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     Who Owns Mhow?

       P. Narahari & Pervin Jahangir
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Who Owns Mhow?

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About the Author
P.Narahari is a young IAS officer of 2001 batch from Madhya Pradesh Cadre. He hails from Karimnagar district of Andhra Pradesh. For a Gold Medallist Engineer by academics, with a Master in Economics; writing this book has been a revealing experience. The author was inspired to write this book while he was posted as SDM Mhow in 2004. A humanist by heart, he was moved by the constant suffering of the residents of Mhow. The origins of this book is a sincere attempt to understand the issues of Mhow. The author's vision on this issue is a solution acceptable to all duely on the merits of the `rights' of individuals as well as institutions. Currently, Mr. P. Narahari is the collector of Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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Who owns Mhow ?

P. Narahari
Pervin Jehangir

[The opinions expressed in this book are of the author's and not of the government]

Who owns Mhow ?


I want to thank my co-author Pervin Jehangir for the support that she has extended in the completion of the book. I have no words to express thanks to her learned father and a renowned advocate BM Masani. He has been a constant support and encouragement. He has been a tree of patience and I don't remember as to how many times we had to sit together in analyzing each and every document and organize documents into a book.

I owe my inspiration to the then Chief Secretary of MP, Vijay Singh Sir who had nearly an hour to discuss on the issue of Mhow. When the Chief Secretary empathized with the importance that I felt towards this issue and gave a patient hearing, it was the first point of motivation to take up the subject deeply. I was only an SDM then and the Chief Secretary sparing chamber tight time proved the impetus to author this book in the interest of larger good. I should also mention here that I served as SDM for only six months at Mhow and was entrusted to be the Municipal Commissioner of Indore. Some of my life's greatest job satisfaction came from this. Thank you Sir.

I thank the then Divisional Commissioner of Indore, Ashok Das Sir for being the angel's advocate before the State government with his cool yet assertive style of functioning. Because of his thoughtful prioritising efforts, I was made the State Government's representative to present before the Parliamentary Committee hearing objections and suggestions in the new Cantonments Bill on anvil at that point of time.

I thank entire staff of the SDM office of Mhow. Special thanks to Dr.Badge (my dear bade babu) who travelled to Delhi several times retrieving Gazetteers and documents from National Archives of India.

I am also thankful to my wife, SB Gita Narahari who has been supportive through critical analysis. My daughter who was 6 months old baby then and today when this book is seeing light, I also father of a lovely boy. They make me happy to be able to pen down few lines like this.

24th March 2008 P.NARAHARI

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