The dark magician girl, p.1
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       The Dark Magician Girl, p.1

           Paige A Whitfield
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The Dark Magician Girl

  The Dark Magician Girl

  Copyright © 2015-2017 Paige A Whitfield

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  "Mother! Father! Don't do this!" My father is about to banish me into another realm. Mother is summoning a spell behind him, chanting strange words I have never heard before. "Sorry child, it is the only way," My mother is crying. "Please, I will see you again," My father is holding back tears as he disappears within darkness in front of me. I feel myself fall through time and I black out as I stop falling and land on my back, hitting a hard surface.

  I wake up in a strange place, with my head throbbing. My cape is covering me, like a blanket. My hood is down; my face is exposed. The view of what appears to be a forest slowly blurs into view as I focus and come to consciousness. I look around. It was silent with the faint sounds of light breezes that are blowing my hair in the wind. I slowly stand up and pull my hood up over my head hiding my hair and shadowing my eyes. I look up to where I fell from and see nothing but pretty blue sky and white clouds.

  "Where am I?" I start to walk towards the large trees to my right.

  "How long was I here?" I hear rustling sounds of leaves moving around behind me. "You fell out of the sky about 2 hours ago. I found you and waited for you to wake up," I turn around to see a young man with blue eyes, short dark blue ruffled hair held up by a blue bandanna tied to his forehead, red armor, a red cape and holding a long two-handed sword up onto his right shoulder, tip pointing behind him.

  "Oh, hello. And who are you?" He walks out from under the shadows of the tree he stood under and approaches me.

  "My name is Ike. What may I call you?"

  Ike. That name, I know that name. I feel like I know him already.

  I look up. "Oh, sorry. My name is Star," I avert my eyes and look around once more. "Um, where am I?" I hide myself under my cape and it falls around my body.

  "This is the Ylisse Kingdom," Ylisse? That is my home, but I was banished here, I can't be home. Can I?

  I glance around again, hoping to find my castle. "Is there something wrong, Star?"

  "Oh, nothing," I continue looking around. "Just having a look,"

  "That outfit you are wearing. I have never seen anything like it before. It makes you look… mysterious,"

  "It is the type of outfit that we wear where I am from. The hood, the cape, the ankle boots and the long-sleeved one-piece top is the is what my family wear," I continue to walk through the woods. It was the same woods I used to spend time in.

  We experience silence for most of the night, because I told Ike I need time to think.


  The next morning, Ike was waiting for me. "Morning," He smiles at me. "Sleep well?"

  I smile back, "Yes, thank you," I sit in the middle of the trees. "I must meditate for a while. I trust you enough to tell you... something now. You have shown me nothing but kindness, and I thank you. You see, I am a mage, I have dark magic," I look at Ike.

  "Dark magic? Is that some kind of powerful magic?" I nod. "Yes, that is how I ended up here. My mother... sent me here by summoning a spell using dark magic, but I do not know why. That is the last thing I remember before I woke up here. I fell through her spell, fell from the sky and landed here," I cross my legs. "Dark magic, is a strange magic. I must meditate to keep it under control. I also must confess," As I spoke, I look around the forest. "This place, it is similar to my home. Ylisse, that is also the name of my kingdom. I... I am the princess of Ylisse there. My father, is king Chrom,"

  "Chrom? He is also the king of Ylisse here," My eyes widen. "He is?" Ike nods, "Yes. But, he does not have a daughter named Star, her name is Lucina. She is a skilled swordsman just like him,"

  "Oh, so there are minor differences. But it still feels like it is the same place," I smile. "I'm going to meditate for a while,"
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