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       Crimson Scarver : The Grace Flynn Chronicles, p.9

           P. L. McCall II
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  Chapter 9 – To Earn One’s Keep

  Le Havre Port – Paris

  Daedalus and Grace had no problem in locating the warehouse to which they were sent. The building was old but did show recent repairs to both its roof and the large entryway with its double doors, which were sealed with a heavy iron chain.

  “Normally a lock of this sort would protect something very valuable from the unscrupulous dock workers; in this case they are being protected from what’s inside.” Daedalus Observed.

  Grace looked about while the afternoon sun was beginning to wane and anxiously fidgeted with the fine dress she wore, in obvious discomfort. “Are we going find another one of those Zombies in here?” She asked with a hopeful tone.

  “Are you that excited about the prospect of killing?” Daedalus quipped.

  “I am eager to be done with this whole weird affair and kill my father’s murderer, if you must know.” Grace smirked back.

  Daedalus knelt and began looking within the bag he had brought with him from the steam car. He pulled out a pair of pepper-boxes and motioned to Grace with one, to come over. Grace complied and took the guns from him, along with the reserve rounds and examined them.

  “These are modified from the ones you are used to wielding. Each will fire six shots before you have to reload and I suggest you use them with accuracy.” Daedalus stated as he held similar weapons. “Madame Woo indicated there are at least a dozen Zombies within this facility. Under no circumstances must any escape, they are going to be quite hungry and we need not worry about finding them.”

  “Sounds like fun.” Grace mocked.

  “You must aim for the head to incapacitate the creatures. Once we have taken them all down. We will decapitate them all and burn the bodies.”

  “How gruesomely efficient you are. Is there anything else I need to know about these monsters?”

  Daedalus pulled the chains securing the doors off. “Aim for the head and don’t miss!” Without another word Daedalus swung open one of the great doors. A foul smell overtook the pair as Daedalus used a nearby lever to ignite the gaslights in the warehouse. The illumination above hummed and hissed to life. As the shadows melted away, a ragged group of horrific beings lumbered toward the entrance of the warehouse.

  Daedalus nodded and rushed forward. Grace followed suit and began to fire upon a pair of Zombies that took interest in her. Her skill with the pistol was uncanny as her first two shots dropped two Zombies to the floor. She did a quick glance about and counted about ten more of the creatures which did not include the trio, which Daedalus had just expended.

  Pistols blazed as Zombies fell like broken rag dolls. Soon all the lumbering creatures were scattered about the warehouse floor.

  “That was not so bad.” Grace laughed.

  “Something is not right.” Daedalus stated somberly.

  “I don’t follow, we came to kill them and now we are done.”

  “You don’t understand; they should have set upon us likes rabid wolves. Something is feeding on them.” Daedalus said in realization.

  Before Daedalus could explain a great scuttling sound rose as a giant arachnid appeared before them.

  “Don’t move a muscle, it is attracted by movement, the Cave-Leech Spider is blind. They were used by some Vampires to keep predatory animals away from their natural crypts.” Daedalus stood perfectly still and Grace quickly followed suit.

  “Woo, forgot to mention her little pet!” Grace hissed.

  “We will be forced to kill the creature, there is no alternative. I will fire upon it, when I do so, aim for its underbelly and blast away.”

  Grace needed no further instruction.

  Daedalus fired off a few rounds and the great arachnid shot toward him and raised its front legs, while its fangs clicked angrily at him. Grace saw her opportunity and fired her remaining rounds in a great volley. The creature shrieked and backed away, it turned to weakly run but soon slumped to the floor its wounds oozing.

  “This was a trap; Woo did not neglect telling us about this creature.” Grace remarked.

  “I would have to agree with you. It would appear Madame Woo was looking to collect upon your bounty with those who operate outside the law. This little problem has cost her much and gold does strange things to anyone.” Daedalus grinned and knelt to examine a nearby Zombie. “These sailors and not of Parisian origin.” He pulled a bloody rosary from the corpse. “I would say somewhere in Italy is their home port. Italian sailors often carry rosaries blessed by the Pope for long journeys at sea.”

  “How did they get like this?” Grace asked.

  “That is a question I cannot answer just yet. I will need a sample of blood. Please help me drag the bodies into a pile of sorts outside. I will do the bloody work while you look for something to ignite them with.”

  It was after nightfall when Daedalus had completed his work and set the corpses to flame. He then gathered his belongings and headed for the steam car.

  “Are we just going to leave this blaze?”

  “There is no time and no imminent danger of it spreading beyond the bodies. The local authorizes will consider it some sick gang warfare, case closed.” Daedalus replied chillingly.

  Grace did not push the matter and ran after her employer as fast as her current garb would allow. They got into the car and drove away.

  “We are off to my associate; he knows your identity. You will also see things most unordinary please refrain from questioning him. I need him to sample this blood I have collected.”

  “I understand…unordinary you say, I know nothing about that after today’s events so far.” Grace retorted.

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