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Double time, p.38
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       Double Time, p.38

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 38

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Does it hurt?”

  “No. Feels phenomenal. ”

  Ethan, completely buried now, gripped Trey’s hips in both hands and ground his cock deeper.

  “Ah, yes,” Trey gasped and rocked back to meet him. He had all of him now. Inside.

  Ethan drew back slowly and then thrust forward, hard and deep. Trey cried out as Ethan repeated the motion again. Again. He knew he wouldn’t last long. This is exactly what he’d been craving—deep, hard penetration. A dominant male who knew how to give as much pleasure as he took. Trey leaned farther forward and rested his face on the end of the mattress. It felt so good. He just wanted to feel Ethan moving inside him. He didn’t need anything else. Just this. Ethan slid his hands around Trey’s hips and took his cock in both hands. He didn’t stroke Trey’s length, just held him until Trey couldn’t stand it anymore and he began to rock his hips, thrusting into Ethan’s hands. The only thing that could have possibly felt better was if he was thrusting into Reagan’s body instead. Tomorrow he would make that thought a reality.

  Trey fought orgasm. Breathing hard. Wanting the pleasure to build. To last.

  Ethan slowly pulled back and then surged forward again, so deep his balls bounced against Trey.

  Trey tumbled over the edge. Spasms gripped the base of his cock and his ass tightened around Ethan’s thrusting cock. Ethan paused in mid-thrust and groaned. When Trey’s body went limp, Ethan wrapped both arms around him and tugged him upright so that his back was pressed firmly against Ethan’s belly.

  Ethan’s hands moved over Trey’s chest. His belly. His hips. Ethan suckled and licked the side of Trey’s neck until another wave of pleasure coursed through him and he shuddered.

  “I’m not finished yet. ” Ethan turned Trey to face the post at the end of the bed. He took Trey’s hands and wrapped them around the smooth wood. “Hold on tight. I’m going to fuck you until you’re hard again. I won’t let myself come for a long, long time. ”

  Trey made a sound of torment but gripped the bedpost with both hands and spread his legs to give Ethan easier access.

  Ethan’s hands worked Trey’s cock as he thrust into him gently, almost lovingly. He continued to kiss the nape of his neck as well. Trey wasn’t sure why he was being so tender with him. Or why he insisted on getting him hard again. He was satiated.

  “Ethan, you don’t have to get me off again,” Trey told him. “I’ll let you finish. ”

  “I’ve been thinking of all the things I’ve wanted to do to you for weeks,” he said, his deep voice making Trey’s cock twitch to life in his hand. Something about its timber excited Trey. “I lie in bed and think about you. I tell myself I can’t have you. Can’t touch you. You’re Reagan’s. I get so hard thinking about you. Wondering if you’re as wonderful as I imagine. ” He nipped his ear. “You’re even better. I deny myself any contact for as long as I can stand it and then when I finally let myself jerk off I come so hard. Like I did in the bathroom tonight while you watched. This might be my only opportunity to make those fantasies a reality. I haven’t even started with you, Trey. ”

  Would this really end up being their only time together? Trey supposed it was possible that Reagan would change her mind and things wouldn’t work out, but Trey sincerely hoped that wasn’t the case. He’d really like Ethan to become a permanent fixture in his sex life.

  Trey was nearly in tears by the time Ethan got him hard again. The pleasure was almost too much to bear. Ethan continued to slowly possess Trey from behind. He encouraged Trey to turn until they were facing the mirror over the dresser at the end of the bed. Trey loved the way Ethan looked standing behind him. So big and powerful. The bronze skin of his hands contrasted with Trey’s lighter-toned cock as he stroked him.

  “Dear God, what a view,” Ethan growled and sank his teeth into Trey’s shoulder to quiet his cries of ecstasy as his excitement finally reached its pinnacle. Ethan’s thrusts became more vigorous and shallow as he sought a quick release. His body went rigid behind Trey and he swore under his breath. Ethan’s growls of pleasure as he got off made Trey’s balls tighten, but he didn’t come. He was a long way from coming a second time. After a moment, Ethan pulled out and massaged Trey’s opening with two fingers. “Are you okay? Was that too much?”

  Trey glanced at him over his shoulder and met his eyes. “Are you kidding? I never get enough. Now it’s my turn. ”

  Ethan’s handsome face crinkled in confusion. “Your turn?”

  “To take you. ”

  Ethan chuckled. “Not happening. I don’t bottom. Ever. ”


  “Nope. ”

  “So you’re a virgin?” Trey asked, his predatory side making his heart thud with thoughts of the hunt. Trey wanted Ethan in every capacity and if he could be the first to take him, it increased his interest even further. He loved cherries.

  “And I’m going to stay that way. ”

  For now, Trey thought.

  “Well, you aren’t going to leave me like this,” Trey said, nodding at his hard cock.

  “Of course I’m not. It’s not going in my ass, but I haven’t tasted you yet. ” He licked his upper lip and Trey’s knees buckled.

  The man was a great kisser. Trey couldn’t wait to feel those strong lips tugging on his cock. He grabbed a spare sucker from the nightstand, unwrapped it, and stuck it in his mouth. He then climbed up onto the bed and lay down on his back. Resting on the pillows, Trey linked his hands behind his head and looked down at the gorgeous man at the foot of his bed. “Get busy. ” he said with a crooked grin and nodded toward his erection. Trey tugged his sucker in and out of his mouth a few times and couldn’t help but chuckle at Ethan’s expression. He looked like he regretted allowing himself to come.

  Ethan crawled up the bed and licked Trey’s cock. His tongue slid up Trey’s length and then flicked down to the base. Up. Down. Up. When he reached Trey’s throbbing head again, Ethan suckled it with his lips, taking it in a deep kiss. Trey clung to the bedclothes beneath him. His back arched involuntarily.

  Ethan gazed up at Trey. “You are so fucking sexy. ” He growled and placed a sucking kiss just beneath Trey’s belly button. He worked his way up Trey’s body, leaving sharp bite marks all the way up to his neck. “I’ve never met a man more suited for sex. ” Ethan took his sucker and tossed it aside before he grabbed his hair in both fists and kissed him. Hard. Trey didn’t know how the man knew he liked to be treated roughly by his male lovers. It drove him insane with desire.

  Trey moaned into Ethan’s mouth.

  Ethan inhaled Trey’s vocalizations of excitement as he continued to kiss him. Trey knew he was chanting, “Oh fuck,” but he couldn’t stop. Nor could he seem to stop his hand from moving to his cock. He wanted Ethan to watch him come. Show him how much he desired him.

  Ethan grabbed Trey’s wrists and pinned them to the bed. “Let me do it, Trey. ”

  “Hurry, Ethan. ”

  The only thing that turned him on more than being treated roughly by a man was being pinned down and forced to take pleasure. The first man he’d ever been with—Brian—had done that for him and Trey had carried a torch for him for a dozen years. Trey stared up at Ethan, amazed that he had that same burning desire he felt for Brian when he looked at Ethan. He wouldn’t call it love. Pure sexual fulfillment. That’s what he’d call it.

  “Fuck, I’m getting hard again,” Ethan said, his voice gruff. “I already want you again. ”

  Ethan tugged Trey down the bed and rolled him onto his stomach. When Ethan lay on top of him, Trey sighed in contentment. Ethan’s heat and masculine scent surrounded him. Ethan rubbed his cock up and down the crack of Trey’s ass, driving them both insane with need.

  “Are you ready for me again?” Ethan asked.

  “I never stopped being ready. ”

  Chapter 24

  Ethan rubbed his lips over Trey’s
shoulder, his tongue collecting the salt of his skin. The man had Ethan in knots. He couldn’t remember ever being this crazy for anyone. The idea that Reagan was willing to share Trey totally blew Ethan’s mind. When he’d suggested it, he didn’t think there was a chance she’d agree, but now that he’d made love to Trey, Ethan realized he’d be willing to do just about anything to keep the man too. Perhaps together he and Reagan could keep Trey going—or coming—for years. Maybe forever. Ethan had never put forever in his equation before.

  Ethan linked his hands with Trey’s and pinned him facedown to the mattress. Trey was completely submissive beneath him. Dominating a strong man fulfilled Ethan like nothing else. He fleetingly wondered what it would be like to be in Trey’s place. Letting himself be taken. Ethan had never considered being topped by a man before, but maybe he’d let Trey… He wasn’t sure why he was thinking that way. Wasn’t like him.

  Ethan lifted his hips and grabbed his cock, rubbing it over Trey’s slickened hole, teasing him until he began to moan and rock back against him.

  “Do you want it?” Ethan asked.

  “Yes. ”

  “Too bad. I’m not ready to give it to you. ”

  Trey squirmed. “I need to come. ”

  “You’ll come when I let you. ”

  “Ethan,” he said breathlessly.

  Ethan’s balls tightened at the sound of his name on Trey’s delectable lips. His little game of dominance fell to the wayside and he kissed the side of Trey’s neck with soft, sucking kisses. He could totally fall for this guy. Probably already had. He flicked Trey’s earring with his tongue and pressed the head of his cock into Trey’s ass. They shuddered in unison. Ethan hurriedly pulled out. No matter how much he wanted to fuck Trey raw, he knew he needed a condom.

  “Don’t move,” he growled into Trey’s ear.

  “What will you do if I disobey?”

  Ethan grabbed Trey’s ass cheeks in both hands, squeezed, and separated them to tug his ass open. “I won’t fuck you where you like it. ”

  Trey whimpered and stayed perfectly still as Ethan left the bed to find a condom and more lube. When he returned to the bed, Trey was lying there completely relaxed. “Are you tired?”

  “No, I can go at it all night. I just feel so much better now. Thanks. ”

  Ethan grinned to himself. “No thanks necessary. ” He joined him on the bed and settled over his back. “Don’t come unless I tell you to. ”

  “Ethan. ”

  “Don’t speak either. Just take it. ”

  Trey relaxed beneath him. “Yes,” he whispered. “Give me what I need. ”

  While Ethan struggled with the idea that he didn’t just want to fuck Trey, he wanted to make love to him, he trailed kisses down the center of his back. Why did he feel this way? So tender? He’d been in love with women in the past, but men had always been just fuck-buddies to him. Entertainment purposes only. Trey’s sweet surrender played with his heartstrings. He should probably forego the foreplay if he wanted to get out of this encounter still in possession of his heart.

  Ethan applied a condom and coated his straining cock with lube. Fuck, this guy made him hard. He settled over Trey’s back, knowing Trey wanted it rough, but he slid into him slowly. Taking his time. Possessing him one inch at a time.

  “Why so gentle?” Trey murmured.

  “I’m not sure,” Ethan admitted. “Raise up on your elbows. ”

  Trey repositioned his body so that his shoulders lifted off the bed. He supported his weight on his forearms.

  “Bend your back more,” Ethan instructed. This would put more weight on Trey’s cock so when Ethan thrust into him, he’d feel some friction between the satin comforter and his belly. Plus, Ethan could tug at Trey’s nipple ring with his fingertip as he held onto his sculpted chest.
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