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The mysterious women ser.., p.1
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       The Mysterious Women Series:Blackmail, p.1

           Paramita Choudhury
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The Mysterious Women Series:Blackmail

  The Mysterious Women Series: Blackmail

  By Paramita Choudhury

  Copyright 2015 Paramita Choudhury

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  The day was more than a little dark when Daniel had called her wanting to meet. She could feel a storm coming up, something that generally didn’t happen to her. Daniel regularly met up with her whenever during their lunch hours. This had turned up to be a usual routine for them after they got engaged ; since they were in different sections so regular meetings were almost impossible and as a journalist she had to be 24*7 ready for any news. They have been engaged for two years now and yet couldn’t find out time to get married. She must say the problem was mostly because of her, since she got promoted one year ago it has been quite difficult for her to find time for him. He too didn’t seem to be more than enough interested in spending time with her. Whenever he would get free time he spent it mostly with his guy friends as he told her. But today it was something else when he called her; he said he had a surprise for her which he had to give her urgently. "I've something to tell you Sara", Daniel gained composure in the comfy, where he had been sitting for a minute now. Sara smirked "Common spill it, I must hear what you have to say," she said "don't make me so curious". Daniel sighed "Umm actually I was thinking that I shouldn't keep you in dark anymore, I love Anna more than you and I don't think that I can continue with our relationship". She couldn't understand what he was trying to say Anna was his colleague but she had never seen them together, "Daniel nothing funny is going around here, we're engaged for over two years and now you're saying that you can't continue with the relationship"? His silence made her believe him, she had been a strong woman, but the tears forming in her eyes were turning quite heavy to be held back. I can't start crying now, she thought."You know what, I never deserved you, all of my friends asked me not to be with you and I think the situation in which you brought me now", saying this she stopped and started walking towards him with a devilish smile in her face. "You must face it", there she kicked in his crotch with her knee cap. "Ouch, ouch" the man started cursing her. She had a hearty laugh at that and with a blank face, left his apartment. While driving back to her apartment she called Rachel her cousin, and filled her with the ongoing events in her love life. I made a huge mistake, falling in love with Daniel and should immediately sell this apartment and yes, more importantly I have to quit this job.

  Then she started thinking about Rachel, how important that woman was in her life. She could never take any decision on her own, though Rachel and Sara were cousins yet they got more closely bonded when Rachel's parents died in a car accident and she came to stay with Sara's family. Since Sara was the only child of her parents so it seemed better for her to get an older sister so close to her. She cried a lot after Rachel's wedding since they were getting apart for the first time in fifteen years. She jumped and hugged her mother when there was an advertisement in the paper regarding a vacancy in one of the leading newspaper company" The Times" and surprisingly her office would be located close to Rachel and her husband's apartment."You can't leave this chance darling can you", her dad said with a smile. The next day she made a CV and a job application and mailed it to the "The Times". After a week she received a mail, which said that the editor wanted to interview her. She was very excited and tensed at the same time because it was one of the leading news paper and she had to make it through that, she had to be appointed there as a senior journalist. Since the interview was to be held in Ohio, so she made arrangements as such that she would reach there an hour earlier and then slowly she can make her way to the head quarters of The Times. After her dinner that night she booked the flight ticket and went to sleep. Next morning she woke up earlier than usual and her mom prepared her coffee and cheese sandwich." So have you made your bag pack ready?" her mom handed her the coffee mug."Yes, mom everything's ready, don't worry", Sara said while taking her seat in the kitchen stool.

  After four hours she was sitting in a cab and wondering about how her interview would proceed. She had very little experience as compared to the other individuals who had come there for interview. Initially she worked for a media agency, but that was a local agency and The Times held the second best position in US. Fingers crossed she went inside the Editor's chamber when her name was name was being called. She was quite nervous which was unusual, focus here you can't lose this job Sara, and she reminded herself." So why do you think you are suitable for this job Miss Sara Aaland?" Josephine asked her while sneaking a peek at Sara's face which was sweating by now. "Media is not only a communication medium it's about letting the readers know the truth about what's going on around the world and just spreading gossips which are mostly fake and I think I'm one of those persons who'll make it a point to give their best in digging out the truth from the grave," Sara had regained her composure by now."Well if this is the matter then I don't think it'll be worth to wait even a second to hand you the job," Josephine now had a smile in her face."Sara's face lit up and she nearly jumped from her seat." Darling before you leave you need to fill up this form and submit it in the auditing room", the lady forwarded the papers to Sara. She filled it up in the passage and asked the receptionist about the auditing room. "So, you've been selected, well congratulations and welcome to The Times", she said with a smile that seemed natural, "the auditing room is the last second room in the left from here"."Thanks see you later" Sara told while following the former's directions. Out of excitement she almost ran to the auditing room. "May I come in", she knocked on the door."Yes please", someone answered, it was a male voice. It was here that she met Daniel for the first time. He was a very handsome person, with blonde hair, stubble on the chin, square jaws. He had the physique of a model. He was just fabulous."Actually I've been informed to submit this form here", she told after a long pause. He went through her form" So you've been newly appointed huh, well I'm Daniel Turnbull"."You already know my name, it was nice to meet you," she smiled one of her cheesy smiles."Same here," he replied coldly. "If all the procedures have been completed then I should be able to leave now," she said while standing up."You are allowed to leave only if you promise to have coffee with me tomorrow", he held his hand out. While shaking it she said "deal", allowing no further chances of counter attack she almost ran from the building. Straight away from there she went to Rachel's apartment hoping to surprise her. Knowing her usual routine she could tell that she was home at that time and Neil must have dropped by to have lunch with her. The guards didn't allow her to pass through, the immediately called her and
confirmed, she told them to let me in."How are you Mrs. Smith?" she flayed moving inside her spacious apartment."Ah, it's not so funny you know, I'm your sister first and why didn't you tell me that you would be visiting us today?" she quirked. "I wanted to surprise my sweet sister", she brought her into a bear hug. By the next week she bought an apartment close to Rachel's and had turned into good friends with Daniel. Eventually he proposed her and she was so blindly attracted to him that none of his flaws were visible to her.

  Thinking about it now could only bring tears to her eyes, when everything was over between them."So, did talk to the estate agent, what did she say?" Rachel's voice brought me back to the present; she was so lost in my thoughts that she didn't notice her coming in." Yes I did and I've arranged a meeting for the three of us tomorrow. Before you ask me, let me tell you, I'll have shipped my goods to New York by the weekend and then you'll have to handle this apartment's papers", Sara said." Jose is transferring you to their New York branch?" she smirked. "That lady is quite difficult to be convinced, how did you do that?" Rachel had met Sara's boss on an occasion earlier so she knew about her nosy nature." I told her about my break up and how uncomfortable it'll be for me to work with him, she understood my problem", she answered sincerely. Even if I had to agree to her weird plan, I'll accept that.

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