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Double time, p.46
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       Double Time, p.46

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 46

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “You’re getting colder, Trey,” Ethan said.

  Trey suckled his way toward her clit. When he latched on to the sensitive nub, a spasm gripped Reagan’s entire body.

  “Now you’re hot,” Ethan said and inched forward until his cock pressed against Reagan’s quivering pussy. He slid inside her, his thrusts shallow as Trey was still working her clit with that sensual mouth of his. Ethan ran a hand across Trey’s shoulders and Trey lifted his head so Ethan could plunge deep—once, twice, three times—before he backed off several inches to give Trey room to lick her clit with hard, rapid strokes of his delightful tongue. When the first waves of orgasm washed over her, she cried out in bliss. Ethan rotated his hips, stretching her clenching pussy in wide circles while she came. The pleasure became too much for her and she grabbed Trey’s hair to pull him away. Ethan plunged deep and then pulled out entirely. He lowered her hips to the sofa again and she lay there shuddering and gasping for air, while he moved to sit at the end of the sofa. She watched Trey sit on Ethan’s lap, his back to Ethan’s belly. Trey took Ethan inside his body, rising and falling over him in obvious bliss. Ethan used both hands to rub Trey’s balls and cock until Trey’s legs began to tremble. He pulled away unexpectedly and removed Ethan’s condom. Trey sucked Ethan’s cock for several minutes, while Ethan clung to the sofa cushions with both hands, obviously fighting one hell of an orgasm for all he was worth. Trey applied a new condom and held a hand out to Reagan.

  “Your turn, baby. See if you can make him come. ”

  So that’s what Trey was doing. She was game. Ethan moved over a few inches so she could straddle him more easily. Facing him, she took Ethan inside, ready for another orgasm already. Watching Trey with Ethan had gotten her excited all over again.

  Trey stood behind her and massaged her breasts while she rode Ethan. His hands moved down her ribs and belly. He stroked her clit with two fingers and then returned to massaging her breasts.

  “Do you think she’s ready?” Trey asked Ethan.

  She’s ready? Weren’t they trying to make Ethan come?

  Ethan shifted his hips to the very edge of the sofa and held her down, completely impaled on his thick cock. Trey moved between Ethan’s legs and settled against Reagan’s back. Slippery fingers rubbed against her ass and then slipped inside.

  “Trey?” she gasped. “What are you…”

  She lost her train of thought and ability to protest when his fingers began to move inside her.

  “Oh,” she gasped.

  “I can feel that,” Ethan murmured.

  Trey pulled his fingers free.

  “Wait,” Reagan protested. “I liked it. ”

  “Relax for me, Reagan,” Trey murmured.

  She wasn’t sure what he meant, but she went limp against Ethan and the next thing she knew Trey’s cock was buried in her ass.

  She jerked upright, her body so full, she wasn’t sure how to respond.

  “Easy,” Trey murmured. “Trust me. I won’t hurt you. ”

  It didn’t hurt, exactly. There was an unaccustomed pressure within, but not pain.

  Trey withdrew slightly and thrust forward.

  Ethan groaned and dropped his head back against the sofa. “I can feel you move against me, Trey. Inside of her. ”

  “That’s why this is my favorite position,” Trey said.

  Reagan chuckled. Well, she never would have figured that out on her own.

  “Lean forward a little,” Trey instructed.

  Reagan complied. Now that she was filled with both of them, she’d lost her inhibitions about trying this. She wanted to experience all it had to offer.

  “Ride him, Reagan. I’ll do the rest,” Trey said in her ear.

  It took her several attempts to find her rhythm. Trey held still as she rose and fell over Ethan, drawing both cocks in and out of her body with maximum effort. She wouldn’t last long at this rate. Trey smacked Ethan on the shoulder. “Help her. ”

  He’d been sitting there shuddering with his eyes closed, but at Trey’s insistence, Ethan gripped Reagan’s ass in both hands and helped her rise and fall. Once they found a steady rhythm, Trey began to move in shallow fast strokes, which rubbed his cock repeatedly against Ethan’s on each up and down stroke of Reagan’s body.

  Ethan’s head fell back against the sofa, his mouth dropped open, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

  “I’ll make him come,” Trey said. “He’ll never be able to hold out on us like this, Reagan. ”

  She meant to agree with him, but her mind was not functioning well enough to form coherent thoughts, much less words. She could feel their cocks working against each other inside of her. It was the most wonderful, weirdest sensation she’d ever experienced.

  Ethan cursed under his breath. “Fuck, I’m gonna come. I can’t fight it. ”

  Trey’s fingers sought Reagan’s clit to help her join Ethan in bliss. Her hips buckled unexpectedly the instant he touched her there and she cried out at the same instant that Ethan shouted in triumph, and Trey shuddered behind her with his own release.

  Fan-fucking-tastic. Oh yeah. She could totally get used to this threesome thing. Even if it meant she wouldn’t be able to walk for a couple days afterward. Fucking-A, Trey rocked her world. And Ethan made it spin.

  Chapter 28

  Trey watched Reagan’s frustration build at rehearsal the next day. All the guys of Exodus End were behind her one hundred percent and she was doing great for her first attempt at rehearsing an entire, major live show, but she had no tolerance for her little mistakes. And the more she made, the more stressed she became, which made her make more mistakes until she couldn’t seem to do anything right.

  “Let’s take a break,” Max said and hooked his microphone in its stand.

  Reagan rubbed her forehead while Max talked to her about letting her notes trail longer. Dare set his guitar in a stand and came over to sit next to Trey on an equipment case on the edge of the stage.

  “She might do better without you watching,” Dare said.

  “She’s doing great. ”

  “I’ve seen her do great, Trey. She’s stiff right now. Unnatural. ”

  Trey had picked up on that too. “I think she’s just nervous. ”

  “That’s to be expected, but she has to be able to fake it enough that the audience doesn’t pick up on it. ”

  “Maybe if your manager would stop trying to turn her into a sex symbol, she could find her music again. She’s not comfortable with that image. ”

  “He thinks that’s the way to go. The band’s split on that idea. ” They both watched Max try to get Reagan to hold her guitar lower—at heavy metal level. She typically held it a bit higher—at country western level.

  “As long as you’re on her side, I won’t have to kick your ass,” Trey said.

  Dare flicked Trey’s ear. “I’ll do any required ass-kicking in this family. ”

  “You’re going to kick your own ass?”

  “If necessary. ”

  They watched Steve tap his drumsticks on the body of Reagan’s guitar as he tried to get her to rock out to the beat. “You did it back in the studio that first day,” Steve said to her. “I know you can do it. ”

  “I think I should get her out of here for a few hours,” Trey said. “She looks pretty stressed out. ”

  “She has to get used to that too,” Dare said.

  “So I’m supposed to sit back and watch her struggle?”

  “Nope, you’re supposed to leave her to struggle on her own and let her vent to you about what assholes we all are when she sees you tonight. ”

  Trey sighed. “All right. I’ll leave my one true love at the mercy of four badass metal heads, but I won’t like it. ”

  “She’s a tough chick. She’ll be fine. Don’t be her crutch. Be her champion. ”

  Trey internalized h
is brother’s words. The man could do no wrong. In Trey’s eyes, he knew everything. “Dare?”

  “Yeah, bro?”

  “Watch out for her for me, okay?”

  Dare smiled. “Will do. ”

  “Thanks. ” Trey slid off the equipment case and approached Reagan who was having advice thrown at her from Max, Steve, and Logan all at once. She looked from one man to the next as if they were speaking some obscure foreign language.

  “Guys,” Trey interrupted. “Give her a moment to breathe. ”

  She looked so relieved to see him that he thought she might burst into tears. He strengthened his resolve. Champion, not crutch. “I’ve got some stuff to do. I’ll see you tonight, okay?”

  Her look of desperation turned his resolve into a wet noodle. “You’re leaving?”

  “You’ll do great, Reagan. I have faith in you. ” He gave her arm a rough bro-tap with his knuckles and turned to go. Maybe he should have kissed her good-bye instead.

  Chapter 29

  In her dressing room on opening night, Reagan concentrated on walking in her new high-heeled ankle boots without breaking her neck. She’d promised Sam that she’d try this his way before reverting back to her combat boots, but Sinners’ set wasn’t even over yet and her toes were already complaining.

  Maybe if she could stop pacing.

  “Are you nervous?” Ethan asked, watching her walk past him for the fiftieth time.

  “You have no idea,” she said. And if he hadn’t been there, she’d probably be climbing the walls with her newly polished fingernails. At least they’d listened to her when she’d insisted she couldn’t play properly with the three-inch monstrosities they’d tried to affix to her fingertips.

  “You look fantastic tonight. I can’t keep my eyes off you. ”

  “It only took two hours to get me to look like this. ”

  “Is that non-smudging lipstick?”

  “Yeah,” she said, pressing her lips together. “Why? Is it smudged?”

  Ethan wrapped an arm around her waist and tugged her against him. “Because I think you can use a distraction. ”

  She could use a thousand distractions, but as far as distractions went, the deep plundering kiss Ethan gave her would do just fine.

  Ethan’s hands slid down the stiff leather of her corset and over the back of her short, tulle skirt.

  “Ethan?” she whispered against his lips.

  “I’ll hurry,” he promised.

  He fumbled under her skirt and tugged her bike shorts and panties down. “Ethan?”

  His kiss deepened. His fingers sought her clit. She thought she should probably protest—she had to be onstage in less than half an hour—but she surrendered instead. He continued to kiss her and touch her until she sagged against the wall behind her. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she tugged her mouth from his. “I need you, Ethan. Put it in. ”

  She slid her hands under his tight T-shirt and sucked on his neck while he found protection in his wallet, unfastened his pants, and applied the condom. He met her eyes. The intense feral hunger in his gaze turned her knees to jelly. He grabbed her roughly and forced her to face the wall.

  “Don’t move,” he said. The deep timber of his commanding voice alit her nerve endings with excitement.

  She held still while he sought her opening with his stiff cock. He filled her slowly. She whimpered, wanting it hard and fast. Buried deep, he arranged her body to ease his possession—nudged her thighs apart, encouraged her to bend her back more. Her entire body quivered with anticipation. It had been a while since Ethan had fucked her like this. She didn’t realize how much she needed it. Thankfully, he did. He grabbed her wrists and drew both arms above her head, holding her firmly. His hips began to move. He plunged into her hard and deep, possessing her with a certain fury that drove every thought from her mind. She surrendered to him completely, trusting him to fulfill her by taking her power and using her body. He pounded into her harder and faster, answering her moans of excitement with deep growls. He maintained the same rigorous motion until her pussy ached from lack of fulfillment, and even though his possession felt fantastic, she couldn’t take anymore.
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