Cocovanilla and The Ice Veil Book I

      Ora Munter
Cocovanilla and The Ice Veil  Book I

Feeling sad, Kiki ice skates in Central Park. Wishing to be happy, she twirls so fast, she spins into a world called, Ice Dreamland. She meets Cocovanilla. And, like an Avatar, Kiki merges with her. She learns Ice Dreamland's in danger. To save the planet, she must carry The Ice Veil to the Queen’s palace. On her journey she befriends enchanted creatures, outwits bullies,and find true happiness.The Killing Machine:Theo Daniels has spent his life learning the art of death. Military. CIA. Black Ops. For the last five years, he used his skills to help people, to do good in the world.Then his world was shattered. Now Daniels travels the world seeking revenge. He has become the Killing Machine.Episode One: The Duel:In THE DUEL, Daniels goes looking for answers in a remote mansion in Northern California. But this is no millionaire's playhouse. This is a training ground for an international clan of assassins. These men might claim to be the most lethal assassins on earth, but they're about to proven wrong when they cross blades with the Killing Machine.Part One of a 5 story series.Contains strong violence.4500 words, or approx. 18 paperback pages.

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