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           Penny, Eleanor, and Jessamy Teager
The Adventures of Dan's Dogs Sample
Chapter One The Surprise

  “He's back!!!! Dan is back,” shouted Violet over the noise of the car.

  “Really! Oh, I hope he brought me something!” barked Daisy who was about to trip over her own paws again.

  They were talking about our owner, Dan. He always brings home little things for us like bones, treats, or tennis balls. But today he looked as if he had something extra special. He walked through the gate and patted me on the head. “Hey, Keela! How's my favorite girl?” He told me, “I have a gift for you all.” He shuffled through a bag and then pulled out three brand new collars with tags on them! The tags even had our names on them! Violet barked sweetly and Daisy jumped on her and panted. They had always wanted a collar. In the dog world, a collar is a symbol that you have a home and a person that loves you.

  I sat down and waited for him to put it around my neck. “What's the matter, Keela? Are you too old to get excited?” I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. I am only five you know! I thought. He wrapped the collar around me and snapped the buckle closed. He did the same for Violet and Daisy. They jumped on him and licked his face, knocking him down. I ran behind him just in time to break his fall. He called for Jen to come and help him up.

  Dan has Monoplegia, which means he has trouble using his leg, so I am always on the look-out to help him in dangerous situations. Jen helped him up and into the house. She left us outside and slammed the door. Daisy and Violet ran into the yard to play some game were Daisy tramples Violet, but I waited. I knew something was wrong, otherwise Dan wouldn't have brought home big presents. Whenever something is wrong he brings home big presents. I listened... nothing unusual was happening in the house.

  Jen came and let us in, wiping off our muddy paws as we walked in. Daisy doesn't like getting her paws wiped, so for revenge she pooped in the tub.

  Violet and Daisy went into the children's room to play with Nellie. I went and sat with Dan and Jen in the living room. “Jen, relax. I will take them to the vet tomorrow.”

  “Fine. I want Daisy's ears done as soon as possible,” she said reluctantly. I knew what that meant! I got up and ran into the room where Daisy and Violet were playing.

  “We are going to the vet tomorrow!” I burst out.

  “Oh no! Do we have to,” whined Violet.

  “ Yes! So go and get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.” I demanded. They did as they were told although I knew I would wake up with some nasty surprise from Daisy. I wandered into Dan's room and jumped onto the bed.

  “Good girl.” soothed Dan as I curled up between him and Jen. They both took a large sleeping pill and fell asleep within minutes.

  Chapter Two A Trip to the Vet

  “Wake up Keela!” barked Daisy. She had jumped onto the bed and started to lick my face before I got up. After jumping off of the bed, I ate my breakfast and made puddles outside. Then Dan came over, clipped on my leash, and lead me into the front seat of his car. He went back into the house and came out with Daisy to put her into the back of the car.

  He went in for a third and final time with Violet in a cage with a blanket draped over the whole cage, so that Violet couldn't see that she was being put into the car. Violet is afraid of the car. No one knows why, but I think she gets motion sick.

  Dan started the car and we were off. Violet whined in her cage. Meanwhile, Daisy was slamming her head against the window trying to stick her head out. “Open! Open!” she barked. Then she started to paw the glass! Just then, there was a yelp from the back of the car. It was Daisy! She had hit the glass so hard she broke it and hurt her paw.

  “Oh Daisy! Hold on girl, I am parking the car right now.” said Dan. He parked and helped us jump from the car to the ground. He ran as fast as he could to get Daisy in and fixed up as soon as possible! The vet bandaged Daisy's foot and took her into the operating room to make her ears stand up straight.

  The other vet took a look at Violet. He gave her shots and cleaned her teeth. While all of this was happening, Dan called Jen and told him about what had happened to Daisy. I worried. I knew the vet was going to give me my check-up next. Just then he came out of the room and called me to come into the room. He sent Violet out of the room. I walked in and jumped onto the table. He looked at my eyes, ears, nose and body. Then he called Dan into the room. He said that I was in good shape except my hip looked a little worn down. He told Dan that he could give me total hip replacement in a week. Then he sent us both out of the room.

  Daisy came out of the operating room with casts on her ears. She looked like a huge black and white bunny. The vet showed Dan how to put them on and take them off. After this we paid and went back home.

  Dan lead us all into the house and put Daisy in her cage with an ice pack on her foot. Violet started to chew her teeth whitening bone. Daisy moaned about being in the cage. I sat in the living room, curled up at Dan's feet near the fire. He was writing some papers for work. He went to work before lunch and stayed home with us in the afternoon. “Are you nervous for your surgery Keela?” he asked me. “My big, brave girl isn't afraid of anything! Except Jen.” he joked under his breath.

  “I heard that!” shouted Jen, who was laughing in the kitchen. I really was scared so I went into Dan's room, jumped into the bed and fell asleep because I knew that next week would come before I knew it.

  Chapter Three The Surgery

  “Be a good girl Keela.” said Dan as he handed my leash over to the vet who then lead me into the operating room. He gave me a shot that made me fall asleep so that I wouldn't feel any pain.

  It seemed as if the surgery had only lasted ten minutes when it had really lasted over an hour! When I was asleep, the vet took out my hip and replaced it with a fake one that would last longer and be painless. He had also put a cast on my leg so my hip could heal correctly.

  Dan came and helped me into the car. He told me what a good girl I was the whole drive home. I looked at the cast. It was butt ugly. I decided that maybe if I tried I could chew it off.

  When we got home, I limped into my cage and Dan closed the door. I was almost asleep when Daisy and Violet ran in and started to ask me all kinds of questions like “Was it scary?” or “What is that thing on your leg?” Dan heard them and made them go outside. He let me out of the cage and carried me to his room. He put me on the bed, closed the door, and left.

  I slept for a couple hours. When I woke up Dan was sleeping beside me. Jen came in with some coffee for him and a bone for me. As I chewed, I listened to their conversation. “Jen everything will be all right! I can go on a business trip alone and maybe Keela will be up for going. Only if she feels up for it though.”

  “Dan! What if she hurts herself! We can't risk it. You will either have to take Daisy or skip going.”

  “I will think about what I am going to do and let you know in the morning.” After this Dan turned the lights off. He sat up in the bed and thought about what he could do. I slept with one eye open in case he decided anything.

  In the morning, I woke up and Dan was gone. I could hear the dogs in the yard playing fetch with Nellie. Jen came into the room and lifted me onto the floor. She lead me into a big cage so that I could be active without being bothered. I wandered around in this new area. Dan soon came home and said he had to go on the trip by order of his boss, it was too important to miss.

  “Keela is too injured to go with you this time.” Jen said.

  “I will bring... um... Daisy.” Dan declared. He sounded very unsure of his decision.

  “Alright. I will go pack your bags and get Daisy ready to go.” I tried to follow Jen, but my cage wouldn't let me. I really hated this whole, injured thing. I s
at and pouted in my cage.

  “Keela,” Dan looked at me like he had something very important to tell, “You tell Daisy to be a good girl on the trip. I love you my good girl. Watch Jen and the house.”

  Chapter Four A Trip Without Me

  Daisy was ready to go and Dan had all of his bags. He also had his crutches just in case Daisy acted up and he had to go to the meeting alone. He leaned down and gave me a hug and kiss. I grabbed Daisy's leash in my mouth and lead her to the front seat of the car. Then I barked for Dan to put me in too. Maybe he changed his mind and I was going with them.

  “Keela come!” called Jen. Sadly, I limped over to her and whined for Dan to come and get me. He just said good-bye and drove away into the distance.

  When we got inside Violet whined about how it was so unfair that she never got to go on trips. I missed Dan already. He would be back the following week, but I didn't think I could wait that long.

  Jennifer clipped our leashes on and took us to her car. We jumped in and Violet started crying. “Violet it is alright!” She stopped almost immediately. I was surprised. Little did I know that this wasn't the only surprise I was going to get today! We were on our way to the vet's office! I hated that place!!!!

  When we arrived the vet took me into his office and removed my cast. Then moved my hip around to make sure it could work properly. Next he brought out a heavy looking brace and attached it to my leg. I was was heavy!

  The vet helped me down from the table and walked me around the room. At first it was really difficult, but then it became easier and easier. With the brace I could walk with ease around the room.

  After the vet handed me over to Jennifer, she paid him and took us back out to the car. It was a quiet ride home. “Jen was just on the phone with Dan. They landed in one piece and are on their way to the meeting.” said Violet.

  Back at the house I was put into my big cage with a bone and my dinner. As I ate, I thought about Dan and how much I wanted him to come home safely.

  Chapter Five NO Daisy NO

  In the morning I hobbled out of bed, ate and made puddles just like I usually do. Jen did all of her usuals, but her attitude was much more somber. She got her coffee and sat down on the couch sipping it carefully. She started talking to me about a phone call from Dan she had received yesterday.

  “Daisy was acting up in the building. They were on the escalator until Daisy saw something and took off down the escalator that travels up. She ran so fast that Dan couldn't hold the leash, so he let go and Daisy ran right into the building's manager.” Jen confessed. I put my paw over my eyes in embarrassment. Jen continued on, “He is flying home right now. Daisy did a lot of damage and Dan is not going to be taking Daisy for another trip for a long time.”

  I told Violet what had happened and she started to do what she did best...whine and worry! “What are we going to do! If Dan isn't working, who will feed us, water us, play with us.”

  “Jen.” I said. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in her mind. Maybe her life is a soap opera, or a reality television show.

  “Oh yeah. But it, it just won't be the same!” she complained.

  “Ugh!” I groaned. Dan would be home in the morning so I went into his bedroom and started remodeling. Maybe some new décor would lift Jen's spirits

  I pulled a basket of bones and dead squirrels into their room and carefully placed them everywhere. Then I dragged extra blankets and pillows up the ramp and onto the bed. Everything was perfect until I noticed a strange smell in the air. It was the stench of Klee-Kai puddles. I didn't know how to clean it up, so I licked it until it was completely gone. It was not an appetizing taste!

  It was time to go into my big cage for the night. I wandered around to look for the perfect spot to sleep. That perfect spot wasn't found. So of to Dan's bed I went. The covers were so warm and cozy I fell asleep instantly.

  Chapter Six Dan Comes Home

  The next morning I was ready for Dan to come home. Jen put us into our cages and Violet started to cry and whine and I barked. First Jen came in and out with luggage. Then Daisy came in and Jen put her into the cage too. We barked and caught up with each other.

  “How was your trip? Was it fun?” I asked.

  “Awesome!!!!! It was so much fun! The plane ride was my favorite part!” Daisy barked with a lisp in her voice.

  “I CALL NEXT TRIP!” yelled Violet. She didn't even seem to care that Daisy was here.

  “Oh stupid Violet, you will never be wise enough to go on a big dog trip like responsible me!”


  “I am too!” Then they got into another fight. While they were fighting I noticed that Dan wasn’t here! I knew I couldn't jump the cage with this brace so I chewed into pieces and backed up to get a running start. I flew over the cage with a single bound. Daisy leaped after me practically stepping over it. Violet tried, but she just hit the side. Then she started to whine.

  I desperately ran around looking for Dan. Jen grabbed my collar and dragged me into the house then she explained that Dan would be home later. He was getting a limousine to drive him home because He was too tired to walk. I walked back into my cage for a long nap.

  When I had awakened, a limo was parked outside! It was Dan!!! I jumped the cage and ran outside. Dan was not looking happy when he trudged into the house. He went straight to his room to pout.

  Jen paid the driver and was about to make dinner when she heard Dan yelling. She ran into the room and yelped. She noticed all of the dead squirrels and bones. I was kinda hoping that only Dan would notice them because Jen would just try to clean them up.

  She picked up a squirrel with the tongs she was holding but Dan said to leave it. I looked pleased with myself and Dan added, “Keela decorated just for us! Isn't that sweet?”

  “Yes, adorable,” Jen's voice was dripping with sarcasm. I hopped on the bed and we had coffee and a bone together.


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