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       Crimson Scarver : The Grace Flynn Chronicles, p.10

           P. L. McCall II
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  Chapter 10 - Nicolas Flamel

  Le Marias, Paris


  Nicolas Flamel was a dashing man, well-groomed and much warmer than Daedalus in his mannerisms. Grace felt a sudden comfort with the man who welcomed them both heartily.

  “Miss Flynn, your deeds are most fascinating, and your scarf is something of a wonder.” Flamel stated as he guided her to his laboratory underneath his posh townhome.

  “What do you know of my scarf?” Grace snatched her arm from his and glared. Daedalus shook his head disapprovingly at Flamel.

  “I have been examining a small piece if it for many months. Its properties are almost life like in nature.” Flamel added.

  “The scarf has been locked away in a very safe place and will not be returned to you, Grace. It is an entity of evil and there will be no more discussion about it.” Daedalus revealed and motioned for the pair to follow.

  “That is my property and I want it back!” Grace demanded.

  “It is my job to ensure that entities of the Veiled are not harming humanity. That item was harming you and it will no longer.” Daedalus turned. “You are remembering only the power it gave for the lives that you took without remorse.

  This is why I chose you Grace; your murderous spree was not of truly of your own design. In much the same way an opium addict can’t control their own urges once the dragon has them.”

  Grace considered what her employer stated and grunted with dissatisfaction. She stormed to Daedalus and her fists clenched.

  “Don’t let your latent addiction ruin this opportunity you have Grace. Take breath and know I have your best interest at heart.” Daedalus walked away into the Flamel’s laboratory. The room was huge considering that it was underground. Instruments and machines buzzed and hummed all about as a great water wheel spun rhythmically powering the entire facility. In its exact center a large glass tank was filled with pale blue water and something floated within it. As Grace got closer, she saw what it was. A pale and nude woman floated, gently asleep in the tank, her mouth connected to a tube that rose to the water’s surface. Bubbles escaped with each breath she took. Grace was both amazed and shocked.

  “Her name is Esmeralda, and she is my wife.” Flamel said with sadness. “She is a Damphir, child of a Vampire and a human. She asked to be put into this stasis until I was able to find a cure for her Vampirism. One does things sometimes that don’t make sense to those outside the grip of love.”

  “I will not pry into this anymore; Flamel your affairs are yours.” Grace said respectfully.

  Daedalus explained the reason for his visit to his associate who listened keenly and did not interrupt. Once the tale was told, Flamel took a moment to consider all he heard.

  “Let me examine the blood against the samples I have.” Flamel took the sample from Daedalus and began working on it.

  Daedalus saw Grace once again gazing at Esmeralda. “She is a wonderful woman, and once was my greatest companion. Much like you she was possessed of a fire that could not be quenched, unless revenge was dealt for the atrocities put upon her.” Daedalus disclosed to his new companion.

  “Will I seek solace in a jar too when you have finished with me?” Grace said.

  “I think not Grace, you are human, something, Esmeralda would envy you for.” Daedalus remarked.

  Flamel returned from his work and handed Daedalus a chart. “This venom belongs to a priest?” Daedalus looked puzzled.

  Flamel was about to respond when a buzzer rang out. He walked over to a console and flipped a lever. “May I ask who is calling?”

  There was a static growl and then a voice sounded. “My Name is Father Jacob Knoxx, I am from the Holy See and need to speak with Dr. Daedalus, and my representatives tell me he is here.”

  Flamel shrugged at Dr. Daedalus.

  “Let us not keep the Pope’s man waiting.” Daedalus answered.

  Daedalus and his companions received their guest in Flamel’s library. The man’s accent was flat and Grace could not point out his heritage. After a few minutes of formal introductions, he stated the reason for his visit.

  “The Holy Father has sent me on a most grave mission. It has come to light that priests of smaller parishes in Rome have gone missing. These particular men of the cloth are Veiled citizens, they are also extremely loyal to the church.” Father Jacob revealed over a freshly poured glass of tea.

  “Is the Holy Father also aware that Varney is not eliminated as once believed?” Daedalus questioned his guest.

  “I cannot say, but if that is a true statement then these missing priests are in danger.” Knoxx’s tone was very serious. “There is no time to waste; you must speak to the Holy Father right away. I will leave your company now and make arrangements for the meeting” Knoxx paused and glanced at Grace. “Reports say this woman is dangerous, The Holy See does not approve of your choice in her as a companion. I only hope you know what you are doing.” The priest said nothing further and Flamel escorted him out.

  “How dare he pass judgment on me,” Grace barked.

  “He is only stating observations on your well known crimes.” Daedalus replied.

  Grace was about to respond when Flamel walked back in. “I shall pack my instruments. Also Grace you should accompany me. Esmeralda is about your size and I have in storage some of her old clothing and gear, which will suit you better on this journey than that dress.”

  Grace did not need another invitation and quickly followed Flamel.

  An hour has passed since Knoxx’s departure and Grace now dressed in clothing suited for an expedition and a pair of tall leather boots, felt more relaxed. Both of her companions complimented her on her choice of apparel.

  “I find it interesting that a legendary murderesses’ beauty is just incomparable.” Daedalus smiled.

  “Watch yourself boss.” Grace shot back.

  “I mean that in the most platonic of ways. I assure you.”

  “If you two are finished sparring, I do have work to complete outside of this unexpected adventure.” Flamel grumbled as he loaded his bags in the steam car’s trunk.

  “Cheer up Flamel, after all, the Queen herself has provided our means of passage.” Daedalus winked as he sat behind the wheel and fired up the engine. Soon enough the steam car was barreling toward the Paris Airport.

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