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       Crimson Scarver : The Grace Flynn Chronicles, p.1

           P. L. McCall II
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Crimson Scarver : The Grace Flynn Chronicles



  Written and Created by:

  P. L. McCall II

  Pursue * Life * Magically* Invent * Illusion


  Crimson Scarver

  Written by: P. L. McCall II

  Copyright © 2016 Philip Lee McCall II /All Rights Reserved.

  This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States

  of America. Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the

  material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the

  express written permission of the copyright holder. All characters

  in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to any persons, living

  or dead is purely coincidental.

  Published by: SEARLAIT/ PLMII Studios

  Cover by: Philip Lee McCall II

  © 2016 Philip Lee McCall II /All rights reserved

  Cover Art by: Bob Kehl

  © 2016 Philip Lee McCall II /All rights reserved

  ISBN-13: 978-1522960720

  ISBN-10: 1522960724

  Printed in the United States of America

  1nd Edition / Printed: June 2016

  This book is dedicated to:

  Frances & Olivia Lee McCall

  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1: A Woman in the Dark 8

  Chapter 2: The Queen’s Request 11

  Chapter 3: The Hunted 18

  Chapter 4: The Ripper 25

  Chapter 5 – Daedalus’ Request 33

  Chapter 6 – One Inventor to Another 39

  Chapter 7 – The Sea Witch 44

  Chapter 8 – The Dragon’s Mist 54

  Chapter 9 – To Earn One’s Keep 62

  Chapter 10 - Nicolas Flamel 67

  Chapter 11 – The Holy See 72

  Chapter 12 – The Blood Lioness 76

  Chapter 13 – Flight 78

  Chapter 14 - Wings of Death 85

  Chapter 15 – Saving Grace 88

  Chapter 16 - Grace’s Decision 90

  Chapter 17 – Defining Grace 97

  Chapter 1: A Woman in the Dark

  Mont Orgueil – Isle of Jersey

  Darkness…A sanctuary and a living hell balanced in perfection. She discovered that it was devoid of both love and hate, while it soothed and terrified those caught within its deepest patches of shadow.

  The cold and damp floor had become her constant companions for days, perhaps weeks. She was quite unsure how long it had truly been, for without the light of the sun, passage of time was indistinguishable.

  She had killed a dozen rats that had wondered into her cell either scavenging for food or following the scent of her previously oozing wounds. This was something she knew and could hold on to, as the abyss of inner madness sought to cloud her mind. Each rodent had become an unwilling sacrifice in a dark ritual that helped to heal her injuries and kept her ebbing strength from leaving her body entirely.

  She slowly chewed upon a cloth within her mouth, drawing out the bitter taste of blood and grime. This was her secret and her only chance for survival. It was a small square piece of a magical scarf known as the Bloodsilk. Once it had been part of a blood red flowing scarf, which had been her talisman and the reason her enemies had dubbed her Captain Grace Flynn, the Crimson Scarver.

  Grace had been feared on both land and sea. Then after defeating an evil most foul, she was betrayed by her own allies and brought to this very prison to be hung by her enemies. Perhaps a fitting reward for a woman whom had killed so many without remorse and sometimes reason.

  Her mind began to flash the faces of those who had brought her down. She smiled with madness.

  “I killed Death and now he comes for me.” To any eavesdropper the statement would have been the raving of a madwoman. Perhaps it was just that, Grace reasoned and she let the past fade from her mind and shivered slightly as the chill in the air returned. Tears had long left her body and she could not bring forth anymore.

  Grace’s life had been built upon violence and being a slave to a singular thought…vengeance. The dark creature that had taken all from her at such a young age had eluded her and now the sands of her life were running out, never to stand as a monument to her endless rage. She would never kill the beast that slew her family. She would however die upon the hangman’s noose. It was only a matter of time.

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