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Double time, p.45
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       Double Time, p.45

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 45

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Trey, Trey,” he gasped, fighting his chains now.

  Trey leaned away. “Do you want me to stop?”

  “No, no,” he groaned, “but just your finger. Put it inside. Deeper. ”

  Trey slowly pressed one finger inside him. He peeked around Ethan’s body to see how Reagan was doing. He could hear her slurping and sucking, but he hadn’t been prepared for the enthusiasm she was showing Ethan’s cock. And what he saw of her in the mirror was even more mind-blowing. Her thighs were slick with her cum and she was still working herself with her hand. He and Ethan were going to reward her for hours for being so wonderful.

  “Deeper,” Ethan urged. “Trey. ”

  Trey forced his attention off Reagan and to what he was doing with Ethan. Trey’s balls protested their lack of relief. He was tempted to skip this step and plunge into Ethan’s body, but Ethan was still a little tense. Trey added more lube to his fingers and slipped two of them inside, thrusting gently in and out of Ethan’s increasingly receptive body.

  “Deeper,” Ethan whispered.

  Trey’s fingers were already as deep as they would go. He began to move them in an increasingly wide circle.

  Ethan was chanting to deities now.

  “Tell me what you want, Ethan,” Trey urged.

  “Deeper,” he gasped. “Harder, Reagan. Suck harder. ”

  “Ethan, what do you need?” Trey asked, reaching for a condom from his pants pocket, while he continued to prepare Ethan for full penetration with three fingers now.

  “I need fucked, Trey. Do it. ”

  Trey pulled his fingers free and Ethan sputtered in denial.

  “No, no, don’t stop. ”

  Trey rolled the condom over his straining cock and moved into place behind Ethan. He slathered lube down his length and then pressed the head of his cock into Ethan’s opening. Ethan rocked back against him, wanting to be rammed, but Trey didn’t want to hurt him. Not their first time. He hoped this would become a regular part of their lovemaking. They could get a little rougher next time if that’s what Ethan wanted.

  Trey held Ethan’s hips and guided himself into him slowly, adjusting his angle if he encountered any resistance. Ethan’s entire body trembled as he accepted Trey. Completely accepted him.

  “Are you okay, baby?” Trey whispered, wrapping his arms around Ethan’s waist and pressing open-mouthed kisses to his back.

  “No wonder you like this,” he gasped. “What does it feel like to have someone inside of you when you come?”

  “We’ll show you. ”

  Trey began to move inside him then. Slowly at first, careful to cause as little pain as possible, and then more rapidly at Ethan’s insistence. Trey hoped Ethan found release soon, because as excited as he was, he knew he wouldn’t last long, especially when Reagan’s hand appeared between his thighs and massaged his balls against Ethan’s.

  Reagan pulled away, and Trey watched Ethan’s fluids jet from his body as his ass clenched around Trey’s cock.

  “Fuck,” Ethan growled, his head thrown back in pure bliss.

  Trey continued to thrust until Ethan stopped spurting and then Trey let go, shuddering hard as pleasure consumed him. He collapsed against Ethan’s back, attempting to regain his breath. Trey reached over and released Ethan’s restraints. The chains gave way with a loud clank and they sank to the floor on their knees, both too weary to stand.

  A pair of sexy white boots entered Trey’s line of sight. He glanced up at Reagan who was standing over them with her hands on her hips.

  “Watching you two get off on each other really turns me on, but I think it’s my turn now. ”

  Trey figured she had more than one turn owed to her.


  Reagan emitted a squeak of surprise when Ethan wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to the dungeon floor. “I think our Mistress needs to be taught a lesson,” he said gruffly.

  Now what did he mean by that? “Ethan?”

  His chains rattled as he captured her head between his hands and stared down at her with the most intense expression she’d ever encountered. Her heart rate thundered out of control.

  “What should we do to her first, Trey?”

  Trey peered at her over Ethan’s shoulder. “I don’t know about first, but at some point tonight I want her legs wrapped around my waist and those sexy boots digging into my ass. ”

  She tore her gaze from Ethan’s to smile up at Trey. “You like the boots?”

  Trey nodded vigorously.

  “No one said you could speak,” Ethan said and covered her mouth with a deep kiss.

  Ah, so he wanted to be in charge now. She could handle that. Ethan suddenly tore his mouth away from hers and winced as Trey pulled away from him. “Where are you going?” he asked. “I like you in there. I thought I might get to be in the middle this time. ”

  “It’s Reagan’s turn to be in the middle,” Trey said.

  Reagan contemplated what that meant for a moment. “No, thank you. I’m perfectly content to be on the very bottom. ”

  “I thought you wanted to experience my favorite position,” Trey said, a teasing grin on his gorgeous face.

  “Not if it involves a huge cock in my ass. ”

  “I’m not that huge,” Trey said.

  Words she’d never thought she’d ever hear a man say.

  “It feels great, sweetheart. He knows what he’s doing,” Ethan said. His gruffness had already vanished and he peppered her face and neck with gentle kisses.

  “Should we head for home?” Trey asked. “There isn’t anything remotely resembling a bed in this place. ”

  “There are loveseats in the entry,” Reagan said and then flushed when she considered that they might actually take her out there and have their way with her. Aggie and Jace or some random customer might witness her shameless acceptance of two lovers.

  “That there are,” Ethan said and rose from the floor. “Help me with these chains,” he said to Trey.

  Reagan lay on the floor and watched the two of them interact. There was something different between them now. A new awareness or connection or something. While Trey unfastened the cuffs on Ethan’s forearms, Ethan stared at him with unmistakable adulation. And love. Trey treated Ethan more carefully than usual, as if six feet two inches of broad-chested, muscle-bound hunk was something to cherish. When Ethan was free of his restraints, he embraced Trey and buried his face in his neck. Trey held him but didn’t say anything. Reagan felt almost guilty watching their moment of sweet togetherness. Something about it made her heart ache.

  And lying on the floor made her back ache.

  Ethan pulled away and patted Trey’s bare butt. “You can top me anytime, baby. ”

  Reagan chuckled. Perhaps she’d been seeing a little more in that embrace than was really there.

  Ethan headed for the door that led to the entryway. “Help me?” he asked Trey.

  The pair left the room and Reagan wondered if they’d forgotten about her until they pushed one of the red loveseats into the room and closed the door.

  “I’ve never moved furniture in the nude before,” Trey commented.

  “I’ve seen a few mattresses move when you’re in the nude,” Ethan said.

  “And the earth,” Reagan added.

  Trey turned to look at her. “What are you doing on the floor?”

  “Waiting for Ethan to teach me a lesson. ”

  Ethan grinned. Reagan hadn’t seen him smile like that for over a year. He returned to her side and scooped her up into his arms. “Your lesson will take place over here,” he said and carried her to the sofa. He set her down gently and removed her corset, but left the skintight piece of leather posing as a skirt in place.

  It turned out to be a lesson in pleasure. Not that it surprised her. Her men treated her well, but seeing as they were in a dungeon, she was e
xpecting something a little more painful than having her breasts and ass worshiped by eager hands and mouths. Ethan went snooping around in the dungeon implements and found a blindfold. Reagan scowled when he slipped it over Trey’s eyes.

  “Find the cherry,” Ethan said. He applied small spots of Trey’s cherry-flavored, edible lube to Reagan’s skin. Trey used his lips and tongue to find the hidden locations with Ethan’s convoluted instructions of warmer and colder. It took him twenty minutes to find the spot on her shoulder, because Ethan kept redirecting him to her nipple. Another ten minutes to find the spot on her knee, because he kept Trey near the top of her thigh until she couldn’t bear it any longer.

  Trey was very thorough in his search and even more so when he finally found his treat. Reagan hoped Ethan put some of that lube on her clit soon. She was on fire and that’s where she wanted Trey’s mouth the most.

  Reagan pouted when Ethan coated the head of his cock with lube and rubbed it over Trey’s lips. Trey’s tongue darted out and he licked Ethan’s swollen head for a solid minute before he hesitated. “I don’t think this is part of Reagan,” Trey said.

  “Ethan’s cheating,” Reagan said.

  “You’re getting warmer, Trey,” Ethan said.

  Trey’s tongue darted out to lick at the flavoring on Ethan’s cock. He was just as thorough on Ethan as he had been on Reagan. Licking and sucking. Rubbing his lips over him first and following that with his tongue. His lips again.

  “Warmer. ” Ethan sucked in an excited breath as Trey’s lips suckled off what remained of the cherry flavoring by taking the entire head of Ethan’s cock in his mouth. “Hotter. Hotter. Oh God, you’re hot. ”

  Trey pulled away. “Reagan gets to pick where she wants it next. ”

  Catching Ethan’s eye above Trey’s head, Reagan pointed at the heated flesh between her legs. Ethan shook his head.

  “That’s where I want it,” she complained.

  “You’re being taught a lesson,” Ethan said.

  “What kind of lesson?”

  “How to take more pleasure than you can possibly stand. ”

  Well, that didn’t sound so bad.

  “Without coming,” he added.

  “He’s big into the delayed gratification thing,” Trey commented. “I wonder if he’s ever experienced it. ”

  Reagan knew he had. She used to ride him for hours and he’d just keep holding back on her until she got completely exasperated with him. “I can’t ever make him come if he doesn’t want to,” Reagan said.

  “How could he not want to? That’s the best part,” Trey said.

  “Exactly. Must be the alpha male in him. ”

  “You can make me come, Reagan. I won’t hold back on you,” Trey said.

  “Will you make me come too?” Reagan said. “I’m not much into the delay of gratification thing either. I’d rather try for multiple orgasms. ”

  “Hey,” Ethan protested. “I thought I was running the show here. ”

  “We just let you think that,” Trey said.

  Reagan laughed at the expression on Ethan’s face. He apparently thought this meant he wasn’t going to be involved.

  “I think I’ve had enough cherry flavor. Now I want to taste Reagan,” Trey said. Kneeling on the floor beside the loveseat, he searched blindly for Reagan’s thigh and leaned over her body. She opened wide for him—one leg on the back of the sofa, the other on the floor. He kissed and sucked his way up the inside of her thigh. When he reached the wetness between her legs, he sampled it with his tongue, licking her not to bring her pleasure—though it did—but to collect every drop she produced for him. Her eyes drifted closed as she lost herself to sensation. They popped open again when Ethan joined her on the loveseat. He slid his large hands under her ass and lifted her hips off the sofa, kneeling between her legs. She noticed he’d applied a condom. She couldn’t wait to find out what they had in store for her next. Trey was still swirling his tongue in her opening. He followed the raise of her hips without a problem.
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