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       CRASH, p.17

           Pepper Pace
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  He leaned forward and captured her bouncing breasts, squeezing one as he sucked the other. “God, you’re so hot…” She whimpered when she felt the final electrical surge pass through her core.

  “I’m going to come!”

  He released her nipple long enough to cry out. “Yes! Come, Sophie, come with me!” And then she felt his warm semen spilling inside of her once more. I am filled with this man, she thought; inside I’m filled with his seed.

  The two dragged themselves to the bathroom on weakened legs and showered. Lucas washed her body and when his hands passed over her pelvis he looked at her mysteriously.

  “Sophie…we didn’t use any condoms...”

  “Don’t worry, my cycle just ended so I’m safe.”

  “Oh,” he said simply and then she heard him sigh.

  They went downstairs and Lucas started the grill. They were both starving and didn’t want to wait for potatoes to roast so Sophie nuked them and pulled out a ready salad pack and put hefty amounts on each plate.

  Lucas was staring at the stars when she came out with the salmon. He gestured her over to the railing and she placed the bag of marinating fish on the table. He placed his arms around her waist and together they stared out at the night sky.

  “I’ll never forget this moment.” He murmured. “I’ll never be more happier than I am at this very minute.” She hugged him.

  Chapter 15

  “That’s it, babe. The End. Finished. Finito.” Lucas pressed save on the word document and Sophie beamed proudly. Their chairs were pushed together in the office and Lucas turned to her and hugged her tightly as she ran her fingers through his hair.

  “Ahead of schedule. Candace should be proud.” He leaped up, surprising her, and then rushed to the kitchen.

  “We need to celebrate!” He came back with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.


  “I hid it in the back of the fridge.”

  He pulled the cork from the bottle and poured two overflowing glasses of champagne. He handed her one but she wouldn’t take it. She had a strange look on her half smiling face.


  He frowned. “What? Why?”

  She stood up and walked across the room. “I was going to wait to tell you after I went to the doctor, but…well; it’s a time to celebrate.” She turned around and faced him. “I’m pregnant, Luke.”

  The glass of wine went crashing to the floor and Lucas didn’t even notice. “Pregnant…”

  Her smile fell away. “We’re going to have a baby.”

  His eyes studied her face and he stepped forward, onto the glass, not hearing it crunch beneath his shoes. He reached out and pulled her into his arms, lifting her from her feet. Her arms went around his neck.

  “You’re going to have my baby?” His voice was amazed.

  She smiled. The last time she’d said those words to a man he’d said, no. No no no, this can’t be happening. She kissed the man she loved.


  “How? I thought we, you…” When they had returned from their mountain weekend, Sophie had gotten on the pill.

  “I guess I wasn’t as safe as I thought. I think it happened when we were still on the mountain.”

  That was nearly three months ago. Now he was nearly frantic with the need to get married. They had decided to hold off on any wedding plans until the book was finished. Lucas felt better if he had money to contribute, but now he just wanted his woman and his baby to have his name.

  “We gotta get married, babe!” He placed her back down on her feet lightly.

  She chuckled. “We have several months. Okay, sweetheart?”

  And then he chuckled with her. “Finished my first novel, find out I’m going to have a baby AND I have the most wonderful woman in the world.” He ran his shaking hands through his hair. “This is probably the best day of my life.”

  She looked momentarily sad.


  “Nothing.” She tried to smile.

  “Sophie, don’t do that. What’s wrong?”

  “I’m forty-three years old. I’m…” she sighed. “I’m the product of incest. Maybe I have some chromosomal damage.” Tears suddenly wet her eyes. “Maybe…we shouldn’t get too excited…”

  Lucas pulled her into his arms. “Don’t think like that. We’ll see a doctor and we’ll wait to see what he says, okay?” She nodded. “I love you Sophie, no matter what, and this is still the happiest moment of my life.”


  “I’m so bored!” She was on forced bed rest and had been for the last four weeks. She had nearly eight more weeks until she was due to give birth but didn’t think she’d be able to stay in bed one more hour let alone 8 more weeks!

  Lucas passed her the e-reader and she threw it across the bed. He sighed and picked up the device and placed it on the bedside table.

  “Do you want to watch a movie?”


  “Do you want the laptop? You haven’t blogged in a few days.”

  She shook her head. “I want to make love.”

  He sighed and felt his dick twitch. “I do, too, babe. You know I do. It’s been weeks since we’ve made love. But it’s not safe for the baby.”

  “I’m horny,” she pouted. Now his dick was extremely hard.

  “You’re making me crazy.”

  “I’m sorry.” And then tears popped into her eyes. “I’m just so tired.”

  Lucas crawled into bed. “Shh. I know. Open your legs.”

  Her eyes went wide. She was lying beneath a warm fleece blanket wearing just a gown even though it was mid-day. Why get dressed when all she could do is lay in bed? She didn’t ask him to repeat himself, she moved her legs until she was spread eagle on the large bed.

  Lucas pulled the covers back and nestled himself between his wife’s thighs. He loved looking up over the mound of her belly and seeing her lust filled eyes. He gave her a grin and then he parted her moist folds and lapped and sucked her until she came yelling out her pleasure.

  And when she was panting and satisfied, Lucas sat back on his haunches and pulled out his stiff cock and then he jerked it while she watched. He collapsed next to her and intertwined their fingers together.

  “Can we do that every night?” She asked breathlessly.

  “Well…let’s talk to the doctor first about it.”


  They did not have to wait eight weeks. Their son was born four weeks early; healthy and beautiful. He had pale skin and a shock of black hair just like his father. Sophie cried when she looked at her beautiful son.

  While they were in the hospital, Lucas would hold him in the palm of his hands and stare at him, marveling at the little replica of himself.

  And when he brought them home, Lucas tucked Sophie into bed and then placed his son into the cradle that he had set up in the office. Soon they would be moving into their new home. He would have liked to have moved his family in as soon as they were released from the hospital, but it just wasn’t ready. And besides, Sophie would have wanted to be in charge of the move and something like that was just too stressful during the last weeks of her pregnancy.

  Candace had signed him to a three book deal to continue writing Ned’s story for Clarion Press. The stories would be geared for the Hispanic readers and he found himself again in the predicament of writing about something he had never experienced.

  But with the money from the book deal, he had enough money to start the construction of their new home; including an outdoor kitchen, a gazebo and a large sunny room that would serve as a double office for the both of them. Even though Sophie had not renewed her contract with Clarion, she and Lucas wanted to continue to write together. Sophie planned to E-Publish and had several offers from prominent companies.

  He wanted to write a story, but not for Clarion. He wanted to write it for Sophie, for his son, but mostly for himself. Lucas pulled up a fresh Word doc page and didn’t think. He just allowed the
words and memories to come to him.


  By Lucas Reider

  There was no beginning and there is no end. There is just the moment when everything comes crashing together, and that is where it started.

  Lucas was lying on the hard ground; the cold wet concrete scratching into his cheek. The grunts of the man raping him, and the encouraging noises of the man holding him down were the only sounds that could be heard in the darkened alley. The other man had already done him and was now keeping him immobile by pinning him to the ground; his knee buried deep into Lucas’ narrow back while his big paws bore down on his wrists. It hurt to move, so he didn’t. It hurt to think, so he didn’t…


  About the Author


  Pepper Pace writes romance stories with steamy eroticism, humor and warmth. She enjoys writing, as well as reading about unlikely romances and interracial relationships. Her characters are painfully real and just like in reality, sometimes their stories make you cry, sometimes they make you laugh and when Pepper turns up the passion it becomes very steamy!

  She has described her stories as ‘out of the box’ because she is intrigued by the unusual. Stories about perfect people offers very little excitement for Pepper, which is why she has woven a world rich with anti-heroes, the insecure, the angry but always redemption.

  Pepper lives in Cincinnati Ohio with her teenage son and daughter…as do most of her characters.

  Visit Pepper’s blog at



  Pepper Pace is a popular author on She is the winner of the 11th Annual Literotica Awards for 2009 for Best Reluctance story, as well as best Novels/Novella. She is also recipient of Literotica’s August 2009 People's Choice Award, and was awarded second place in the January 2010 People’s Choice Award. In the 12th Annual Literotica Awards for 2010, Pepper Pace won number one writer in the category of Novels/Novella as well as best Interracial story.



  Pepper Pace, CRASH



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