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         Part #1 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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  Author: Olivia Cunning

  His cal oused fingertips found the hood of skin covering her clit. He exposed the swol en nub buried within and, using a second finger, stroked her to climax in seconds. She cried out, her thighs quivering as the sensation rippled through her body. How did he do that?

  “You come so easily. ” He kissed the inside of her thigh. “Definitely a turn on. ” She couldn’t lift her head to look at him, but could hear the smile in his voice.

  She didn’t usual y come so quickly. Usual y when a man was in control, she never reached climax. Brian was a genius with those fingers of his. And not just as a guitarist.

  “You’re amazing,” she gasped.

  “Al those solos. ” His finger stroked her again and she shuddered.

  “Feel free to practice on me any time. ”

  He chuckled. “I’m not sure you want to offer that. ”

  She was one hundred and one percent sure that she did.

  His hair brushed the insides of her thighs as he lowered his head. She tensed again. He sucked her clit into his mouth and stroked it with the tip of his tongue.

  “Oh God,” she groaned. He was good at this, too?

  Brian continued sucking and stroking her with his tongue. Her pussy throbbed in protest of its neglect. She wanted him inside her so bad. His big, beautiful cock pounding her fast and hard. She couldn’t take any more. She had to have him. She grabbed a handful of his hair and pul ed him away from the glorious things he was doing to her clit. “Take me, Brian,” she said. “Now. ”

  “Not yet. ”

  If demands didn’t work, perhaps begging would earn his mercy. “Please. Please, Brian. I ache with wanting you inside me. ”

  His fingers traced the slippery rim of her eager opening. “You want me in here?”

  She shifted her hips, wil ing to accept even his fingers inside her. Anything to fil that aching emptiness. He drew his hand away, leaving her wanting. “You’re dripping wet, baby. Has it been a while since you’ve been fucked properly?”

  She wasn’t sure if she’d ever been fucked properly. She knew she’d never been this turned on in her life. “You’re cruel. ” She pouted.

  “If I was being cruel, you’d know it. Let go of my hair and trust me to satisfy you. ”

  She released his hair, lifted her head and looked down at him. “I’m sorry. ”

  “Don’t apologize. My cock is cal ing me every sort of a son of a bitch right now. He wants to be inside you twice as much as you want him there. ”

  “Impossible. ”

  He grinned. “He’l wait for a few more minutes though. Can you handle that?”

  “Just a few?”

  He nodded.

  “I’l try. ” Some of her building excitement had dissipated. She wished she hadn’t stopped him now. She relaxed onto the bed and gripped handfuls of the sheets to prevent herself from pul ing his hair again.

  He doesn’t want you, Myrna. Who’d want a cheating whore?

  Shut up, Jeremy.

  Brian lowered his head and drew his tongue along the inside of her labia, flicked it across her anus and then trailed it back up the other side.

  “Nnggnn,” she groaned.

  He sucked her clit back into his mouth and her hips bucked involuntarily. While he sucked her and stroked her with his tongue, his fingers traced the rim of her vaginal opening, never dipping inside, just teasing her to the point of tears. He kept her at the brink of orgasm. Whenever her breath would hitch as she approached release, he’d pause in his torment until she settled down again. Her need for him intensified with each increasing peak.

  When she was convinced she was going to die, he slid two fingers inside her.

  She cried out, her back arching. He curled his fingers and pressed up inside her, slowly withdrawing until she screamed with release. He rubbed that perfect spot inside until her legs trembled and her thighs clamped together over his hand. He knew how to find a g-spot? Ah, God. Gifted. The man was sexual y gifted. Myrna forced herself to relax her leg lock on his hand. When her body stopped quaking, he removed his fingers and slid from the end of the bed.

  “Don’t get up,” he said.

  He left her lying there, dazed. He was done? He didn’t want her? Fighting tears of rejection, she watched him search the floor for his clothes. His hard cock jutted before him, thickly veined and straining. Did he find her so repulsive that he’d just leave while stil in that condition?

  Brian bent to retrieve his pants—giving Myrna a spectacular view of his perfect, bare ass—and fished a condom out of his pocket. Her breath caught. He tore the package open with his teeth and unrol ed the condom over his cock. Such a shame to cover its perfection from her view, but it meant…

  He climbed back onto the bed and settled his narrow hips between her thighs.

  “You want me?” she whispered around the knot in her throat.

  “Did you seriously just ask me that?” He brushed her hair from her damp cheeks and kissed her tenderly. His lips tasted and smel ed like her. So intimate. He lifted his head to stare into her eyes. “I think the question is do you stil want me, or did I overdo it a little?”

  “I stil want you. So much,” she whispered. “I’m not sure I can move though. ”

  He grinned crookedly. “I’l do al the moving at first. ”

  He rocked his hips forward, probing for her opening without using his hands for guidance. When he found her, he slid into her slowly, holding her shoulders as he burrowed deeper and deeper.

  “Mmmmm,” he murmured and buried his face in her neck. “Certified Grade A. ”

  Her brow creased. “What?”

  “Nothing. ”

  His strokes were slow and deep. Slow and deep. Slow and deep. Stretching her wide, withdrawing. He more than fil ed her. She’d never been with a man as wel -endowed as he was. Perhaps it was his size that thril ed her. Nope, definitely the way he used it. She groaned—her excitement building again. His quiet gasps in her ear sent her lust spiraling out of control. Her hands moved to his ass, digging into his flesh as she bucked her hips against him. His gasps grew shaky and punctuated. His strokes faster and harder. And harder. And harder. Harder. God yes, harder. Make me feel you, Brian. Drive everything away but you. Myrna’s head banged into the headboard. “Ow. ”

  “Sorry,” he whispered, rubbing her head with the palm of his hand. “Too hard?”

  She shook her head vigorously. “I like it. ”

  He dragged her sideways across the bed, turning her partial y on her side, so that he straddled one of her legs. He wrapped her other leg around his waist.

  “Oh,” she gasped at the change in stimulation. She liked that, too.

  He thrust into her, biting his lip as he pounded against her. Soon his hard thrusts pushed her beyond the edge of the bed. She caught herself with her hand to keep from tumbling to the floor.

  “Damn it,” he growled, and pul ed her back up onto the bed. “I can’t seem to get deep enough. I want… I need…” He gasped and ground his hips as he pushed into her. His fingers dug into her hips and held her steady, seeking to possess her ful y.

  “Let me try. ” She pushed him onto his back and sighed in frustration when he slid out of her. Emptiness replaced the perfect way he fil ed her. She hurried to straddle his hips and sank down on his thick cock, taking him as deep as he would go, stretched to her limits. Her head tilted back in ecstasy.

  His hands wrapped around her waist, pul ing her down, urging her body to take more of him. “Deeper,” he groaned. She bounced against him, taking him a centimeter at a time until, at last, she had accepted al of him.

  “Now you have al of me,” he whispered, looking up at her through heavy eyelids. His fingers traced paths up and down her spine, making her shudder. “Ride me, baby. Show me how you like it. ”

  He cared how she liked it? She didn’t understand why that turned her on so much, b
ut she rode him. Lifting her hips and grinding downward, gyrating to stimulate her clit against his pubic bone, she used him for her pleasure, ignoring his needs. She just wanted to get off. An orgasm rippled through her. She cried out, but didn’t stop. Again. She wanted to come again with him inside her. She took him faster, rotating slightly with each downward stroke. She wasn’t sure when she’d started chanting his name. “Brian. Brian. ” After her second orgasm? “Oh, Brian. ” Her third? “God, Brian. Yes. ”

  His hips rose off the bed to meet her strokes. He bit his lip, his head tossed back. She’d never seen anything sexier in her life. Watching his expression was almost better than the waves of pleasure coursing through her own body.

  “Oh fuck, fuck,” he shouted, and grabbed her firmly by the hips to stop her gyrating thrusts. “Stop, stop. Give me a minute. ”

  She slapped him hard on the chest. “Don’t hold back on me, goddammit. I wanna make you come. ”

  “No, no. Not yet. Not yet. Damn. ” He pul ed her off him and tossed her onto her back in the center of the bed. “Shit, shit, I’m going to lose it. ”

  Lose what? His erection? Not bloody likely. He was as hard as granite.

  He rol ed on top of her and slid inside her again. Her eyes drifted closed. Her back arched, rubbing her bel y against his. The fingers of his left hand tapped rhythmical y against her shoulder. His strokes were different this time, a three-quarter time beat, if she wasn’t mistaken, and he was humming under his breath.

  “What are you doing?” she asked.

  “Shh. Shh. I’ve almost got it. ”

  She watched him for a moment, trying to figure out the sudden change in him. “Are you hearing music in your head?”

  “Shh, sweetheart. Please. ”

  She fel silent. Whatever he was doing was obviously important. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the perfect rhythm of his deep strokes. The riff he hummed in her ear was outstanding. Sensual. Even more sensual than his usual work. She’d never heard anything like it before, and she was a col ector of excel ent guitar segments. He paused and looked down at her. “I need something to write on. ”

  Her eyes widened. “You’re kidding me, right?”

  “Baby, I haven’t written a new riff in months. You are beyond awesome. ” He grinned down at her, pumping into her hard and steady. “Making love to this perfect body stimulates more than my cock. ”

  “Thanks. ” She quirked an eyebrow at him. “I guess. ”

  He reached for a pen on the side table and uncapped it. He wiped the sweat from her body with the sheet and drew a straight line across her chest. He then added a series of dots on, above, and below the line. Scribbled letters appeared here and there. E. C. C#. She just watched him, too surprised to protest. The line of musical notes continued across her breasts, under her breasts, several lines along her bel y.

  He paused, his eyes drifting closed. “God, you feel good, Myrna. So good. ” She planted her feet on the bed, lifted her hips and gyrated. “Yeah. ” He rose up on his knees slightly and thrust forward, grinding deep. “Perfect,” he murmured. “Take me. Al of me. Inside. ” He began to pump into her again, withdrawing only slightly as if he didn’t want to move at al . “I hear you,” he whispered. Her brow furrowed. Her panting? Is that what she meant?

  He pul ed out unexpectedly, leaving her empty. She groaned in protest.

  “Turn over,” he demanded breathlessly.


  “I’m out of space and this solo you’ve inspired…” He shook his ink pen at her.

  She laughed. “You’re crazy. ”

  “Al geniuses are. ”

  She smiled and rol ed onto her stomach. She’d thought he’d just start writing on her back, but he eased her onto her knees and slid his cock inside her again. He thrust into her with the same rhythm as before, drawing notes across the skin of her back while she groaned. This man would be her downfal . She knew it with a certainty. She rocked back against him, loving the way his bal s slapped against her with each steady stroke.
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