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Ruby between the cracks, p.27
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       Ruby Between the Cracks, p.27

           P.D. Workman

  Chapter Twenty-One

  WHEN RUBY WOKE UP, Charlie was there as he had promised. When he saw she was awake he took her hand.

  “Hey, baby. How’re you doing?”

  Ruby massaged her throat with one hand, and cleared it painfully.

  “Hi,” she said softly.

  “Try not to strain you voice. It must still be pretty painful.”

  Ruby nodded.

  “One of those cops put his hands around your throat?” she nodded again. “I can’t believe it. That is so much against the rules...”

  She rolled her eyes. Charlie stroked her hair tenderly.

  “I don’t see how anyone could hurt my girl like that. I just don’t know how they could do it.”

  “Wh-what d-did Jack d-do?”

  Her words were so soft Charlie could barely make them out. He looked at her for a minute trying to figure out what she meant.

  “Is Jack this Wilson guy they’re looking for?”

  She nodded.

  “I really didn’t look into it. They said it was a murder case, so there you are.”

  Ruby nodded and made the shape of a gun with her fingers.

  “Shot? I guess so. I was more interested in finding out what had happened to you than about the case.”

  Ruby nodded understandingly. She rubbed her eyes, looking around.

  “W-want g-go home.”

  “I think you might have to spend the night here, baby. I’ll find a doctor and see what they say.”

  She nodded and Charlie went to see if he could find her doctor. After a while they came back.

  “I really don’t think Ruby should be going home quite yet. I’d like to keep her under observation for a bit.”

  Ruby shook her head.

  “I w-want g-go h-home.”

  “I’ll release you if you insist, but I really advise against it.”

  Ruby nodded. She slid her feet over the edge of bed.

  “L-let’s g-go.”

  “Are you sure you want to do that, honey?”

  She nodded decisively. The doctor shook his head.

  “Well, go ahead and get changed. I’ll get the paperwork started.”

  Charlie helped Ruby with her clothes. He scowled when he helped her put on her shirt, looking at all of the blood on it.

  “Some cops are worse than the criminals we’re supposed to be taking care of. Look at that.”

  Ruby wriggled into the shirt and he helped with her pants and tied her shoes.
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