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Double time, p.39
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       Double Time, p.39

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 39

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  Ethan trailed kisses over Trey’s shoulder blades and the nape of his neck as he found a slow steady rhythm inside him. He kept his balance with one hand on the bed, but the other he used to stroke Trey’s belly, his rib cage, his nipple. He’d never made love to a man before. He’d fucked several of them, but this was different. More than the pleasure, Ethan wanted a connection with Trey. An emotional connection that went deeper than mutual sexual satisfaction.

  I am so screwed. He was supposed to be serving Trey’s sexual needs. Nothing more. That had been his reason for coming over here. He wasn’t supposed to be getting involved. Reagan trusted him to keep his distance so she could continue her relationship with Trey. What would she do if she knew Ethan had fallen for the man she loved?

  Ethan increased his tempo, deciding that if he stopped being so tender with Trey, he could find that disconnect between the emotional and the sexual again. Trey gasped brokenly and rocked back against him, meeting his thrusts no matter how hard Ethan insisted on possessing him.

  “Yes. Like that. I’m gonna come,” Trey gasped brokenly.

  “Not until I say you can,” Ethan said and pulled out.

  “Oh God. Don’t stop, Ethan. You feel so good. Perfect. ”

  Ethan decided Trey was getting too much stimulation by having his cock squashed beneath him.

  “Turn over,” Ethan demanded gently.

  Trey glanced over his shoulder at him. “What?”

  “On your back. ”

  Trey hesitated. Ethan wondered what the problem was.

  “I said on your back, Trey. Or would you like me to leave?” As if he could.

  Trey slowly turned onto his back. His cock was so hard and swollen that Ethan couldn’t resist sliding it in and out of his mouth a few times.

  “Ethan,” Trey panted. “I’m seriously about to come. ”

  “Fight it,” Ethan demanded and drew Trey’s cock into his mouth, sucking until Trey started to whimper. Ethan crawled up his body. Placing a kiss under his navel, the center of his chest, his neck, his ear. Trey opened his legs wide for Ethan and sighed in bliss when Ethan pressed his cockhead into his tight ass again.

  Ethan lifted his head and their eyes met. Time seemed to stand still for a moment. Neither of them moved. Ethan wasn’t sure if he was still capable of breathing. Trey’s hand moved to the back of Ethan’s neck and coaxed him closer so he could kiss him. Ethan took a deep shuddering breath against Trey’s mouth and then began to move again—his strokes rhythmic and deep.

  Trey’s cock prodded Ethan in the belly and Ethan went down on one elbow so he could stroke his receptive lover gently with his free hand in time with his thrusts. Trey gasped brokenly into Ethan’s mouth. Trey’s kiss became frantic. The fingers of one hand dug into Ethan’s chest, and his other hand clung to the back of Ethan’s neck. Ethan broke their kiss and stared down at Trey. His sweaty face was flushed with pleasure and his sensual lips parted as he gasped in pleasure, but his eyes were tightly closed.

  “You can come now, Trey, but only if you look at me,” Ethan said.

  It was as if Trey couldn’t hear him.

  Ethan thrust into him harder and stroked his cock with a firmer grip.

  “Trey. Look at me. ” Ethan wasn’t sure why it was so important to him that Trey stared into his eyes as he came.

  Trey continued to ignore his demands. Ethan fucked him harder, his lip curled in anger. Why wouldn’t he look at him? Harder. Harder. Don’t ignore me.

  Trey gasped in pain. “N-not so hard,” he protested breathlessly.

  “Look at me. ”

  Trey squeezed his eyes shut even more tightly and shook his head.

  Ethan released Trey’s cock and moved his hand to grab his hair. “Open your fucking eyes, Trey. ”

  “Ethan, you’re hurting me. Don’t ram into me so hard. ”

  Ethan covered Trey’s mouth with a punishing kiss.

  “Bastard,” Trey grumbled into his mouth.

  Ethan tugged his mouth free and stared down at the flushed and sweaty face of the sexiest man he’d ever laid eyes on. “If you want me to be more gentle, all you have to do is look at me. ”

  “Fuck you, Ethan. Pull out. ”

  Ethan stopped thrusting and Trey went limp. He still refused to look at him. “Are you mad?” Ethan asked.

  “Get off me. ”

  “Did I really hurt you?” Ethan didn’t understand why he’d gotten so angry over Trey’s refusal to look at him.

  “Yes, it hurt. ”

  Ethan’s heart twisted with remorse. “I’m sorry, baby. I’ll make you feel better,” he promised. Ethan kissed his way down Trey’s body, pulling out as he trailed his tongue down Trey’s sweat-slick belly. He drew Trey’s cock into his mouth, but Trey grabbed his head to stop him.

  “Go wash your dick,” Trey said.


  “You heard me. ” Apparently he’d had enough of being submissive. Ethan didn’t quite know how to respond.

  “I’m sor—”

  “Don’t apologize, just do what I say. ”

  Ethan hesitated a moment longer and then climbed from the bed to go into the connecting bathroom. He disposed of the condom. Washing his still-hard cock in the sink turned out to be more of an exercise in masturbation. The man of his fantasies had let him make love to him and Ethan had blown it by letting his temper get the best of him. Fuck!

  “Don’t clean it out,” Trey called. “Just clean it off. ”

  Ethan dried himself with a hand towel and returned to the bedroom to find Trey rubbing his balls and wincing.

  “Are you okay?”

  “I told you I needed to come, not that I wanted you to try to fuck me to death. ”

  That feeling of love and connect that had extended between them was gone now. More than anything, Ethan wanted that back. He hadn’t meant to hurt him. He’d just wanted Trey to look at him. He wasn’t even sure why it had been so important to him at the time. Now it just seemed stupid.

  “Get over here,” Trey said and patted the bed beside him.

  “Aren’t you finished with me?” Ethan asked, feeling strangely uncertain of himself.

  “Did you come in the bathroom?”

  He shook his head.

  “Then I guess I’m not finished with you. We’re going to suck each other off and go to sleep. We’ll need our strength to satisfy Reagan tomorrow. I have the feeling she’s going to be really horny. ”

  Trey was all business now, but at least he was willing to finish what they started. Ethan would be more careful with him in the future. He didn’t want to ruin this. He wasn’t sure he’d survive making love with Trey and Reagan simultaneously, but he was more than willing to die for their cause. Ethan crawled up on the bed, the thought of Trey’s mouth around his cock made his balls throb. The first time he had seen Trey suck a red lollipop Ethan thought he would come down his leg, and now… this was no lollipop.

  Trey grabbed Ethan around the waist and pulled him down onto the mattress beside him. He grabbed two fistfuls of Ethan’s hair and pinned him with a glare. “I don’t like pain, got it?” he said. “You can pin me down, coerce me, get rough with me, tease me to intolerable limits, but if you intentionally hurt me, I’m through with you. ”

  “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Trey. I got carried away. ” I just wanted you to see me. To know who was making love to you. “It won’t happen again. ”

  Trey nodded. “Warn me when you’re about to come,” Trey said and turned upside down beside Ethan, facing him.

  Ethan gently circled the base of Trey’s long, gorgeous cock and shifted forward to run his tongue over the enlarged head. He slowly, carefully began to move his hand up and down Trey’s shaft before sucking the tip into his mouth. Trey’s warm tongue flicked over the head of Ethan’s cock and he tensed. The combined sensation of sucking and being sucked
encouraged Ethan to pleasure Trey a bit more aggressively. He wanted it. Trey’s cum. In his mouth. He stroked Trey faster—his hand gliding gently over his smooth skin—sucked Trey harder, but not too hard. No pain, just pleasure. Let go, Trey. Let go.

  Ethan’s concentration shattered when Trey’s suction and tempo suddenly increased. Ethan pulled away, his head tilted back. “Oh yes,” he gasped, eyelids fluttering involuntarily. The man’s mouth should win awards.

  Trey slapped his ass to help him collect his bliss-scattered thoughts. Ethan took a deep breath and then drew Trey back into his mouth. Stroking faster with his hand. Sucking harder. Stroking faster. Writhing his tongue. Trey’s body tensed and he tried to pull out of Ethan’s mouth, but Ethan kept him trapped inside as that first pulse of cum bathed his tongue. Ethan had never tasted such sweet fluids from a man. He swallowed and sucked gently as a second spurt filled his mouth. More, Trey. Give me more.

  Trey gasped brokenly around Ethan’s cock as a third hard spasm racked his body and delivered exactly what Ethan wanted.

  The building pleasure in Ethan’s groin broke unexpectedly and Ethan patted Trey’s hip to warn him. Trey pulled back, still lost in a daze of pleasure, still stroking Ethan’s cock with one hand. Ethan watched his fluids splatter across Trey’s partially open lips.

  Oh fuck, that was hotter than having him swallow it. To see the evidence of his release on his lover’s face and lips. Ethan went limp, his body completely satiated.

  “You didn’t have to swallow that,” Trey said breathlessly.

  “I wanted it. ”

  Ethan forced his muscles to work so he could turn around on the bed to face Trey. He cupped his jaw and traced his upper lip with his thumb, collecting his cum, fascinated by the look of it on Trey’s skin.

  “I never swallow,” Trey explained.

  “That was sexy as hell,” Ethan said.

  Trey’s tongue darted out and sampled the fluids on the pad of Ethan’s thumb. “I do lick it a little though. ” He grinned crookedly and Ethan’s heart soared. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him. That wasn’t part of the deal, but Ethan was too far gone to care. He wrapped Trey in a solid embrace and kissed him, not sure if it was a good idea to let all the emotion come through as he devoured Trey’s salty, sticky lips. When he drew away, Trey pressed his face into Ethan’s neck and snuggled closer.

  “Sleepy,” he murmured, nuzzling closer still.

  “Let’s get in the covers,” Ethan suggested. Once he passed out, he wouldn’t be moving for hours.

  Trey released his hold on him reluctantly, but moved to the head of the bed and climbed between the covers. Ethan joined him and immediately spooned up against Trey’s back. He tugged him securely against his entire length with an arm around Trey’s waist, and their legs tangled together. Ethan had never been a cuddler, but he wanted to be close to this man. Not just when he fucked him. All the time. Ethan kissed Trey’s shoulder lovingly and relaxed into his pillow—his nostrils filled with Trey’s scent, his heart filled with Trey’s love. With his passion. His light.

  “I thought I was going to have to sleep alone tonight,” Trey murmured. “I’m glad you came over. ” He linked his fingers with Ethan’s and sighed with contentment.

  “Me too,” Ethan said gruffly. He loved a man who was free with his affection. At least now he did.

  Chapter 25

  Reagan was in the shower when she heard voices in the apartment. Ethan was home and he had someone with him. Trey? Her heart gave an unexpected lurch and started to race. The erotic images she’d seen the night before played through her mind. Trey and Ethan kissing. Ethan’s cock in Trey’s hand. In his mouth. She didn’t know whether to be aroused or jealous. Admittedly, she was a little of both. And a bit put off by the fact that she’d never be enough to keep Trey happy in the bedroom. As long as he loved only her, she’d be able to deal with it. Maybe.
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