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Double time, p.50
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       Double Time, p.50

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 50

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “I thought I might ask my girlfriend to dance, but after seeing the company she keeps, I’m not sure I’m famous enough. ”

  Reagan wrapped both arms around Trey and squeezed. He couldn’t reciprocate; his hands were full. “Dare told me what you did. ”

  He stiffened slightly. “What did I do?”

  “You saved his life. ”

  “Oh that. I didn’t really have a say in the matter. I couldn’t even string an entire sentence together then. Trey, do you want to donate some bone marrow? Ba-ba da-da yeah-yeah. They assumed that meant yes. ”

  She snuggled her face into his neck. “I still think it’s heroic. ”

  “Did he tell you he almost died last year?” Dare asked, helping himself to one of the beers in Trey’s waistband.

  Reagan drew away to look up at Trey. “No, he did not. What happened?”

  Trey took her hand and directed it to the side of his head. She fingered the narrow scar that arched over his ear.

  “Got hit in the head with a ball bat,” he said. “Some bleeding on the brain. A couple of grand mal seizures. No big deal. ”

  Dare chuckled. “He says that now. ”

  “I remember when that happened,” Reagan said. “It was all over the news. I didn’t realize it was so serious. ” Her throat tightened as she looked up at him. She couldn’t imagine not having him in her life and wished she could have been there to help him through all the tough times in his past. Overcome with unexpected emotion, she hugged him tight. She didn’t even care that one of the drinks in his hand sloshed onto her back. “I’m finished partying like a rock star for tonight. Let’s go find Ethan and go up to the room. I want to be alone with you. Relatively speaking. ”

  “You just got here,” Steve complained. “Everyone wants to meet you. ”

  Reagan glanced around the room. All eyes were on her. If her relationship with Trey had been unknown before, it was definitely no secret now.

  “One drink,” Trey said, handing her one of the glasses he’d carried from the bar. He handed the spare to his brother and kept one for himself. He turned to stand beside Reagan, wrapping his right arm around her waist as he sipped his drink. “Bring on the admirers. ”

  “More like spectators,” Reagan murmured.

  Before anyone had the chance to approach, Ethan appeared next to Reagan. “There were no deliveries tonight,” he said.

  “So how did they get in there?” she whispered harshly.

  “Someone had to bring them personally. ”

  “They were inside my dressing room?”

  “Apparently. ”

  “What are you two talking about?” Trey asked.

  “You didn’t tell him?” Ethan asked.

  “I didn’t want him to worry. ”

  “About what?” Trey asked.

  “She got another of those threatening messages. On a card in some flowers. I’ve spent the last hour finding out about any deliveries that were made tonight, but there were no flowers delivered to her dressing room, so whoever it was must have access to the backstage area. ”

  “Reagan, why didn’t you tell me?” Trey asked.

  “I didn’t want you to worry. ”

  “That’s kind of my job, babe. ”

  Ethan wrapped a comforting arm around her back and Reagan squirmed away from him. He scowled. “What’s your problem?”

  “There are people everywhere,” she said.


  “They know I’m with Trey, so I can’t get personal with you here. ”

  “Why not?”

  Trey laughed unexpectedly and poked Reagan in the ribs. She gave him her frostiest look. He threw a pointed look in the direction of one of the swarms of reporters who were looking their way. “Smile and laugh,” he said under his breath. “They can smell drama from a mile away. ”

  Reagan laughed. “You’re so hilarious, Trey,” she said loudly. “Well, I guess I should call it a night. I’m dead on my feet and I think I’ve had a little too much to drink. ” Exactly half of a rum and coke.

  “I’ll help you find your way,” Trey said. “Follow us,” he whispered to Ethan. “Like her bodyguard would. ”

  Dare, Steve, and Logan looked entirely perplexed as Trey wrapped an arm around Reagan’s back and helped her find the exit. A seething Ethan followed two paces behind—looking every inch the tough bodyguard. Once they were safely on the elevator, they dropped their facades.

  “So now I can’t touch you in public?” Ethan shouted at Reagan.

  Reagan winced at his tone. “No, Ethan. You can’t. They know I’m dating Trey and they wouldn’t understand this relationship. I’m not sure if I understand it. ”

  “Why didn’t you tell me about the message, Reagan?” Trey said. “If this guy—”

  “Or girl,” Ethan interrupted.

  “If this person is running around loose backstage, we need to have everyone we trust keep a look out for him. ” He glanced at Ethan. “Or her,” he quickly amended.

  “Whoever it is has to be associated with Sinners,” Ethan said.

  Trey’s eyebrows drew together in an angry scowl. “Why do you say that? My crew wouldn’t threaten her. ”

  “Because it happened on both tours and the only commonality between the two is your band and your crew,” Ethan said.

  The elevator door opened and the three of them fell into an uneasy silence as they passed the eighth floor security guards on their way to their room. As soon as they were safely inside, Ethan wrapped his arms around Reagan and yanked her against his body. “Is it okay if I touch you now? When it serves your purpose?”

  Trey grabbed his arm. “Don’t talk to her like that. ”

  He shouldn’t talk to her harshly, but she understood why he was behaving this way. He was covering up his hurt. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, Ethan,” Reagan said. “Yes, in private we can be open about our relationship, but Trey and I are in the public eye and we can’t—”

  “So because Trey is famous, he’s the one you’re willing to claim in public?” Ethan said.

  “She didn’t say that,” Trey said.

  “They saw me with him first, Ethan. That’s the only reason. ”

  Ethan shook his head in disbelief. Reagan touched the center of his chest and found his heart was thudding hard and fast. She wrapped both arms around him and held him until he relaxed and lifted his arms to hold her back. “I just couldn’t handle the added stress of the press finding out about the three of us, Ethan. I’m so sorry I’m not stronger for you. They’d ruin us all if they knew. ”

  “I understand,” he said. “This is enough. ”

  But it wasn’t and Reagan knew that. “I should have been more discrete with Trey too. If I can’t be open about both of you, I shouldn’t be open about either of you. ”

  “We can publicly pretend to break up, if you want,” Trey said.

  “Don’t be stupid,” Ethan said. “It’s fine. I said I understand. I just hope we’re alone as often as possible. ”

  “We’re alone right now,” Reagan said. She looked up at Ethan and he cupped her face in both hands before kissing her. Trey moved up against her back and wrapped them both in his arms. Ethan released her lips so he could kiss Trey. Pressed between her two loves, she didn’t care if the rest of the world disappeared forever. She had everything she could ever want or need right here.

  Chapter 32

  They’d arrived in San Francisco earlier that morning for the second show of the new tour. While Reagan worked through a full dress rehearsal with Exodus End, Trey sat on the edge of his bunk and watched Brian sleep. Reagan was right. He needed to talk to him about his feelings. Trey would never get over him until he knew exactly how Brian felt about him. Somewhere inside, Trey already knew, but he had to hear it from the man himself. Brian’s eyes blinked open and he drew a deep breath through his n
ose before smiling drowsily.

  “You’re watching me sleep?” he murmured, his voice groggy. He’d gotten in late after skipping the after-party to be with his family and then driving up the coast with Sed and Jessica to meet the tour buses this afternoon. Trey doubted that he’d even slept the night before.

  “I need to talk to you about something,” Trey said. His heart thudded faster and faster as he tried to think of the best way to broach this subject. How many times had he tried to spill his guts to Brian in the past? A hundred times? A thousand?

  “Yes, I’ll be your best man. ” Brian’s self-indulgent grin made Trey’s heart flutter. Maybe if Brian wasn’t so attractive or so lovable or so perfect…

  “This isn’t about that. ”

  “Need advice about Reagan?”

  Trey shook his head.

  “Something about the band? Your brother?”

  “No, this about you. ”

  Brian scowled. “Did the guys put you up this? Are they going to bust my balls over my family again? I’m here, aren’t I?”

  “No, it’s not the guys. I need to tell you something. ”

  “So tell me. ”

  Trey stared at him for a long moment. “I love you,” he said breathlessly before he chickened out.

  The tension drained from Brian’s face and he grinned. “I love you too, man. ”

  “Not I love you, man. I love you. Period. ”

  Brian gnawed on his lower lip and avoided his gaze.

  “I thought you should know how I feel,” Trey said quietly, his heart twisting unpleasantly within his chest.


  Trey wasn’t sure what he’d expected Brian to say, but that wasn’t it. “Why do I love you?”

  “No, why are you telling me this? Especially now. What do you expect me to do about it?”

  “Nothing. I just thought…”

  “That’s your problem, Trey. You don’t think. You just do what you want based on what feels good or what’s convenient for you. Did you ever think maybe I don’t want to know how you feel? Or that I don’t care how you feel?”


  Brian climbed out of his bunk, grabbed Trey by both arms, and hauled him to his feet.

  “Why couldn’t you just keep it to yourself? This changes everything, Trey. ”

  “Why?” Trey asked. “I’ve felt this way since…” He lowered his eyes. Now he just felt stupid. For Trey, the world had revolved around his feelings for Brian and now he realized they meant nothing. They’d never meant anything. Not to the person who mattered.

  “Since when?” Brian pressed.

  Eyes stinging, Trey shook his head. He wished he’d never brought it up. He placed both hands on Brian’s chest and shoved, breaking Brian’s grip on his arms. Trey refused to break down in front of him. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected Brian to say or do, but he thought Brian would at least be a little understanding. Make him feel better. Show some of that compassionate heart of his. Not be a royal asshole about it.

  Brian caught his arm. “How long, Trey?”

  “A long fucking time, Brian. Okay? But I’m over it now. ”

  “Liar. I know you. ”

  “You don’t know me very well, if this is such a big surprise to you. ” Trey pulled away from him again. He had to get off the bus. He couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. But he could feel. And it felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest.

  Trey had only taken two steps when Brian grabbed the back of his shirt and tossed him into the corner next to the stereo system in the living area. Brian moved in front of him to block his escape. “Don’t run from me. You’re the one who brought this up and we’re going to have it out now. ”
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