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       Crimson Scarver : The Grace Flynn Chronicles, p.13

           P. L. McCall II
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  Chapter 13 – Flight

  Somewhere over Italy

  The next day Daedalus and his companions were taken by boat out to the Pendragon that had arrived over night to assist in the hunt for Varney. When they boarded Daedalus relayed all he knew about the dirigible to Admiral Seagers.

  “I believe that I saw that very blimp leave an hour ago flying west. I assumed it was just a shipping vessel out for delivery. I do believe we can catch it.” Admiral Seagers advised. “I will get us underway. Also the equipment you requested is aboard. I am very interested in seeing those machines in action.”

  “What machines is he talking about?” Grace asked.

  “Icarus Gliders, a set of mechanized wings that will help us get aboard Varney’s vessel.” Daedalus answered.

  “We are going to fly!” Grace squealed quite suddenly.

  Daedalus and Flamel looked at each other in confusion in response to Grace’s outburst. Grace rolled her eyes at both of them and began preparing her weapons for the attack.

  “Just to be clear…Varney is mine.” Grace said loading her pepper-boxes.

  “We will have to get through Nasrin first I believe and that will not be easy.” Daedalus added.

  “What part will I play in this endeavor?” Flamel asked. “I am not suited for combat as you well know Dr. Daedalus.”

  “No one is asking you to commit to such; you will remain on the Pendragon and help the Admiral keep his ship in the air if that is required.” Daedalus stated.

  “That I can do,” Flamel saluted with a grin.

  The Admiral did as he promised and within an hour of their departure, The Pendragon rose up behind Varney’s dirigible.

  The ship’s intercom crackled to life. “We are now upon the vessel. You must depart now before we are discovered.” Admiral Seagers informed his passengers.

  Daedalus helped Grace put on a leather and metal backpack. It weighed more than it appeared. He donned a similar one and then gave Grace Instructions for the use of the equipment.

  “The crank in the center of your chest will release the wings; you must turn it once you have jumped from the ship. You steer but twisting your shoulders left or right and by lifting your shoulders up or down.” Daedalus drilled.

  Grace nodded that she understood. Without further chatter, Daedalus walked over to a trap door in the passenger cabin. He opened the door and smirked as he leapt into it. Grace could not help but gasp and she quickly gazed out the cabin’s windows to see Daedalus soar by the windows and to Grace and Flamel, he resembled a giant bird. Grace could not contain her excitement and jumped into the open trap door, like a pirate boarding another vessel. Flamel soon saw her swoop by the windows as well. For a moment he felt a pang of jealously, but then he remembered how much he liked his feet on the ground.

  The strange birds that were indeed Grace and Daedalus encountered no trouble as they reached the dirigible and quickly boarded it from the back using an unprotected cargo door. They quickly learned why the cargo bay was unprotected when they found themselves greeted by Zombies. The gunplay that exploded in the cargo hold would not go unnoticed by the crew of the zeppelin. Thankfully Grace and Daedalus made quick work of the Zombies.

  The doors above the Cargo hull opened and a lone figure entered and gazed below at the intruders. “You don’t take hints very well.” Nasrin barked.

  “I am afraid not.” Daedalus yelled back.

  “I will have to kill you now.” Nasrin said as she unsheathed two scimitars from her back. The former companion of Daedalus moved with inhuman speed and agility as she left from the railing above and landed on the cargo room floor.

  Grace raised her pepper-boxes at the woman. Daedalus singled for her to hold fire and he then turned to face Nasrin.

  “What happened to you Nasrin?” Daedalus questioned his old companion.

  “As I lay dying in the volcano and not fully at peace with my sacrifice to kill Varney the Vampire, He called to me from his perilous position as the lava rose to claim him slowly.” Nasrin paused as if collecting her memories.

  “He, the very creature I sought to destroy out of loyalty to you, offered me the one thing you never did…Mira Jann”

  “Eternal life,” Daedalus concluded, while ignoring the affectionate term from Nasrin.

  “Correct…Do you think I liked the fact that my body was growing old and you were remaining ever youthful. An old solider is a dead one.” Nasrin added.

  Moments of silence passed between the estranged pair.

  “So this is my replacement, the notorious Grace Flynn, the Crimson Scarver. It would appear that you have chosen a lesser being.” Nasrin spat.

  “Nasrin, you do not need to help Varney with his plans, it is not too late for you to help us.” Daedalus pleaded.

  “If I were still human, I might agree but now I am Vampire, and I am no longer bound to the weaknesses of humanity.” Nasrin growled.

  “I think this bloodsucker needs a bit of an arse-kicking.” Grace shouted, she had grown quite tired of Nasrin, only having just met her.

  Nasrin laughed and suddenly shoved Daedalus aside like a ragdoll as she advanced toward Grace.

  “I think it’s high time you put steel were your mouth is!” Nasrin roared as she threw one of scimitars at Grace’s feet. Grace needed no more invitation. She holstered her guns and kicked the sword up to her waiting hand.

  “This is my dance; Daedalus try not to kill Varney before I get there.” Grace stated with a devilish smirk.

  “You best hurry Mira Jann, once I kill this foolish woman. I will exterminate you next.” Nasrin warned.

  Daedalus knew better than interfere and left Grace to face his past life, as he sought to save the future ones of others.

  Grace initiated the first strike and it was parried by Nasrin. The women engaged in a complex dance of footwork and singing blades. Even without a Vampire’s inhuman strength and agility Nasrin found Grace to be a worthy warrior.

  “It would appear there is some truth to the tales about you. However, this where your story ends,” Nasrin mocked as she lunged at Grace, who spun out of the way like a deadly ballet dancer.

  “You certainly do talk too much. Perhaps that is why Daedalus left you to die in that volcano.” Grace screamed.

  Nasrin suddenly broke into a full blown rage and unleashed a series of blows upon her foe. It took Grace every ounce of strength and agility to keep the Vampire at bay.

  “You are going to die Flynn, and I will drink you like a vat of bloody wine.” Nasrin laughed and rushed at her foe once more, her sword high.

  The sound of a pepper-pot exploded as a slug ripped into Nasrin’s top hat covered forehead. The Vampire staggered and looked bewildered.

  “A soldier is taught how to fight with honor and defeat their enemy. I am a pirate; honor in battle is not my style.” Grace spat and in one swift movement beheaded Nasrin before she could react.

  Grace watched her enemy’s head roll away as her body writhed on the floor. She cast the scimitar aside and looked for something that she could use to set the cargo area aflame. She knew once she lit the fire, she would have to quickly find Daedalus.

  Grace was able to find a barrel full of whale oil and empty rum bottles in a storage closet. If there is one thing a pirate knows, it is how to make a fiery cocktail.

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