The waters of space, p.5
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       The Waters of Space, p.5

           Patrick Spatz
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about it at length. I think we can count on it to upset them, as it upset the wings all though thousands of years ago. Still my people would not go back. We have seen too much. We have grown, and we are glad we have grown. Earth too will thank you, though it will be at some later time. Not at first, to be sure especially not its leaders. But one cannot be beautiful to all who look upon you."

  Speaker One sighed. "You are right of course. The tides of change come upon all, whether or not they are ready for it." The First Speaker made up his mind. "Gather those who know the art, let the flight and song begin. Today poor Earth will feel the slap of a mighty wave of change."


  Not all the beings living on the two planets joined in the mind work. There were some few that thought it wrong and would have nothing to do with it. There were the young that had not yet learned the way of power dreaming. However, most danced, or flew or sang in a meditation of unison. When the dream was formed, they sent it across space in less time than it would take to express it.

  The dream found the American continents in darkness. All who slept there, or who slept on the day side of the world, received the dream. Almost half of those that were awake saw it too, mostly as an image superimposed across their earthly reality.

  Only the shortness of the dream kept it from causing any major accidents. As it was, several minor ones were attributed to it later.

  To almost all, the dream brought the same picture: A whale-like being with four eyes, two on top and two on the bottom. Alongside it a flying being that looked like a pterodactyl with bat-ears. They came out of the sunrise to hover over a sign that welcomed visitors at the main entrance of a university. Two humans stood next to the sign, dressed only in their night clothes. Doctor Hallaway stood stunned beyond response. Doctor Johnson was nearly in tears with joy and awe. Then the dream left as quickly as it came.

  As the dream faded, Speaker One turned to the image of his friend and smiled, "There, that ought to do it!"


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