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Double time, p.43
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       Double Time, p.43

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 43

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Jace is such a cutie,” Reagan said. “And a great listener. ”

  Trey snorted in amusement.

  “Yeah, I kind of like him,” Aggie said and winked at her.

  “And this is my boyfriend Ethan,” Trey said.

  Aggie grinned. “Now that makes more sense. Very naughty. Like our Trey was meant to be. ” She shook Ethan’s hand. “What’s our pecking order here?” She looked from one person to the next.

  Reagan and Ethan exchanged a confused glance.

  “Who’s the top dog?” Aggie clarified.

  “We reciprocate all around,” Trey said. “Ethan’s mostly a top, but I switch. ”

  “What about Reagan?”

  Trey contemplated Reagan for a moment. She wasn’t truly submissive or dominant. She was just the goddess whose body they worshipped. “That’s a good question. ”

  “I’ll work with her,” Aggie said. “As for you. ” She flicked her riding crop in Ethan’s direction. “Don’t even think about disobeying. I know your type. ”

  “Me?” Ethan said.

  Aggie chuckled, a deep throaty laugh that made Trey want to crawl around on his knees at her feet. “Don’t worry, sugar. Reagan will break you in properly. ”

  Ethan gave Reagan a worried look. She smiled nervously.

  “It’s okay, doll,” Aggie said to Reagan and took her hand. “We’ll have these two studs begging for you in no time. Come with me. I need to explain a few things and find you something more empowering to wear. ”

  Reagan swallowed and nodded. Trey had to admire Reagan’s bravado. Aggie tended to be a tad intimidating until you saw what a generous heart she hid behind that tough exterior. And she did a good job of hiding it except where Jace was concerned. Jace turned the woman to mush.

  “Jace is in the next room,” Aggie said. “You two head in there. He wasn’t expecting two of you, so make sure you explain the dynamics to him for this first scenario, Trey. ”

  “Will do. ” Trey took a step toward the next room and then drew to a sudden halt. “What exactly are the dynamics for this first scenario?”

  “You know I’m going to try to make a domme out of your little sweetheart. ” Aggie laughed with obvious delight. “We can switch things around later if necessary, but she’s got the right backbone for it and I can’t wait to watch that one squirm. ” She pointed at Ethan with her riding crop. “We’ll try it this way first. I think you’re all going to enjoy it. ”

  “Trey?” Reagan said quietly, her voice wavering with anxiety.

  He gave her a gentle hug and kissed her. “Trust Aggie. She knows what she’s doing. ”

  Reagan nodded.

  Ethan stroked her hair. “This should be interesting. ” He kissed her too.

  Aggie took Reagan’s hand and tugged her toward one of the shiny black doors. “Both of your men are gorgeous. You are one lucky bitch, do you know that?”

  Reagan laughed. “Yeah. I know. ”

  “You’re going to have to tell me how you ended up with two hotties. ”

  When they disappeared through the door and securely closed it behind them, Ethan turned to Trey.

  “You know I’m never a sub, Trey. Why didn’t you tell her that?”

  “I think you might be surprised by what you can be. ”

  Trey opened the door that led to the main dungeon. He expected Jace to be all decked out in leather with a spiked collar and a black hood over his face, but nope, he looked like regular old Jace—blue jeans, white T-shirt, black motorcycle boots, and a single black leather cuff on his left wrist. He smiled a welcome at Trey, but it vanished when Ethan stepped into the room behind him.

  “I thought you were bringing Reagan,” Jace said.

  “I did. I also brought Ethan. ”

  Jace nodded at Ethan. “So how does this work?”

  “Aggie’s preparing Reagan to dominate,” Trey said.

  “Both of you?” Jace asked.

  “And you too,” Trey teased.

  Jace grinned. “Not likely. ”

  Jace moved to a series of buttons in a panel on the wall and pressed one. A mechanical grinding sound drew Trey’s attention to the ceiling. A long, heavy, wooden beam suspended by chains lowered until it was at shoulder level.

  “Take your shirts off,” Jace said. “Once you’re bound, you aren’t going anywhere for a while. ” Jace opened a cabinet built into the wall. Trey caught a glimpse of ropes, chains, harnesses, collars, and cuffs. He wished he had more time to play with Ethan before Reagan joined them. He was in the mood to take a dominant role.

  Trey reached for the hem of Ethan’s shirt and pulled the garment off over his lover’s head. He caught his nipple between his teeth and flicked the flesh with his tongue.

  “Who should I start with?” Jace asked.

  “I’ll help you with Ethan,” Trey offered, not even bothering to conceal his ornery grin.

  “How much do you plan on struggling, Ethan?” Jace asked as if he were asking him what size shoe he wore.

  “I’ve never been bound. I don’t know. ”

  Jace glanced at Trey. “How’s his self-control?”

  “What self-control?”

  Jace nodded and handed Trey a set of wide wrist cuffs. “I don’t think Aggie will push this too far in your first session, but we’ll go with these. ”

  Trey secured a cuff to each of Ethan’s wrists. They extended halfway up his forearms and reminded Trey of gauntlets. Made Ethan look almost barbaric and infinitely sexy. Jace showed Trey how to attach the cuffs to the wooden beam which had large holes drilled through it.

  “Lift your arm out to the side,” Jace instructed.

  When Ethan complied, he hooked the chain to Ethan’s wrist cuff and threaded the chain through the hole nearest his wrist. Jace showed Trey how to secure the chain on the back side of the wooden beam. He put a carabiner clip through a chain link to prevent it from being drawn back through the hole and then took the length of chain to wrap around Ethan’s hard-muscled arm several times.

  “That’s mostly for looks,” Jace explained as he secured the end of chain through a hole under Ethan’s armpit. “The cuff will hold him. The chain just makes it look more impressive. ”

  “I’m impressed. You look sexy, Ethan,” Trey said, making a mental list of all the things he wanted to do to the man’s hard body.

  “Is anything pinching?” Jace asked Ethan.

  Ethan looked down the length of his right arm. He gave his restraint a hard tug, but it scarcely had a centimeter of give in it. “Surprisingly, no. The chain is a little cold, but it doesn’t hurt. ”

  “Trey, you restrain his other arm while I find something for you. ”

  The second Jace’s back was turned, Ethan grabbed Trey by the back of the neck with his free arm and pulled him against him. “Do you like me like this?” he asked, his voice low and soothing. “At your mercy?”

  Trey laughed. “I think I’m the one at your mercy right now. ”

  Ethan tilted his head and captured Trey’s mouth in a plundering kiss. Trey opened his mouth to Ethan’s possession, kissing him back as hard as he was receiving. Ethan tugged his mouth away, his hand sliding from the nape of Trey’s neck down his back so he could draw him against him.

  “Trey,” Jace said somewhere behind him. “You’re supposed to be securing his arm, not making out with him. ”

  “Right,” he agreed breathlessly.

  Ethan allowed Trey to fasten a chain to his free arm, stood still while he threaded it through a hole in the beam, and made no protest as he clipped on a carabiner to secure the chain. Trey couldn’t help but run appreciative hands over Ethan’s bulging biceps as he wrapped the chain around his arm. He secured the free end of the chain and took a step back to admire masculine perfection. He wanted to suck and lick and nibble every inch of the man’s body. Wanted to give him s
o much pleasure that he begged for pain. It wasn’t to be. Jace fastened a narrow cuff around Trey’s wrist and tugged him to stand against the wooden beam next to Ethan.

  “Take off your shirt, Trey. ”

  He complied and tossed it across the room.

  “You’re restraining us side-by-side?” Trey asked.

  “I could put you back-to-back, but I figured you’d rather watch what’s happening to each other in the mirror this first time. See each other’s reactions. ”

  Trey focused on the mirror they faced. His gaze roamed Ethan’s muscled torso and eventually met his eyes.

  “Jace, you’re a flipping genius. ”

  “I just see the way you look at him. You’re still very visual in your attraction to him. You haven’t been together long, have you?”

  Trey did like to look at Ethan, but he was attracted to much more than his handsome face and perfect body. Looks worked for this though, since they couldn’t touch each other.

  “Not long, no,” Ethan said.

  “Watch the mirror throughout the session,” Jace advised. “You’ll learn a lot about each other. ”

  Trey chuckled. “Like I have to be told to watch Ethan. ”

  “Next time you should consider hoods. Then you’ll be able to tune into each other on a different level. Especially since sound is so important to Trey. ”

  Amazing how much Jace talked when he was advising on his favorite hobby. Bondage.

  “Are you ready for us?” Aggie asked through a crack in the door.

  “Just a minute,” Jace said.

  He fastened Trey’s other cuff, hooked a chain to it, and threaded it through a hole on the wooden beam. He drew it out through another hole and fastened it to Trey’s other cuff. Unlike Ethan, Trey had several inches of play in his chains.

  “That’s not fair,” Ethan complained. “I can’t move at all. ”

  “He can move less than you think,” Jace said. “Okay, Aggie, bring her in. ”

  When Reagan strutted into the room, Trey’s jaw dropped. An angel in white and pink leather. White, high-heeled boots that laced up the front hugged her calves but stopped just below her knee. The short, pink skirt she wore didn’t cover the cheeks of her ass, and the white corset pressed her tits up and together. She was wearing hot pink lipstick and her eyelashes were thick and heavy. Trey didn’t think he’d ever seen her wear lipstick before. She looked fucking hot, but it was the confidence in her stride that made his heart pump out of control.

  “Damn, baby,” Ethan murmured.

  “You will address her as Mistress,” Aggie said.

  “Damn, Mistress,” Ethan said, “you look hot. ”

  Reagan cocked an eyebrow at him. “Did I say you could speak?”

  Trey watched Ethan in the mirror and had to concentrate hard on not laughing. It was obvious from his stunned expression that he’d never played this sort of game before. Aggie had been right. It would be fun watching him squirm.

  “Well, no, but—”

  Reagan smacked her riding crop against her boot with a loud crack. “Then don’t speak. ”

  “Mistress?” Trey asked, ducking his head respectively.

  “Yes, Trey. ”

  “May I say that you look fucking hot, Mistress?”

  She smiled and then glanced at Aggie before wiping the smile off her face. “You may,” Reagan said.

  “You look fucking hot, Mistress. ”

  “I agree,” Ethan said. “Are you going to hit me now? You’re making me all hard and horny. ”

  Reagan’s eyes widened and she looked to Aggie for direction.

  “He’s misbehaving. Do you give him what he wants?” Aggie asked.

  “No?” Reagan asked hesitantly.
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