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Mito medical kidnap file.., p.26
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       Mito, Medical Kidnap Files #1, p.26

           P.D. Workman
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  Preview of EDS

  KATT LET HERSELF INTO the house and immediately turned on the TV. After finding the remote and turning to the right channel, she headed into the kitchen to pull together a snack. She had timed everything perfectly so that she had five minutes before her show came on. She danced around the kitchen, tossing her blond hair and sweeping her long arms out like a ballerina before deciding that was a bad idea if she didn’t want to risk smashing into something.

  An apple, peanut butter, some milk because milk was important to build strong bones. If anyone needed to build strong bones, it was Katt. She pulled open the fridge and grabbed the big milk jug. It was full and it was heavy. Katt’s mind was already on her next movement, two steps over to the fruit bowl. She wasn’t thinking about bracing herself properly or pulling the milk jug out straight or about sliding one hand under it for extra stability. She just put her hand through the handle and jerked it off the shelf.

  There was a loud pop in her shoulder and Katt yelped and let go of the milk jug. There wasn’t even time to swear as the jug fell and she realized that it was going to hit her foot. She was still reaching for her right shoulder with her left hand when the jug hit her foot. Katt gasped with pain.

  “Ow, ow, ow!”

  She hopped on her left foot, grabbing her injured right foot with her left hand while her right arm hung loosely at her side. Then she swore. Not again. How could she be so clumsy? The pain in her foot was worse than when she stubbed her toe on the iron frame of her bed. But she decided she’d better stop jumping up and down, or she was going to fall and break her tailbone too. Standing on one foot, she leaned against the central island of the kitchen, probing the bones of her right foot delicately. She was slender and her skin was so fair that the veins showed through the skin, and in the right light she could just about trace the bones beneath the skin without an x-ray. Almost without thinking of it, Katt transferred her grip to her right shoulder and eased the joint back into place with another loud pop. She rolled both shoulders and returned her attention to her foot.

  The small bones in the top of her foot didn’t feel right. Unbelievable. It was like the boys at school said, all they had to do was look at Katt and she’d break a bone. Katt put her foot down, and balanced on the heel, not laying it flat on the floor. She bent down and used both hands to pick up the milk jug, which miraculously had not popped its top and hadn’t leaked a drop onto the floor. One less thing to worry about. She put it back into the fridge and opened the freezer to take out an ice pack. They were all arranged in the door of the freezer waiting for her.

  Walking on her right heel, Katt minced through the kitchen, grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl, but abandoning her plans for peanut butter and milk. She settled herself carefully into the easy chair just as the opening notes of her show started to play on the TV.

  Katt raised the footrest and carefully arranged the ice pack over her foot, settling back to watch her programs.

  “I’m home,” Karina called out to Katt as she walked into the kitchen through the garage entrance and put her purse down on the counter. “How was your day?”

  Karina rubbed her back with long, slender fingers as she went into the living room to greet her daughter. She instantly took in the ice pack on Katt’s foot.

  “Uh-oh. What happened?”

  Katt looked at her with luminous blue eyes. Her face was even paler and more angelic-looking than usual. Her wispy hair was tousled by the wind outside. Karina automatically gathered her own dark hair, pushing it behind her ears and back over her shoulders.

  “I dropped the milk jug,” Katt said, apologetic.

  “Anything broken?” Karina bent over Katt’s foot and pulled the now-warm ice pack away for a look. The foot was obviously swollen; the skin pulled tight. “Oh, damn.”

  “I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t mean to. I just wasn’t paying any attention when I picked it up…”

  Karina returned the ice pack to the freezer and retrieved a cold one. She handed it to Katt to replace, knowing that Katt would tolerate the pain better if she were the one laying the ice pack over the injury. She went back to the garage and grabbed a pair of crutches, hardly even having to look to lay her hands on them. She took them over to where Katt was sitting.

  Katt eyed the crutches and sighed. “Can we have dinner first?”

  She was probably more concerned about watching the rest of her show than she was about eating, but it was a valid request. They both knew the menu in the hospital cafeteria sucked and that they would be waiting for at least a couple of hours before getting the foot set. They had to eat something at some point. It might as well be in the comfort of home.

  “Fine, all right,” Karina agreed. “I’m just going to make mac and cheese. We’ll want to get over there before the evening rush.”

  Katt looked at her watch and didn’t say anything. They were probably going to get there right in the middle of the evening rush, but Karina wanted to remain optimistic. Maybe there would be a lull, and they could get in and out in good time.

  “How was school?” she asked, as she moved back into the kitchen to get started on cooking supper. “And how much homework do you have?”

  ~ ~ ~

  EDS, Medical Kidnap Files #2 by P.D. Workman is coming soon!

  About the Author

  FOR AS LONG AS P.D. Workman can remember, the blank page has held an incredible allure. After a number of false starts, she finally wrote her first complete novel at the age of twelve. It was full of fantastic ideas. It was the spring board for many stories over the next few years. Then, forty-some novels later, P.D. Workman finally decided to start publishing. Lots more are on the way!

  P.D. Workman is a devout wife and a mother of one, born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She is a homeschooler and an Executive Assistant. She has a passion for art and nature, creative cooking for special diets, and running. She loves to read, to listen to audio books, and to share books out loud with her family. She is a technology geek with a love for all kinds of gadgets and tools to make her writing and work easier and more fun. In person, she is far less well-spoken than on the written page and tends to be shy and reserved with all but those closest to her.

  ~ ~ ~

  Please visit P.D. Workman at to see what else she is working on, to join her mailing list, and to link to her social networks.


  ~ ~ ~

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