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Double time, p.54
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       Double Time, p.54

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 54

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “I’m fine. ” She snorted and shook her head. “Worst. Kidnapper. Ever. ”

  Dare squeezed her knee, his concern tangible. “You’ll be okay for the show tonight?”

  She nodded. “I do think I need to lie down for a little while. ”

  “You should definitely get some rest,” Dare agreed.

  “I’m bringing these two with me,” she said quietly. “Resting will not be on my agenda. ”

  Dare laughed and tousled her hair affectionately. “Rock on, little sister. ”

  Reagan looked into the back of the ambulance to the paramedic who was sitting on a bench along the sidewall. He looked a tad uncomfortable about what he must have overheard. “Can I go now?” she asked him.

  “Doc says if you start vomiting uncontrollably you need to come to the hospital. ”

  Reagan made a face of disgust. “I don’t think that’s going to happen. My nausea is all gone now. ”

  “Then you’re free to go. Just make sure someone is around to keep an eye on you. ”

  “Will do,” Trey said. He hopped off the back end of the ambulance and lifted Reagan into his arms. “Where to?”

  “Take me to bed. ”

  “On the tour bus?”

  “I don’t think there was enough room on that dressing room sofa for three. ”

  Ethan smiled. Seeing the two of them together warmed his heart almost as much as being with the two of them did. “I’ll be right there,” Ethan said. “I need to go talk to someone for a second. ”

  “We’ll be sure to start without you,” Trey said. He nodded a farewell at his brother and headed for the tour bus.

  Ethan walked over to Brian Sinclair, who was watching the last police cruiser pull away with a remorseful Pyre in the backseat. Ethan could totally see how Trey could have loved the guy for almost thirteen years. The man was exquisite. He started when he noticed Ethan standing beside him.

  “I wanted to thank you for getting Reagan away from that guy,” Ethan said. “I wasn’t sure how to get him to release her without causing her harm. I was too far away. ”

  Brian smiled. “No problem. I didn’t want to see her get hurt either. She means a lot to Trey. ” His face twisted when he said his name.

  “And he means a lot to you. ”

  Brian looked away. “Yeah. He always has. ”

  “And you told him otherwise, why?”

  Brian scowled. “How do you know what I told him?”

  “He told me. You could have let him down a little easier. Why did you have to hurt him so bad?”

  “So he could move on. I should have done it years ago. Having someone like Trey in love with you is hard to give up, you know? He’s so…” Brian stared at the darkening sky overhead as he searched for the right word. “…passionate. ”

  “Yeah,” Ethan agreed. “So if you cared about him, why not try to make something of it?” Not that he wanted Brian to be with Trey. If Ethan had been in Brian’s position, he never could have pushed Trey away.

  “Too complicated. And besides, I have Myrna now. She’s more than enough for me. ” He glanced over his shoulder and grinned at Trey’s attempts to carry Reagan up the steep bus steps without dropping her or whacking her head on the door. “I just hope Reagan’s enough for him. ”

  “She’s not, but she knows that and she’s okay with it now. ” Ethan wanted to shout it from the rooftops. You fucking fool. You gave Trey up and now he’s mine—ours—and worth every complication anyone can throw at us.

  Brian shifted his gaze to Ethan’s. His expression was a mix of surprise and confusion. “What do you mean?”

  Ethan smiled. “You’ll figure it out. ” He slapped Brian on the back and followed his two lovers, his two loves, to the bedroom.

  Chapter 36

  Reagan held onto Trey’s neck as he staggered up the bus steps. Maybe she should be upset about Pyre’s attempt to kidnap her and strangle her with a guitar string, but she was just so happy that it was over with, she felt like celebrating. And knowing that Trey and Ethan were in love with each other was another reason to celebrate. Trey carried her to the bedroom and dumped her on the bed. “I have a phone call to make,” he said.

  “A phone call?” At a time like this?

  “Yep. ” He retrieved his cell phone from his pocket and searched for whatever number he needed in his encyclopedic list of contacts. “Hello, this is Trey Mills. I was supposed to call you today about some test results. Yeah, I’ll hold. ”

  Reagan grinned. She was willing to wait for him to make this phone call. Sex without condoms. Oh please, oh please, oh please.

  “All right, good,” he said, giving her a thumbs-up. “And my two partners?” He chuckled. “Yes, two partners. ” His smile broadened. “Great. Can you hold on for a second?” He covered the phone with his hand. “Do you want her to repeat the results for you, or do you believe me when I say it’s time to go all out raw?”

  Reagan laughed and threw a pillow at him. “I believe you. ”

  He spoke into his phone again. “That’s all then, thanks. ” He chuckled. “Yes, two partners. And just between you and me, they’re both super hot. ” He laughed again and disconnected.

  “We’re all set?” Reagan asked.

  “All set. ” He crawled up on the bed beside her and took her hand. He kissed her knuckles as he stared into her eyes. “In a way, this will be like me losing my virginity. ”

  “In a very loose interpretation of the definition kind of way,” Reagan teased.

  Ethan appeared in the doorway. “I figured she’d be halfway to her third orgasm by now. Were you waiting for me?”

  “Trey was calling the clinic to find out our test results. ”

  Ethan’s eyebrows shot up and he swiveled his head in Trey’s direction. “And?”

  “I don’t have to worry about being caught without a condom ever again. We’re all clean. ”

  “That’s good,” Ethan said, “because we have a lot of unprotected oral sex. ”

  Trey laughed. “That’s true. ”

  “Get in here and close the door,” Reagan demanded. “Take off your clothes. Take off my clothes. Ravish my body. ”

  Reagan opened her arms wide in invitation. Trey worked on removing her shirt and bra, while Ethan removed her jeans, panties, and sandals. When they had her naked, Trey lowered his head to suckle one breast while he massaged the other. Ethan nibbled trails of fire along the insides of her thighs.

  “Has Trey ever told you that he’s a virgin?” Reagan asked, stroking Ethan’s hair with one hand and Trey’s with the other.

  Ethan lifted his head and snorted with laughter. “Is today opposite day?”

  “He’s never had sex without a condom. ”

  Ethan gave Trey a pitying look. “You are a virgin. Let me get her ready for you. ”

  Trey smacked him on the back of the head as he lowered it to suck on the heated flesh between Reagan’s thighs. Her head was still swimming slightly, so she closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensation of Trey at her breasts, Ethan down lower. She rocked her hips against Ethan’s face as her excitement mounted. He lifted his head.

  “Come here, Trey. ” Ethan moved aside and wrapped an arm around Trey’s waist to position his hips between Reagan’s thighs. “I want to put you inside her. Can I?”

  Reagan lifted her head and stared down her body to watch Ethan take Trey’s cock in his hand. She lost sight of it as Ethan directed it inside her body, but she felt it, felt Trey, inside of her.

  “Oh,” Trey groaned as he sank deeper, his belly quivering against hers.

  Ethan swatted his ass. “Take her, Trey. ” He moved to lie next to Reagan on the bed and they both stared up at Trey as he possessed her with deep, rhythmic thrusts. His eyes were closed, mouth open as he gasped in excitement.

  Reagan caressed his back with one hand, rocking her hips t
o meet his strokes. “Look at us, Trey. ”

  His eyes fluttered open and he stared down at Reagan with a look of rapture and love on his gorgeous face.

  “How’s that feel?” she asked.

  “So good. So good,” he whispered. “I’m glad I saved myself for you, Reagan. ” He grinned and winked at her before lowering his head to claim her lips in a deep kiss. He drew away and stared down at her. She got lost in his body. His gaze. “I love you,” he said. He then shifted so he could kiss Ethan who was still lying beside Reagan with his head against her shoulder. “I love you,” he whispered against Ethan’s lips.

  He tugged away so he could stare down at both of them. His steady strokes grew more rapid. Reagan’s back arched off the bed as her pleasure built to match his urgency.

  “Can I come inside you, Reagan?”

  “Yes. ”

  He held onto her shoulders as he buried himself deep and shuddered with release. His mouth dropped open, face twisted in bliss as his gaze shifted from Reagan to Ethan and back to Reagan. His body went slack and he buried his face in Reagan’s throat. “I want to do that again,” he said.

  “Not until I get a turn,” Ethan said.

  Trey pulled out and rolled over on Reagan’s opposite side and Ethan took his place between Reagan’s thighs. He plunged into her with one deep thrust.

  “Damn, she wet,” Ethan said.

  “Some of that’s mine,” Trey said with a teasing grin.

  Ethan shuddered. “I can’t tell you how much that turns me on. Kiss me, Trey. ” Trey kissed him. Ethan thrust into Reagan harder and faster. “Let me suck her cum off of you. ”

  “I think he likes this,” Trey said to Reagan.

  “God, Reagan, you feel so good,” Ethan shouted. Trey shifted up the bed so Ethan could bend sideways and suck and lick Reagan’s juices from Trey’s flaccid cock. Ethan made content noises in the back of his throat. It wasn’t long before Trey was hard again.

  Ethan rolled onto his side, dragging Reagan with him. “Get in here with me, Trey. ”

  “What?” Reagan said.

  “She’s so wet. You’ll love this. ”

  Ethan pulled out and Trey moved in against her back. Trey thrust into her from behind several times before pulling out to let Ethan take his place. Reagan clung to Ethan’s shoulders as her body found release and she cried out. She couldn’t tell exactly what they were doing. Didn’t care as long as they kept doing it. Their hands were working one cock against another, before one plunged into her, thrust, pulled out, again, again, and then without warning, they were both inside her. Two cocks buried in her sopping wet pussy, working against each other. Together. Against each other. It was a tight fit at first, but her body quickly adjusted to the added girth.

  “Fuck, that’s amazing,” Ethan growled.

  “New favorite position,” Trey groaned.

  Reagan cried out as she came again.

  “Reagan, are you okay, honey?” Ethan asked. His hips pounded against her as he kept driving himself deep and rubbing his cock against Trey’s which was thrusting into her just as hard and deep.

  “Oh yes,” she cried. “I’m better than okay. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. ”

  “I’m gonna come,” Ethan said.

  “Me too. Me too,” Trey chanted breathlessly.

  Reagan didn’t think she’d ever stopped coming. She felt like she was floating on the ceiling.

  Ethan shouted in triumph as his body went rigid. “Keep rubbing against me, Trey. Don’t stop. ”

  Trey struggled to keep thrusting while Ethan held perfectly still. And then Trey went rigid. “I can feel you coming, Trey,” Ethan whispered, his head tilted back, eyes glazed over in bliss.
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