper Pace

  “Martier…I…I’m sorry.”

  She stared at him making no move to tuck her breasts back into the bra so that the impression of them was very visible beneath her blouse.

  She grimaced. “Sorry for…?”

  He inched toward the door. “Sweetheart, this is something that we should not rush. We’ve only been together a few short weeks. Sex is a big move.”

  “I know that.” Her expression tightened. “Don’t mistake my age for ignorance. I know what I want.”

  Her words shocked him. It made his cock weep. He wanted her badly, so bad that his hands shook. “You grew up in a convent. You wear rosary beads and go to mass and pray before you go to sleep! What you’re thinking about is a sin. I don’t want you to take that lightly because one day…you might regret it.” It made him almost choke to put into words his most secret thoughts. One day Martier would tire of him and feel as if he had taken advantage of her. And wouldn’t it be partially true?

  “No,” she said while staring at him. “It can’t be a sin because you’re a good person and so am I. And beyond that, Tim, I don’t care. I love you and…” What she left unsaid is that she had already claimed him as her own. He just had to do the same. Martier came to her feet and moved to him. He truly looked afraid but all she did was to place her lips lightly on his and then she moved to the door. “Goodnight.”

  He hesitated and then mumbled a half-hearted good night and left.

  Martier leaned against the door for a full five minutes before she finally turned off her lights and headed up the stairs to her bedroom. She already knew that she would slip off her clothes and climb into her bed completely nude. She would replay every kiss, every touch that Tim had placed on her body. Then her fingers would try to mimic the passion that still ebbed between her passion slick thighs.

  …for whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

  Only Martier didn’t feel the least bit guilty.


  Tim discreetly watched Martier while they were on the flight. They didn’t sit next to each other as the attorneys and partners paired off with each other and the assistants did the same. Claudette, Lois, Diana and Martier were in one group of their own while Jakob and Elaina held hands and seemed comfortable with each other.

  Before boarding Elaina had quietly approached them. “Tim.” He and Martier had turned to her and she looked at the younger girl. “Hi Martier. About dinner, I wanted to apologize, especially to you. I know I made a bad impression. The only explanation I have is that I haven’t been myself lately.”

  Martier always felt uncomfortable when someone humbled themselves to her. She was happy that Elaina had apologized but now that she had she wanted to close that chapter and move on.

  “Its fine and I appreciate your apology. Um…” She gestured to Tim, “Why don’t you two talk. I’ll get something to drink.”

  Tim reached out for her hand to keep her from leaving but she was already gone. He didn’t want her to feel that she had to leave. Elaina had been the one out of line, not her. He sighed.

  “Thank you for that, I’m sure it will make her feel a little better.” He knew that Martier was very sensitive but didn’t really know if it was better to not discuss things and let them work themselves out on their own, or if he should talk to her and help her flesh out her feelings. So far not addressing it had won out, besides, they had just been too busy and well…now here they were.

  Elaina looked uncomfortable as she clasped her hands and stared at him. “You’re my best friend Tim, other than Jakob…You and Corrine both were.” She inhaled deeply and Tim’s posture relaxed.

  “Elaina…I’m not going to try to make you feel for Martier how you felt for Corrine…that’s…I just want you to give her a chance and then form an opinion of her just based on her—not me and her. Do you know what I mean?”

  Elaina nodded. “Yes. Jakob explained about her situation, the convent and that horrible genocide.” She looked away. “I remember when that was happening and Corrine told me about a local convent that had brought children over to be placed. Jakob and I had actually donated to their efforts.” She sighed. “It’s funny how things come full circle.”

  Tim nodded. “I didn’t hire her to sleep with her…and for the record I’ve never slept with her. I hired her because a nun called me and asked me to help. That’s it.”

  Elaina stared at him stunned. She felt about an inch tall. “I really made a fool of myself-” Tim placed a hand on her shoulder.

  “You cared enough to rip me a new asshole. And that’s what friends do…care, is what I mean. Friends care enough to say and do what might not be too popular. We are good, okay?”

  She nodded quickly and smiled and then stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek. Jakob was watching from a distance and gave him an appreciative nod.

  Now that that was over, he couldn’t get enough of watching Martier marvel at the tiny world beneath them. The ladies giggled and whispered and Tim didn’t realize that he wore a stupid smile on his own face just watching her. The stewardess brought champagne and Martier accepted it and then squinted her eyes as she took a sip and the bubbles hit her. He chuckled.

  “You’re not going to need the inflight movie, Tim.” Eeyore spoke, eyes twinkling in an otherwise somber face.

  Tim quickly cleared his throat in embarrassment.

  “You seem pretty much entertained watching something else.” Eeyore continued.

  “It’s Martier’s first time flying…well that she remembers and I just wanted to…you know, make sure every things ok.”

  Aaron glanced over at the giggling, whispering women and then met Tim’s eyes. “I can guarantee you that everything is okay.” Tim blushed.


  LaGuardia Airport was like a mall! When they landed, Martier couldn’t believe all of the shops and restaurants. The planes seemed secondary to all of the attractions. They walked as a group to baggage and then there was a shuttle waiting to take them back to the hotel. Everyone was excited but none more than the quiet woman whose mouth was agape in awe as she peered out the window. Tim pointed out different points of interest and soon they were at the hotel.

  She felt warm and nervous about the bold move she had pulled in cancelling her room. But it became obvious that everyone had only secured one set of rooms for themselves and their secretaries. She still felt scared. Especially when Tim asked the man at the front desk for their room keys and she placed her hand on his arm and whispered,

  “I’m staying in your room.”

  He stared at her silently before nodding, clearing his voice and correcting his request for the one room key. Tim tried to find all of the hidden meanings behind what Martier had just told him. Did she think that this is what he expected? Did she really understand what she was doing? Oh God, he was in agony. He hadn’t been trying to hint that he expected that from her. Maybe he should have clarified…

  “Tim?” He nearly jumped. They were in the elevator and Martier was looking around. “Our luggage?”

  “Oh,” he let out a tense breath. “They’ll bring it up if it’s not already waiting for us.” When they entered the large suite the luggage was indeed sitting near the entrance to a separate bedroom. Tim was all prepared to explain to Martier that he hadn’t intended for her to think they had to share a room, but he was stopped by the look of sheer delight on her face as she took in the luxurious accommodations. He kept quiet and watched her, feeling the delight of such luxury renew itself in him as well. Of course he’d been in similar rooms often enough but this was a first for her.

  Martier entered the room timidly and then looked at him in surprise. “All of this for us?” He closed the door with a smile and a nod of his head. It was decorated like a real home, the bookshelves had actual books, there was a fireplace with beautiful chairs and a sofa. There was even a dining area that had candles on the perfectly set table. She hurried to the French doors and gasped. They led to
a bedroom that looked like it belonged in a fairytale. She took in the large bed with the white fluffy comforter and canopy and her cheeks felt warm. She looked over her shoulder at Tim who had a strange smile on his face. She ran to him and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him.

  “This is…magnificent.”

  As he held her in his arms he decided that he wouldn’t ruin this moment by putting his foot into his mouth. But unfortunately he did have to extricate himself from her arms.

  “Sorry, honey. I have to make a brief appearance at the conference.” He checked his watch. “No more than 4 hours and then…” he placed a soft kiss on her nose, “I’m all yours.”

  Martier shivered at his words. “Um, should I come with you?”

  “No, not today. Tomorrow I’ll need you for a bit and the next day at the end.” His arms moved to wrap themselves around her waist. “Why don’t you call Claudette and see what the ladies will be doing while the guys are away?”

  She didn’t have to do that. After Tim left, she unpacked their things and was exploring the bathroom when the room phone rang.


  “Naughty girl…” Claudette’s teasing voice rang out.

  Martier chuckled. “And I suppose you’re referring to my housing arrangement?”

  “I’m not saying anything else. Can you meet me in the lobby in about 5 minutes?”

  Martier was there in less time than that. Of the eighteen women that had made the trip, five were present. She didn’t see Elaina but remembered Claudette’s concerns about a ‘wife’ being included in the trip. She was introduced to the other women and then Claudette revealed that she had made reservations for them at the spa. It seemed as if everyone had been to a spa before except her.

  Martier wasn’t sure how she felt about some stranger’s hands touching all over her body but she wasn’t going to be the odd man out. It turned out that her time at the spa far exceeded her expectations! The pampering was wonderful but laughing and talking with the other ladies is what really made it for Martier. She opened up, not realizing that since the incident with Jen, she really hadn’t been very open to making friends with anyone else from work.

  They drank champagne while getting pedicures and nibbled on finger foods while trying not to mar their newly manicured nails. They even talked her into having a few inches trimmed from her long hair and when she declined the makeover Lois practically begged her until she gave in. Everything was enjoyable except the bikini wax.

  Martier was fine with her shaven legs but everyone exclaimed how much better it was to wax. When she exclaimed that she’d never been waxed one girl looked at her like she was an oddball.

  “Not even a bikini wax?” And that is how she got talked into her first bikini wax.

  The technician looked at the mound of curls between her legs with a raised brow.


  “What?!” Martier covered her mouth in shock.

  “Is this your first time receiving a bikini wax?”

  “Oh…um, yes.” She stuttered.

  “Well, we’ll need to trim this down.” She pulled out scissors and Martier stared at the ceiling in embarrassment. The woman gave her hand a pat and told her she’d leave some hair up top and then she began applying the warm wax. Martier tried to think about something pleasant until she felt a yank between her legs, heard the sound of ripping and then felt the almost unbearable sting of her hair being torn from her sensitive flesh.

  “OWW!” She yelped and reached between her legs. But the technician had already placed a warm towel there and was applying pressure. “I have to use the bathroom…” She moaned as tears sprung to her eyes.

  The technician just smiled. “Give it a minute.” She gave her after care instructions. “The swelling should go down in a day and so will the irritation. Just don’t scratch-”

  “Uh?” Martier pressed her thighs together and tried to resist the urge to rub her injured area. “Swelling? Irritation?” But she wanted to make love to Tim tonight.

  “You’ll be good as new tomorrow. Two days tops.”

  Martier grit her teeth and joined her friends where they were marveling at their freshly waxed legs. Everyone decided to return to their room with plans to meet again the next day to shop. Martier hurried to her room and stripped out of her panties. She found a handheld mirror in the bedroom on the dressing table and used it to look at her new hairless vaginal lips. She reached down tentatively to touch the smooth flesh. It was a bit irritated but the feel of her fingertips created a rapid thrill. She rubbed them gently and shuddered when her labia twitched.

  She heard the door to the front room opening and Martier quickly replaced the mirror.

  “Martier? You here, hon?”

  She moved quickly to pick up her panties but only had time to shove them into one of the drawers before Tim was in the bedroom.

  “Wow. Hubba hubba!” He said. Martier patted her hair and grinned sheepishly. They had straightened it and it barely appeared that she had lost the inch or two that had been trimmed off. Now it flowed down her back like a sheet of silk. Her other hand moved to her crotch before remembering not to scratch and she quickly pretended to smooth down the material of her dress.

  “Do you like it?”

  He wouldn’t tell her that he preferred her wild curls. “I love it, honey. You look so beautiful.” He kissed her. “Let me change and then I’ll take you out on the town.” Martier retreated to the living area while Tim showered. She checked the time and then called Dhakiya.

  “Sis, you are not going to believe what I just did...”

  By the time they left, the sun had set and the lights outside of the Waldorf Astoria took Martier’s breath away. She slipped her hand into his as they walked to a waiting limo.

  “Where are we going?” She asked excitedly.


  “Katz? What’s that?”

  He grinned. “Only the most famous deli in all of New York City and perhaps the world. I’m dying for a pastrami sandwich.” Martier grinned at him. They were going to take a limo for a simple pastrami sandwich?

  However, once she took a bite of the incredible sandwich she realized her folly. This was no ordinary pastrami on rye. After the sandwiches they strolled hand in hand down the street. Martier was amazed at how the shops lined the street, hawkers standing in front of their stores yelling to them. Tim was good at ignoring them but, to his amusement, Martier always politely responded. He bought her a New York Yankees cap and an Italian Ice from a vender.

  Martier understood what Claudette had meant about New York being a time for special bonding. She had never had so much fun in her life! When they returned to the hotel she had laughed a lot and walked until her feet were sore but could have continued walking for another hour as long as Tim was with her.

  “Martier…” he said hesitantly as they entered the room. “Do you mind if I invite the Marx’s to dinner with us tomorrow?”

  “I don’t mind.” Elaina had seemed honestly sorry and she knew that it would make Tim happy to spend time with his friends. Also, she felt somewhat bad about not inviting her to join them at the spa, though it really wasn’t her place to do so. Still she felt bad about it.

  “Are you sure, because if you’re even a little bit uncomfortable-”

  “No, I’m not.” She said honestly while slipping off her shoes and sinking onto one of the couches. She sighed in pleasure and Tim sat down next to her and lifted her foot into his lap and began to rub it. It’s not the first foot rub that he’d administered but it still sent a jolt of pleasure through her. He suddenly ran his hands over her feet and up her legs.

  “So smooth…” he mumbled.


  He kissed her toe and she giggled. “Did you enjoy the spa?”

  “It was…decadent.” She murmured while giving him a sexy smile. His fingers ran along her soft skin while he watched the effect his touch had on her. Her eyes closed and she sighed and stretched along
the sofa.

  “Are you having fun, baby?”

  “Mhmmm…” She purred. “The best time of my life.”

  God…the sounds she made was having some effect on him. He glanced past her towards the bedroom. The turn down service had already been through and the bed looked very inviting. And then there seemed to be two Tim’s warring inside of him. One said, ‘I’ve been very patient. Why shouldn’t I? She wants me.’ The other Tim said, ‘Be the strong one. Don’t let her throw away her teachings with the first guy that is lucky enough to make her breathe heavy’

  But even as he was thinking these thoughts, his hand continued to creep up along her leg until he was at the bend of her knee.

  “Mmm…” She parted her lips, eyes still closed and nuzzled her head deeper into the couch pillow. He couldn’t resist the sight of her full lips. Tim leaned forward, half covering her body and he placed a light kiss on them.

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