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Double time, p.44
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       Double Time, p.44

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 44

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Fuck no,” Aggie said. “Trey is being well-behaved. You should reward him. ”

  Aggie winked at Trey and moved to stand next to Jace in case Reagan needed more assistance.

  Reagan strode to stand before Trey. She drew the end of her riding crop down the center of his chest and used it to flick his nipple piercing. Trey’s belly tightened and his eyes drifted closed.

  “Aggie said I didn’t have to hit you if I didn’t want to,” she whispered.

  Good, because Trey wasn’t too fond of being hit.

  “Do you want to, Mistress?” Trey asked.

  She shook her head and leaned close to whisper in his ear. “I want to rub my hands all over your body while you can’t get away. ”

  “That’s not playing by the rules, Mistress,” he whispered.

  “I want to make up my own rules. ”

  There was a loud slap from the corner of the room and the three of them turned their attention to Aggie who was rubbing the ass she’d just smacked. Jace’s. He had his head tilted back in obvious delight.

  “Why don’t you two take that elsewhere?” Trey suggested. “We’re okay here. ”

  “Are you sure? I haven’t taught her much yet,” Aggie said. Jace whispered something in her ear. She slapped his ass again and his entire body went taut.

  “I’m sure,” Trey said. “What do you think, Mistress?”

  “I can handle these two,” Reagan said.

  “What? My opinion doesn’t matter?” Ethan said.

  “No one told you to speak,” Reagan said.

  “Jace does have some tension to work through,” Aggie said. “I’ve been too busy to give him what he needs since he got off tour. ”

  “This is unbearable to watch right now,” Jace said. “I need it, Aggie. ”

  “Need it or want it?” she asked.

  “Both. ”

  She smiled and went to a panel on the wall. “Mistress Rea, if you get into trouble, press this red button. It will make all the lights in the dungeon flash and I’ll know to come check on you. ”

  “Understood,” Reagan said with a nod.

  Aggie strode out of the room with an eager Jace on her heels. As soon as the door closed, Reagan tossed her riding crop aside. “You look so hot, Ethan,” she purred. She approached him and rubbed her palms over every inch of his hard chest and stomach. She peppered his chest with kisses and reached for his belt. Once his fly was unfastened, she jerked his pants down to his knees and grasped his hard cock in both hands. Trey couldn’t decide what was sexier, Reagan’s enthusiasm or Ethan’s persistent struggle against his restraints as he moaned in pleasure.

  “Stand behind him, Reagan,” Trey suggested, “so he can watch himself in the mirror. ”

  Reagan glanced at Trey and her hands fell free of Ethan’s body. “Damn, you look hot too, Trey,” she said. She moved to wrap her arms around him, pressing her breasts against his chest as she rubbed her hands up and down his back and buttocks. She kissed his throat until he began to tremble. He wanted to touch her. Knowing he couldn’t made him want to even more.

  “Release me,” he whispered in her ear, “and we’ll both make Ethan squirm. ”

  “Maybe I planned to release Ethan so we could both make you scream. ”

  “What are you two talking about over there?” Ethan asked gruffly.

  Reagan offered Ethan an ornery grin and moved to stand behind Trey. She slowly released the buttons of Trey’s fly. “Watch the mirror, Ethan,” Reagan said.

  He turned his attention to the mirror. Trey made sure the pleasure registered on his face as Reagan slid her hands down into his pants and tugged his cock free of his boxers. He watched the mirror with his eyes half-closed, mostly to see Ethan’s reaction as Reagan’s hands slid up and down his length, but also because seeing her touch him at the same time he felt it was an incredible turn-on.

  “What should I do to him, Ethan?” Reagan murmured.

  “Take his pants off. I want to see all of him. ”

  Reagan obeyed without question. Even bound to a wooden beam, Ethan’s dominance was unquestionable. At least until Reagan agreed to release Trey. Reagan lowered Trey’s jeans to the floor and removed his shoes and socks before stripping him entirely naked.

  “I can’t decide which of you is more desirable,” Ethan said.

  “I guess that means you’ll have to want us both,” Trey said.

  “I do,” he whispered. “Reagan, suck his sac. I want to watch him squirm. ”

  Reagan knelt before Trey and started her pleasurable assault by flicking her tongue over Trey’s scrotum. He tugged against his chains as the gentle licking became vigorous sucking. She had an entire sensitive nut in her mouth when he started begging.

  “Reagan, please. ” His abdominal muscles began to twitch uncontrollably and he knew if the chains weren’t there to keep him upright, he’d have sank to the floor.

  “My turn,” Ethan said. “Reagan. ”

  She ignored both of them, intent on her task to drive Trey insane with pleasure and Ethan insane with lack thereof. When she stopped unexpectedly, Trey looked down at her. She grinned up at him and flicked her eyes to the mirror. At first he thought she was encouraging him to check out the pained expression on Ethan’s face, but as he watched, she removed her lacy thong and spread her legs, leaning forward as she took Trey’s aching balls in her mouth again. He couldn’t take his eyes off the slick flesh between her legs. Flushed and swollen with excitement, her feminine folds begged for penetration and there wasn’t a damn thing Trey could do about it.

  “Reagan,” Ethan murmured. “Reagan, let me go. I need to fill you. ”

  Trey didn’t know if he could actually come when his cock had been completely neglected, but the urgency in his groin had built to the point that he was involuntarily thrusting his hips. Reagan nipped the sensitive skin covering his balls and his entire body jerked. She licked the head of his cock with the flat of her tongue and then climbed to her feet. She moved to stand behind Ethan. He jerked the beam so hard that Trey stumbled as it tugged him forward then back.

  “Easy,” Trey complained.

  “Let me go, Reagan,” Ethan growled.

  “You don’t like to be defenseless?” Reagan asked.

  “No. ”

  “Your cock is calling you a liar. Look how hard you are. ”

  Standing behind him, but not pressing against his back, Reagan wrapped her arms around Ethan’s body and took his cock in both hands. He was already seeping pre-cum. Trey doubted he’d last more than ten seconds with Reagan stroking him that way.

  “Don’t come, Ethan,” she said, stroking him faster. Faster. “If you come, I’m going to let Trey help me torture you with pleasure. ”

  Ethan grunted and squeezed his eyes shut. She stroked him faster, both hands skimming over his length in gentle strokes. Trey was about to come just watching it. Ethan’s gasps of excitement made Trey’s ball tighten.

  “Stop,” Ethan gasped. “I can’t hold back. Reagan? Reagan!”

  Trey groaned when the first spurt of cum erupted from Ethan’s rigid body. Reagan caught the second spurt in her hand and rubbed it into his flesh as she continued to stroke him.

  “I told you not to come,” she said, her voice hard, but behind his back she winked at Trey and grinned.

  “Y-your fault,” he gasped. “Okay, I’m done. Stop. Please. I can’t… Oh. ” Ethan’s entire body continued to jerk in hard spasms as Reagan continued to stroke him.

  “Are you sure you want me to stop? I’m going to have Trey top you as soon as I’m done. ”

  Oh how Trey loved this woman. His cock began to jump in excitement.

  “Not happening,” Ethan growled.

  “Why not?” Reagan asked.

  “Because I’m a top. ”

  “Tonight you’re a switch. ”

p; Reagan released Ethan’s cock and moved back to Trey. She leaned close to his ear. “Do you want him?”

  “God, yes. I love cherries. ”

  Reagan laughed. “That’s kind of evident in the number of cherry suckers you eat in a day. ”

  “I mean the other kind of cherry. ”

  Reagan’s brow furrowed.

  “Ethan’s never been penetrated,” Trey clarified. “He’s a virgin. ”

  Reagan’s eyes widened. “But I thought…”

  “He has always topped. ”

  She glanced at Ethan. “We can’t force him. That would be wrong. ”

  Trey grinned at her crookedly and said quietly, “Release me and we won’t have to. I’ll have him begging for it in no time. ”

  “Not a chance,” Ethan, who apparently had superhuman hearing, said.

  Reagan kissed Trey and then moved behind him to unfasten his restraints. As soon as he was free, he pulled Reagan against him and kissed her deeply for several long minutes.

  “This is completely unfair,” Ethan grumbled.

  Trey pulled away from Reagan. “I agree. You’re about to get all the pleasure and you’re the only one in the room who’s already come. ”

  “Release me,” he demanded.

  Trey chuckled. “Not until we’re finished with you. ”

  Trey reached for his discarded jeans and removed the cherry-flavored lube from his pocket. Reagan watched him as he moved to stand in front Ethan. Trey coated Ethan’s now flaccid cock with lube and then sank to his knees to suck him. It took Ethan a while to relax. Trey had been with enough virgins to know how to make the entire experience pleasurable, but his partner had to both trust him and be relaxed. Being restrained would make it difficult for Ethan to trust him, and he was far from relaxed. It did excite him though. Within minutes, his cock grew thick and hard within Trey’s persistently tugging mouth. When Ethan began to moan and thrust gently into Trey’s throat, Trey moved away. He needed to lower the beam a little. Ethan was a few inches taller than he was. Trey turned his head and found Reagan watching him with her hand up her skirt.

  Trey grinned slyly. “Do you like watching that?”

  She bit her lip and nodded.

  “Are you rubbing yourself?”

  She lifted her skirt and showed him that her fingers were buried deep inside her swollen pussy.

  “Do you want me to take care of you first?” Trey asked her.

  She shook her head. “I want you both. Later. Can I help you? I need something to occupy myself. ”

  Trey climbed to his feet. “Keep him hard for me. ”

  Trey went to the control panel on the wall and carefully depressed the switch he’d watched Jace push earlier. After the beam had lowered a couple of inches, he stopped it and locked it in place again. He turned and found Reagan bent forward at the waist sucking Ethan’s cock while she plunged the fingers of her free hand in and out of her body. Ethan was watching her in the mirror with an almost pained expression on his face. That should help him be more receptive to all the things Trey planned to do to him. Trey moved to stand behind Ethan and leaned against his back. He settled his hard cock between the taut cheeks of Ethan’s ass, took one cheek in each hand, and massaged them around his cock. When the tension went out of Ethan’s spine, Trey slid down his body. He kissed and sucked and bit Ethan’s firm backside until he started to whimper. Trey drew his tongue over the entrance to Ethan’s body and Ethan shuddered, sucking harsh, excited breaths into his chest.

  Trey squirted some cherry-flavored lube on two fingers and rubbed them over Ethan’s tight hole, massaging in small circles until a fingertip slipped inside.

  “Oh,” Ethan gasped.

  Trey was surprised Ethan wasn’t putting up more resistance. Trey added the motions of his tongue to that of his fingers. Lapping at the sweetly flavored lube, he caught his piercing on the rim of Ethan’s entrance with each hard flick.
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