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           Pepper Pace
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  “Oh, Sophie, baby. You are no monster!” He squeezed her, holding onto her tightly. “I love you because you are a beautiful person. You didn’t force me to love you! You didn’t ask me to! You didn’t trick me into it. Baby…I came to this feeling on my own!”

  Sophie pulled back or tried to. Lucas kept hold of her arm as she looked at the blurred floor. “No…I can’t do this right now-”

  “Face the man that loves you, Sophie; the way that you’ve faced your demons!”

  She looked at him feeling faint. “Lucas…I know you’re a man and not a little boy. I get that. I even know that…”

  “What?” He gave her body a firm shake. “Don’t clam up on me, Sophie. Talk to me baby, please!”

  “You’re going to meet someone who is right for you; someone that you can start a family with, who won’t be freaking…sixty years old when you hit forty!”

  “No.” He shook his head adamantly. “It’s not like that for me-”

  “Find someone else. I’m not right for you! Please find somebody that will grow with you, Lucas, because I can’t. Don’t you get it?!” She sobbed uncontrollably. “I don’t want you!”

  He felt like she had punched him in the stomach. “Sophie. Please don’t say that.” She pulled away from him. “I’m here for you. You can love me-”

  She was shaking her head back and forth. “No! You’re not right for me, either. You’re not what I want, Lucas!”

  Lucas stared at her and she met his eyes without flinching. He walked past her, slowly into the living room where he stared at the cold fireplace.

  “It’s not your grandfather that you should be worried about turning in to.” His voice was low, but it rumbled from his body like a gentle volcano, or a terrible whisper. “You’re much more like Mouse’s Vincent. He threw her away--no, he threw YOU away, just like you’re throwing me away. Only he did it because he claimed that his mother and family wouldn’t accept an interracial relationship. But it’s really the same reason that you’re doing it; because you’re both afraid.”

  He turned and looked at her and there was not a tear in his eye, but his face had lost all of its child-like qualities and Sophie almost cried out NO!

  “One day I’m going to be more than a man that you can’t see; more than a man that was fucked by other men. I’m going to be more than a man that was forced.”

  No…Sophie took a step forward. That wasn’t it at all! He took a step back; away from her.

  She gave him a surprised look. “Lucas…”

  He walked to the door but hesitated before opening it. “You know…I would have never asked you to abort our baby. I would have never turned my back on you. And I’m twenty-two years old and he was in his forties. Do you really think that age means anything?”

  Lucas opened the door and closed it quietly behind him.

  Sophie blinked rapidly, feeling as if she was going to black out. Lucas had left. Sophie ran to the door. Her hand hesitated at the knob.

  If she opened that door than she was committing herself to being everything that he asked for and deserved in a partner. If she opened that door she would have to make and keep a pact with herself to be courageous, to be strong, and to love this man with every ounce of her being.

  Sophie flung the door opened, hearing it crash against the wall.

  “LUCAS!!” She ran down the two front stairs, and down the walkway. “LUCAS?!” She screamed out a choked sob.

  He was already at the street and he turned. A frown had gathered his brow and his mouth was an unmoving line slashed into his face.

  Sophie picked up speed and went running down the drive-way. “I want you!” She panted. “I want you I want you I want you!”

  Lucas opened his arms and Sophie threw herself into them. He lifted her from her feet and spun her around. Her arms were around his neck and she clung to him as if her life depended on it.

  “I love you, I love you, Lucas. I want you! And I love you!” She chanted.

  “Sophie…” He said softly.

  She pushed back from him and stared up into his face. “Do you love me? Say it. Say you love me.”

  He smiled. “I love you Sophie. I love you so much and I want to be here with you today and tomorrow and forever if you let me.”

  Her eyes searched his face and whatever she was looking for she found because her eyes lit up and she smiled along with him.

  “The first time you looked into my eyes; back in the alley that very first night, I felt you in my heart. When I asked you to come inside for water, I didn’t know what that feeling was. But I knew that I could…see myself in you. By the time I found out that you weren’t a kid, it was too late. I’d already let you in. I never let anyone in.”

  “So if you had known that I was an adult you would have never invited me in for that water?”

  She was shaking her head. “No.” And then she relented a little. “But I would have brought it out to you…maybe. The point is, I wanted you and I was scared to want you.”

  “When did you know that you wanted me?”

  “In the hospital; when child services wouldn’t take you.” They both grinned at that. It would forever-more be their own private joke. “It was pretty close to love at first sight, Lucas.” His heart felt like it was swelling in joy. She placed her hands on his face. “I love you. And I’ve wanted you for so very long and I’m so sorry-”

  He tried to tell her not to be sorry but she continued.

  “-what you said in there is not something that matters to me.”

  He watched her with no trace of his previous smile “I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, Sophie.”

  “I feel sorry for the both of us. Because some really bad things have happened to us and you still want me and I still want you.”

  He smiled and sighed and then he leaned forward and kissed her, finally; he kissed her and felt her enthusiastic response.

  It was as if the world were standing still. There was nothing before, and there was nothing after; just the silent crash of two unmovable objects finally meeting. Lucas broke the kiss and gripped her arm, pulling her towards the house.

  “Slowly,” he heard her speak. “We have all the time in the world.” He turned to look at her and in the setting sun with the mountains behind them; Lucas Reider fell in love all over again.

  “You promise?” he croaked.

  Her response was a step forward and a gentle kiss. Lucas’ arms went around her again and this time when he held her, he made time to enjoy the fullness of her body as it pressed against his and the feel of her hands as they caressed his back, and the way her lips felt against his. He took the time to slowly explore the depths of her mouth and the way her lips felt when his tongue slowly drifted across them. His knees nearly buckled when he felt her soft moan.

  “I need you Sophie. Please let me make love to you.” She was shivering when she took his hand and led him into the house. He followed her up the stairs and his hands moved to her hips, he watched them sway as she took each step and his cock ached in his pants.

  Sophie felt nervous when they reached Lucas’ bedroom. She desired him but there was a twenty year age difference and there was a fear in the back of her mind that he would be disappointed at what he saw. She was happy that the sun was setting and the only lights were what drifted in through the picture window.

  Lucas quickly shed his shirt and kicked off his shoes, never taking his eyes from her. And she shyly pulled the hoodie from over her head and was sitting down to pull of her shoes when Lucas crossed the room, clad only in jeans. He knelt before her and slipped her shoes off. And then while he was on his knees he moved forward and placed his lips on the swell of her breast; that portion that peeked over her bra, layering each one with loving kisses.

  Sophie shuddered and sighed. Her hands moved to his hair and she ran her hands through the strands, luxuriating in its silkiness. He looked up and came to his feet before her and undid his pants. They slipped down and she could see his loose
fitting boxers and the prominent bulge that was so close to her face.

  He swept his boxers off with no ounce of fear or shame and Sophie marveled at his chiseled beauty. His penis was heavy and thick and stood straight up, straining, it seemed, towards her. His shaft was darker than the rest of him, the way his nipples were brown instead of pink. His jet black thatch of hair stood out starkly against his pale skin. He wasn’t hairy and a light down covered his small testicles.

  Sophie ran her hands up his thighs, barely believing that such a lean man could possess such an impressive penis. She looked up and met his eyes and he took her by the elbows and urged her to her feet. Lucas reached down to unfasten her pants and to push them down her thighs. She watched him as he removed them from her legs and when he came back to his feet she examined the way his eyes took in the sight of her in just panties and a bra.

  His hands reached around to undo her bra and he took a step back and marveled at her breasts. She smiled finally. He liked what he saw. His words might lie but not the way his erect penis surged upward and let loose a drop of precum. She pulled off her panties and stood there allowing him to see her; all of her. It was the hardest thing she’d ever done, but she had to do it now, not later.

  “Sophie,” he groaned. “I can’t wait any longer.” His eyes pleaded for her to make the next move. She reached out and wrapped her hand around his penis and Lucas fell into her and they both landed on the bed.

  He moved her hand. He would come undone if she stroked him now. He gently placed her hands above her head while he moved to run his lips down her throat and over her collar bone until his tongue found her nipples, thick and tightly beaded. He groaned like a starving man feasting when he drew the hard nub into his mouth. Then he felt Sophie writhe beneath him and her soft groans filled the room.

  He knew that she had said slow, but he couldn’t wait much longer. Her groans of pleasure; sounds that he had caused was too much. He nudged her legs apart and reaching down between them to run his fingers along her crease.

  She was wet. He groaned again in pride that he had caused this in her.

  She spread her legs further and arched upward and his fingers had no choice but part her silky flesh. Sophie moaned and he stroked her while lapping at her swollen nipples.

  “Lucas…please! I can’t wait!” she cried out and he immediately came up on his knees over her and gripped his cock. He guided it carefully until it located her opening and Lucas pushed forward until the tip of him was enclosed by her tight canal. A hiss issued from Sophie and then her breath seemed to freeze in her lungs. Lucas thought he might have hurt her and he was about to pull out when she groaned loudly and brought her legs around his waist.

  His eyes fluttered close as he sank himself deeper into her. He had never been inside of a woman, or anyone. It was so tight and so hot; his imagination could have never done justice to the actual feeling of being inside of someone. His mouth parted and he began thrusting in and out of her. Sophie’s moans of pleasure let him know that he was doing it right and he looked down at her and watched her face as it twisted in pleasure and the way her teeth gripped her lower lip, but especially the way her mouth flew open and she gasped in pleasure when he dipped his hips and plunged into her fully. He repeated that move three times in a row and felt her hands move suddenly to his shoulders where she dug her fingers into his flesh and began to wail out his name. Then he felt her body clench around his shaft and it was like there were hundreds of hands squeezing him.

  Lucas cried out and the two of them came at once, pushing together and finding a rhythm, even in their frantic gyration. And then he exploded into her, shooting for so long that he didn’t think he’d ever stop. They were both quivering when he finally collapsed onto her body. He tried to push off and to roll away but she kept her legs wrapped around him and he had to be satisfied with just propping himself up slightly on one arm.

  “Love you.” he panted and looked down into her face.

  She smiled. “I love you.”


  “What do we call ourselves?” She asked. They had made love once more and this time it had been slow and sensual with time to explore with lips and finger tips.

  “We’re a couple,” he said, pleased with the sound of that.

  “Yeah but do I call you my boyfriend, my lover, my man?” She was grinning but still partially serious. They were lying in bed, her head nestled against his chest while her hands twirled a lock of his hair.

  He seemed to be quietly contemplating her question. “I rather like the word…fiancée.”

  Her body jolted, he could feel it and he glanced down at her. She was staring at him with an opened mouth. After a moment she settled back down and rubbed her hand along his narrow chest.

  “You asking me to marry you Lucas Reider?”

  He chuckled. “You don’t take too well to hints so I guess I better just come right out and ask you.” She looked at him with twinkling eyes and he could see it despite her glasses and despite the fact that there was nothing but moonlight and starlight.

  “Sophie Baxter, will you marry me?”

  She stared at him and he could see the love evident in her face. “Don’t you think we should wait…until after we’ve been dating for more than an hour?”

  Lucas took her hand and intertwined their fingers. “I’ve known you for half a year. It only took me 1 minute without you to see that I don’t want to spend even a second apart.”

  She watched him intently, her thumb moving along his knuckles.

  “That was the longest minute of my life; when I thought I didn’t have you anymore. Yes, I’ll marry you.”

  His breath came out in a rush. “I’m not dreaming am I?”

  Sophie leaned forward and met his lips, her hand moved down his body. He closed his eyes and groaned. Her hand closed around his shaft and found it half hard. It surged to full hardness immediately.

  “I’ll never get tired of feeling you do that,” he groaned.

  Sophie placed her leg over his and straddled him. He gave her a surprised but pleased look. She was so beautiful. He knew that she thought of herself as overweight, but all he saw was a mature woman with a full figure. Her curves meant that there was more for him to cuddle, and he couldn’t take his eyes or keep his hands off her breast. They were big and heavy and he loved lifting them in his palms and feeling their weight.

  She was perfect.

  He watched her with hooded eyes. “Make love to me, Sophie.”

  She groaned at his words and the feel of his hands cupping her breasts. He looked so decadent lying there beneath her with his damp hair in his eyes and his cheeks flushed from sex.

  She reached beneath them and aimed his cock at her entrance. Her heart was thudding. She couldn’t believe that she was preparing to do it for the third time tonight. But her body couldn’t seem to get enough of him. He was so incredibly sexy.

  She lowered herself on him and just like the two previous times he stretched her walls causing her to gasp at how much he filled her. His hips jutted forward and his lips parted as his eyes glazed.

  “That’s it, baby, just like that,” he groaned.

  She twirled her hips, her body remembering the moves that she hadn’t done in more years than she cared to calculate. He sucked in a breath and then gripped her hips. He thrust upward repeatedly and she leaned forward planting her hands on his shoulders so that she could brace herself as she bounced her ass over him.

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