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Double time, p.42
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       Double Time, p.42

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 42

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Ah fuck, this is amazing,” Trey gasped.

  As the two men became more in tune with each other, their strokes became faster and harder.

  Sweat poured from Trey’s body. Reagan watched him. He seemed locked in a plane of perpetual bliss as he made love to her and got drilled hard by Ethan at the same time. She’d never experienced anything this intensely sexual in her entire life. Couldn’t think of anything she wanted to share with this man more than the pleasure he was so obviously experiencing. Each time he entered her, Ethan pounded him deeper. She fought to keep her eyes open. She wanted to watch Trey’s face as he rode his bliss higher and higher.

  Trey’s entire body went rigid when he came. He thrust deep inside Reagan and held onto her hips, rubbing his face against her shoulder and yelling his triumph against her heated flesh. Ethan pumped hard and fast into him while Trey let go.

  “Ah God, Ethan. Fuck me,” Trey cried, his eyes squeezing tightly closed. “Don’t stop. I’m still coming. ”

  Reagan placed a hand on the back of Trey’s head, loving that he was getting off so hard, even though Ethan was mostly responsible for the added pleasure in his release. The bitterness she thought she might experience, knowing Trey needed more than her to be fully satisfied, was completely absent. She wanted him to have complete fulfillment no matter how he attained it. If he needed Ethan to find bliss, then he could have him with her blessing.

  Soon Ethan followed Trey over the edge. His fingers dug into Trey’s belly as his body shuddered with release and he cried out. They collapsed together, burying Reagan beneath a heap of hot, sated male. She wrapped her arms around both of them, her heart so full of love for the pair that she thought it might burst.

  After a moment, Trey said, “Ethan. ” When he didn’t answer, Trey lifted his head. “Ethan?”


  “We got so carried away that we forgot to make Reagan come again. ”

  Ethan lifted his head and smiled down at Reagan. “Well, we can’t leave that business unfinished. ”

  Was this seriously her life? Seriously? Holy hell, she was unquestionably the luckiest woman in the world.

  “And I still haven’t showed her my favorite position,” Trey said.

  Chapter 26

  Pulling his shirt on over his head, Trey entered the kitchen. He was greeted by Reagan’s drowsy smile and Ethan’s appreciative grin. Trey wrapped an arm around Reagan and kissed her. “How are you feeling?”

  “Hungry. ”

  “Lunch will be ready soon,” Ethan said.

  Ethan stirred the heavenly smelling concoction in the skillet on the stove. Trey moved to stand beside him. He rose up and offered him a deep kiss, while watching Reagan out of the corner of his eye for any signs of displeasure. She grinned. She really seemed okay with this. Actually, she seemed to relish the affection between himself and Ethan. Trey hadn’t been expecting that blessing. He’d thought it would bother her to witness him openly sharing affection with Ethan. He’d never expected her to enjoy it.

  “What are you making?” Trey asked, looking down into the skillet of steak slices, onions, and various colored peppers. “Fajitas?”

  “Ethan’s specialty. He got all of his recipes from his mother. She is a phenomenal cook. ”

  “She has her own restaurant,” Ethan said. “A mix of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex. She was born in Mexico, but raised in Texas, so she makes the best of both. ”

  “Is her restaurant here in town?” Trey asked. “I love Mexican food. ”

  Ethan shook his head. “San Antonio. Maybe we can stop in when we pass through there on tour. ”

  “Yeah,” said Reagan, “that would be awesome. I haven’t seen your parents in ages. ”

  Trey offered Ethan a lopsided grin. “If you’re Mexican, how did you end up with a name like Ethan Conner?”

  Ethan laughed. “My dad is as white as the Pillsbury dough boy. I got my height from his side of the family too. I tower over my mom’s side of the family and all of my half-brothers. ”

  “His mom is tiny,” Reagan said. “I doubt she’s even five feet tall. ”

  “Four foot eleven. ”

  Trey realized for the first time that Reagan and Ethan had quite a history together. He felt a little left out. “So you’ve met each other’s families?”

  “Ethan’s never met my dad. You can’t take the Arkansas out of the man or take the man out of Arkansas, but Ethan always insists I go with him when he goes to Texas for a visit. ”

  “It makes Mama happy. She adores Reagan. Is expecting her to give her grandchildren any day. ”

  “She’s going to continue to be disappointed,” Reagan said.

  “You didn’t tell her when you two broke up?”

  “It would have broken her heart,” Ethan said and winked at Reagan.

  “How many brothers do you have?” Trey asked.

  Ethan turned off the burner. “Six half-brothers. My biological father knocked up my mom and they got married because of it. He was in the army and stationed in El Paso at the time. They split up a few months after I was born. They never really loved each other, you know. He had no interest in being a father. He just thought marrying her was the right thing to do. We didn’t stay in touch, though I met him once when I was fifteen. I wasn’t missing much. My real dad, the one who raised me, is great. My mom married him a couple years after I was born and they had a bunch of kids together. Never a moment of peace in our house. Dad is Latino, like my mom, so my little brothers don’t really look like me. ”

  Reagan laughed. “They act like his brothers though. ”

  “Yep. They all drive me crazy. Do you have siblings?” Ethan asked Trey.

  “One brother. ”

  “Is he as delicious as you are?” Ethan asked.

  “He’s in my new band,” Reagan said. “You’ll get to meet him tomorrow. And yes. He’s delicious. Dare is straight though, isn’t he, Trey?”

  “Yeah. One hundred percent straight. ”

  “Maybe I went after the wrong brother,” Reagan said, staring at the ceiling reflectively.

  Trey and Ethan exchanged nervous glances.

  Reagan laughed. “Never mind. I like this arrangement much better. The two of you are amazing separately and even more incredible together. ”

  “It’s ready. ” Ethan rummaged around in the refrigerator to hand Trey a tub of sour cream and a container of homemade guacamole. Trey grabbed a bottle of hot sauce off the refrigerator door and carried the fixings to the breakfast bar.

  “Good,” Reagan said. “I’m starving. We need to hurry and get ready for our appointment, Trey. ”

  “Oh yeah, our STD testing/birth control appointment,” Trey said. He glanced at Ethan. “You should join us. ”

  Ethan lifted an eyebrow at him. “Why?”

  “Trey wants to stop using condoms,” Reagan said.

  “I’m there,” Ethan blurted.

  “And then we have our other appointment after that. ”

  “We do?” Trey asked.

  “Don’t tell me you forgot. ” She closed one eye and shook her head at him.

  “I guess I forgot. ”

  “Bondage training with Aggie and Jace. ”

  How could he have forgotten that? “That’s tonight?”

  “Yeah. ”

  “Bondage training?” Ethan said, deftly filling warm tortillas with meat and veggies at the stove. He set two on each plate and handed them off to Trey who set them on the breakfast bar.

  “Do you want to come with us to that as well?” Trey asked Ethan. While learning how to tie Reagan properly for a night of pleasure was stimulating enough, the thought of restraining a big, tough guy like Ethan had Trey’s nerve endings humming like a beehive.

  “Are you sure it’s okay?” Ethan asked.

  “Do you really want Jace to know about your side-rel
ationship with Ethan?” Reagan asked.

  “Side-relationship?” Ethan murmured, his dark brows drawn together over his warm brown eyes.

  “My band knows all about my sexual preferences. Even Jace. And we’re supposed to be in this relationship as equals, Reagan. ”

  “I didn’t mean that Ethan was a lesser partner. I meant…” She climbed from her perch on a breakfast bar stool and circled the counter to wrap her arms around Ethan. “Sorry. That didn’t come out right. I wasn’t sure if Trey wanted his bandmates to know he dated men. ”

  “I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who didn’t know, Reagan,” Trey said. He grabbed a plate of fajitas and smothered them in sour cream and guacamole. He sprinkled a bit of hot sauce on them and climbed on a stool with his plate. “Can we all make up after we eat?”

  Ethan secured Reagan in a tight embrace and lowered his head to kiss her. Trey paused with his fajita halfway to his mouth. He’d known from the start that Ethan still had strong feelings for Reagan and as he watched them kiss, his suspicions about Reagan still being in love with Ethan were solidified. The two didn’t kiss like fuck buddies. They kissed like lovers. With all the swirling emotions and giddiness that came with being in love. Trey wondered if Reagan’s feelings for him were starting to lessen now that Ethan was back in the picture. That would suck. And not in the good way.

  Reagan released Ethan and smiled up at him. “Do you want to go to our appointment with us?”

  He whispered something into her ear and she grinned deviously, before shifting her gaze to Trey and worrying her lower lip with her teeth. “That sounds like a plan. ”

  “Plan?” Trey questioned. “What plan?”

  “That’s for us to know and you to find out,” Reagan said.

  Chapter 27

  From the outside, Jace’s house looked like any ordinary million-dollar Georgian-styled six-bedroom, eight-bathroom home—huge, paned windows, brick walls, black shutters, and a portico—but once a person stepped into the basement, all signs of normalcy vanished. The dungeon was separated into several rooms. Trey, Reagan, and Ethan were currently in the receiving room. The walls were painted black. Silver-foil vines circled the perimeter of the room near the ceiling. The lighting was kept dim in fixtures that resembled flames, without the fire hazards. There were several red loveseats—all very formal-looking—and three shiny black doors that led off to other rooms.

  Jace’s fiancée, Aggie, had been the one to greet them. She’d gone all out for the occasion and was dressed in full dominatrix regale from her five-inch, spike-heeled, thigh-high boots to the sexy little leather hat on her head. Her corset, which had red roses embroidered along both sides, fit her like a glove, pressing her large breasts upward into male brain-vacating cleavage. Her long, silky black hair hung to her waist and flowed like satin around her shoulders and waist as she stalked. The woman didn’t walk the way most people did. She moved like a predator. She smiled in welcome and gave Trey a big hug, her tough bitch veneer melting away as she squeezed him joyously. “It’s been ages, sugar. How have you been?”

  When Aggie kissed Trey’s cheek, no doubt leaving traces of her cherry red lipstick on his skin, Reagan grabbed his arm and yanked.

  “I’ve been great. How about you?”

  “My custom-made corset business is really picking up. I don’t have time to work the dungeon much these days. When Jace told me you were coming, I was so excited. ” She flicked the end of her riding crop against Trey’s thigh and he tensed. It hadn’t hurt. Just made a loud noise. Reagan rubbed his thigh and glared at Aggie. “Who’s this?” Aggie asked, her attention settling on Reagan.

  “This is my girlfriend Reagan,” he said.

  Aggie took her hand and shook it. “Girlfriend, huh? Never thought I’d see this one settled down. ” She nodded her head toward Trey. “I’m Aggie. ”
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