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Double time, p.41
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       Double Time, p.41

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 41

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  She glanced up at Trey for his approval. She was still struggling with the “no limits” idea. And the three-way commitment thing. Trey nodded slightly and then pulled Ethan’s shirt off. Trey kissed Ethan’s shoulder and continued his exploration of Ethan’s hard body with both hands. Reagan reached for Ethan’s belt. Hesitantly, she leaned forward to trace the contours of his ripped abdomen with her tongue while she busied her trembling hands with his fly. As soon as she had Ethan’s pants unfastened, Trey dipped both hands into the opening and tugged Ethan’s rigid cock free.

  A spasm gripped Reagan’s entire body as she watched Trey’s hand stroke Ethan from base to tip. Her mouth went dry, her pussy wet.

  “I love this man’s cock,” Trey murmured.

  Reagan’s nervousness lessened. She was very familiar with Ethan’s cock. She leaned forward and kissed the swollen head. Ethan’s gasp of delight encouraged her to stroke him with the tip of her tongue. Trey grasped Ethan’s shaft and rubbed his cockhead over Reagan’s lips.

  “Suck him, baby,” Trey murmured. “Make him really hard for me. ”

  Ethan’s fingers tangled in her hair as she sucked him into her mouth. She looked up at him as she bobbed her head and found him staring down at her with tenderness. What was that look for? It wasn’t as if he loved her. Actually, she was surprised he was able to accept pleasure from her. Wouldn’t he prefer Trey’s mouth on him seeing as he was gay?

  “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Trey murmured.

  “Absolutely,” Ethan said.

  Trey moved around Ethan and climbed on the bed behind Reagan. He pressed his chest against her back and cupped her breasts in both hands. “Can we share?” he whispered. Reagan didn’t know what he meant until she turned her head slightly and found Trey gazing hungrily at Ethan’s cock. She never thought she’d think her boyfriend’s lust for a man would turn her on, but it did. She crossed her legs and wriggled her hips to calm the pulsating flesh between her thighs. When she released Ethan’s cock, Trey guided it into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around Ethan’s cockhead and then rubbed his lips over the sensitive flesh.

  “Oh God,” Ethan gasped. He stroked Trey’s hair gently with one hand and Reagan’s with his other. “The two of you are amazing. ”

  Trey pulled away from Ethan’s cock and kissed the corner of Reagan’s mouth. “Now it’s your turn, sweetheart. ” He coaxed her into the center of the bed and pressed her down on her back. “Do you think we need to tie you down?” he asked, his lips brushing lightly over her jaw and along her throat.

  “Tie me down?” Her belly and thighs started to tremble uncontrollably.

  “Let’s see how she reacts first,” Ethan said. He climbed up on the bed with her and Trey. Stretching out on his side, he propped his head up on his bent arm and used his free hand to stroke her belly.

  “I like that idea,” Trey said as he kissed his way down her neck and collarbone. When he caught her nipple in his mouth, she cried out. She was so turned on, she was certain he could make her come just by suckling her breast.

  Ethan touched her jaw, encouraging her to look at him. “Can I kiss you?” he asked.

  Reagan met his eyes and time froze. Those feelings for him she’d squashed the moment she’d caught him in the shower with that other man began to rise inside her again. She didn’t answer him, just closed the distance between their lips and kissed him.

  Ethan moaned in her mouth and his hand slid around her waist to draw her body closer to his. Reagan clung to Trey at her breast with one hand, Ethan with the other, and let herself feel all the pleasure, all the love that these two men brought to her life. Ethan tugged away from her sucking kiss to look into her eyes. She saw the raw emotion in his expression and she tried desperately to comprehend its meaning. Did he still have feelings for her? After all this time? But he was gay. She’d given him up because of it. He’d only dated men since they’d broken up. Not a single woman had been in his bed since then. She knew that for a fact. But maybe he did like women, too. He just hadn’t found one to replace her yet.

  Maybe Ethan was bisexual. Like Trey. He’d even tried to tell her that—multiple times—but she hadn’t believed it. Maybe she hadn’t wanted to believe it, because how could she love a man who was bisexual? And now, she realized with sudden and shocking clarity, that she didn’t love a bisexual man. She loved two of them. What in the hell was she going to do about this? This wasn’t how it worked. One man. One woman. That’s how this was supposed to work. This love thing. She couldn’t love two men. It wasn’t possible.

  It was inevitable.

  She wasn’t sure how to deal with this situation. Didn’t want to think about it. Not when she had the two of them in bed with her. She’d sort out the complications later. For now, she’d just let herself feel it all and not worry about the fallout. And she knew there would be a fallout. Nothing this amazing could last for long.

  “Suck my other breast,” she said to Ethan, who had gone catatonic on her as he stared into her eyes. “It’s lonely. ”

  He grinned and slid down her body to claim her nipple with his mouth. She looked down at them. Trey flicking that maddening stud in his tongue over her nipple. Ethan attacking her breast as if it were a delectable feast he needed to devour.

  She did. She loved them both, but she could never tell them. This was supposed to be a sexual relationship, not an emotional one. She closed her eyes and concentrated on sensation. The tug on her breasts pulled at her womb, her pussy. Trey’s hand slid down her belly. Ethan’s followed an instant later. Each hand reached one of her thighs and tugged her legs open. She tensed. The feel of being with two men was still foreign. The pleasure in her breasts as they waited for her to relax eventually squelched her trepidation. Her body relaxed, legs falling open in surrender.

  Both men caressed the slickened flesh between her thighs. She lost track of whose fingers were rubbing her clit, stroking her labia, tracing the entrance of her vagina. She couldn’t comprehend who was sucking one of her nipples hard, who was nibbling the other, who was garbling her name against her flesh. Every sense was in tune pleasure. Two fingers massaged her clit from opposite directions.

  “Oh,” she gasped, unable to stop her hips from writhing against their hands.

  Reagan cried out as all that pleasure culminated at her center and burst in vigorous waves of release. Two fingers slid inside her as she came, working against each other as her pair of lovers prolonged her orgasm together.

  Trey and Ethan released her breasts and kissed trails down her belly, their fingers still sliding in and out of her clenching pussy. When they reached her hipbones they paused. Reagan looked down at them and almost came again when they started to kiss each other. When they separated, they pulled their fingers from her body. Ethan moved his hand to Trey’s mouth. Staring deeply into Ethan’s eyes, Trey sucked Reagan’s juices from Ethan’s thick fingers. When Trey’s slick fingers slipped into Ethan’s mouth, Reagan shuddered. The two of them were so in tune with each other and with sharing her. Ethan gazed at Trey the same way he had looked at Reagan a moment ago. Did he have feelings for Trey? Trey just looked hungry. The love she saw in Trey’s eyes when he looked at her was missing as he stared at Ethan. A little pang of sadness gripped her heart. She was sad for Ethan, because while Ethan now knew how wonderful Trey’s sensuality was, he hadn’t gotten to experience his love.

  Trey released Ethan’s fingers from his mouth and shifted to lie between Reagan’s thighs. She jerked when he brushed her clit with the stud piercing in his tongue. She fucking loved that thing. He flicked her clit with the bit of metal and then rubbed her with the softer tip of his tongue before flicking it again. He plunged two fingers into her cunt and then lifted his head. She gazed down at him and watched him draw Ethan’s cock into his mouth.

  Ethan groaned in pleasure. That piercing must’ve felt great against the underside of his
cock as well. After he took Ethan deep into his throat several times, he pulled his fingers free of Reagan’s pussy and lowered his head to stimulate her clit again. He repeated this several times. His fingers inside her while he sucked Ethan. Her pussy empty while he pleased her clit. She was so wet, she could feel her juices dripping down the crack of her ass, hear them slurp each time Trey plunged his fingers into her body.

  The fourth time Trey’s tongue shifted from Ethan’s seeping cock to Reagan’s clit, she cried out as a hard orgasm gripped her unexpectedly. He buried his fingers inside her and suckled her clit until her hips stopped bucking.

  “Oh God,” she gasped, still trembling long after the waves of release subsided.

  Trey rolled out from between her legs and Ethan took his place. “Fuck, she’s wet,” Ethan said as he lowered his head to feast on her pussy. While Trey’s every motion was carefully articulated, Ethan ate her out so vigorously that she couldn’t keep track of his motions or anticipate what came next. He nibbled her lips and then sucked them into his mouth. Plunged his tongue inside her. Sucked her clit. French-kissed her quivering hole until she thought she’d go mad.

  Trey moved to sit on her abdomen. He slid his cock up her chest and pressed her breasts together to surround his rigid flesh. He rubbed her nipples with his thumbs in time with his strokes as he fucked her tits. She bent her neck so she could suck on the head of his cock whenever he thrust forward and it came within reach.

  Ethan’s thick fingers were now pounding her pussy hard and fast. His mouth had latched on to her clit and she knew he wouldn’t relent until she came. Within seconds she was meeting his conditions. Her back arched as she let go for a third time. The pleasure was so intense that tears streamed from her eyes.

  “I think she’s ready now,” Trey murmured.

  Ready? For what? She tried to open her eyes to look at him, but her body wasn’t cooperating with her will.

  Both men left her lying there, trembling in the aftermath of her last orgasm. She heard the crinkle of condom wrappers. Oh God, they were going to fuck her now. She didn’t know if she could take anymore pleasure, but she wanted them. She wanted them both. Inside her.

  Ethan moved to cover her body first. His thick cock sought entrance to her body and she opened wide for him, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding on for dear life. When he plunged into her, she cried out in bliss. God, she needed cock. She needed it deep and she needed it hard. Ethan gave her exactly what she needed.

  After only a few minutes, Ethan untangled her arms from his neck and pulled out.

  She gasped in protest.

  “Shh, sweetheart,” Trey murmured to her as he stuffed pillows under her hips to lift them off the bed. “We’re not finished. I want your cum inside me. ”

  She was too delirious to comprehend what he meant. Trey settled between her thighs and entered her slowly. Filling her with hard cock one delicious inch at a time. When he was buried balls-deep, he rotated his hips, separated his knees, and held still.

  Reagan opened her eyes when Ethan moved into position behind Trey. She watched Trey’s face while Ethan entered him. And now Reagan understood what Trey had meant about having her cum inside him. Ethan was using her juices to ease his penetration of Trey.

  “Oh God,” Trey groaned.

  “You okay?” Ethan asked him.

  Judging by the look of undisguised bliss on Trey’s gorgeous face, Reagan guessed that he was better than okay.

  “Oh God,” Trey groaned again.

  Ethan wrapped an arm around Trey’s waist, his big hand splayed over Trey’s quivering belly. Trey’s cock ground inside Reagan as Ethan rotated his hips.

  “Can you move?” Ethan asked Trey.

  Trey bit his lip and nodded slightly. They moved slowly at first, becoming accustomed to a new rhythm. Ethan pulled out of Trey slowly, Trey pulled out of Reagan. They thrust forward together.
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