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Double time, p.37
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       Double Time, p.37

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 37

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “I know. ”

  “Touch me,” Ethan said in a low growl.

  “Make me. ”

  The smoldering look Ethan gave him was enough to have Trey reaching for Ethan’s fly. Ethan made a sound that was part growl, part purr, and used his hold on Trey’s hair to crush his mouth against his. God, Trey needed it rough like this. He wasn’t sure if Ethan had picked up on that need or if he was just really worked up. Trey released the top button of Ethan’s jeans. The backs of his fingers brushed against Ethan’s hard stomach and they jerked their mouths apart to stare at each other. Trey slowly lowered Ethan’s zipper. Ethan’s breaths came in harsh, ragged gasps as Trey released his hot, stiff cock from his pants.

  “I want your mouth on me,” Ethan said.

  “I want to show Reagan how hard you are,” Trey said with a crooked grin. He retrieved his phone from his pocket and sent her the slightly blurry picture of her boyfriend and best friend kissing. He didn’t wait to find out how she would respond to that image. He wanted to push her to the edge of her comfort zone and beyond.

  Trey wrapped his hand around Ethan’s cock and stroked it gently from base to tip. Ethan had a magnificent cock. Thick and hard. Trey couldn’t wait until he filled him. Trey snapped a picture of his hand stroking Ethan’s cock and sent that to Reagan before dropping to his knees at Ethan’s feet. He looked up at Ethan and held his gaze as he licked the head of his cock. He held his phone up to Ethan. “Take a picture for Reagan and send it to her. ”

  “Are you sure?”

  “Yeah. She needs to get used to this, because tomorrow she’s going to be personally involved in it. ”

  “I’m not sure she’s the threesome type. ”

  Trey grinned up at him. “She’s definitely the threesome type. She just needs to get used to the idea. ”

  Ethan gave Trey a questioning look but did as he asked. Trey concentrated on licking, kissing, and suckling the sensitive head of Ethan’s cock. Ethan took several pictures and sent them to Reagan.

  “I knew you’d be good at this,” he said to Trey. He stroked his hair gently and caressed his face. “You have the most sensual mouth. ”

  “Call Reagan,” Trey said. “Ask her what’s she’s doing. ”

  Ethan dialed her number. “Trey wanted me to call you and ask you what you’re doing,” he said into his cell phone. He paused. “Mmm, let me hear it. ”

  “What is she doing?” Trey asked, though he had his suspicions.

  “She’s masturbating. ”

  Trey grinned. “Good. I figured this would turn her on. Give me the phone. ”

  Ethan handed over the phone and Trey held it up to his ear. He heard the unmistakable hum of a vibrator, the sounds of her slick flesh being pounded rhythmically, and in the distance her moans of pleasure. “Reagan,” he said, hoping she could hear him. “Reagan?”

  “Trey,” she said breathlessly.

  “Does it make you jealous to see me with Ethan?” he asked.

  “Jealous? No. Horny? Oh God, yes. ”

  “Come for me, baby. Let me hear you get off. ”

  While Trey listened to Reagan’s cries of pleasure, he worked at removing Ethan’s jeans. Within seconds, Reagan cried out as she came. “Was it good, Reagan?”

  “It would have been a lot better with you. ”

  He smiled. “Tomorrow I’m going to show you my favorite position,” Trey said.

  “Finally. ”

  “Ethan will have to participate. ”

  “Okay,” she said breathlessly.

  “We’ll see you in the morning. In the meantime, think about what you want from us. ”

  “I can’t think at all right now. ”

  Trey chuckled. “Then we’ll surprise you. ” He hung up and put the phone back in his pocket.

  “She likes this?” Ethan asked.

  “Lucky for us. Are you going to help me reward her tomorrow?”

  “If she’ll let me. ”

  Trey winked at him. “She’ll let you. ”

  “Can I concentrate on you now?”

  “Yes, please. ”

  Ethan eased Trey to his feet. He pulled Trey’s shirt off over his head and bent his head to draw the hoop in Trey’s nipple into this mouth. He sucked. Hard. The tug seemed to extend to Trey’s balls. Ethan suckled a trail down Trey’s belly as he lowered himself to his knees. He unbuttoned Trey’s fly while he looked up at him. Ethan slowly tugged Trey’s jeans and boxers down until his cock sprang free. Ethan emitted an excited gasp. He eased Trey’s pants down his legs and removed the garment, pulling off Trey’s shoes and socks in the process.

  Trey stared down at Ethan’s enraptured face. His lips were inches from Trey’s cock, but he wasn’t sucking it. More like worshiping it from afar. Ethan’s hot, moist breath caressed Trey’s most sensitive skin. Trey fought the urge to inch forward until his cock brushed Ethan’s lips. After several moments, Ethan climbed to his feet without touching Trey at all.

  Ethan pulled off his white T-shirt giving Trey an eyeful of glorious, muscular bulges in all the right places. He pinned Trey with a hard stare—his brown eyes intense, his expression unreadable. Trey wasn’t sure why that look had him ready to drop to his knees at Ethan’s feet and beg for his touch. The longer Ethan stared at him, the faster and harder Trey’s heart thudded in his chest.

  Trey lowered his gaze to Ethan’s cock—hard, huge, and twitching with excitement. Trey couldn’t wait to be filled. Stretched to his limits. He hoped Ethan hurried up about it. Didn’t he realize how bad Trey needed this? Maybe he needed to be more forthright. “I have condoms and lube in my bedroom,” Trey said.

  “Do you want me to go get it and bring it out here?”

  “The choice is yours. I’m at your mercy. ”

  A slow smile spread across Ethan’s handsome face. “You won’t regret putting me in charge. ” He leaned closer and nipped Trey’s lower lip. “Show me the way. ”

  Hurrying toward his bedroom, Trey turned on the light and entered the large room. He went to the dresser and opened the top drawer. He had dozens of condoms inside. Lubricants. Toys designed to pleasure men. The second drawer was all for the ladies. Lady, he corrected himself. “Everything you’ll need is in here,” he told Ethan.

  “What do you like?” Ethan asked.

  “Everything,” he said with hesitation, “but tonight I need to be topped. ”

  Ethan smiled at him. “And I need to top. ”

  While Ethan examined Trey’s collection of condoms, lubes, and toys, Trey went to make the lighting in the room less glaring. He turned on several lamps and turned off the overhead lights.

  “Go stand and face the end of the bed. ” Ethan’s deep, commanding voice sent tingles of pleasure down Trey’s spine. Why had Trey thought he could ever give up men? He loved being with a man just as much as he loved being with a woman. The only thing that could possibly be better was being with both at the same time. They’d get to that tomorrow. Trey moved to stand at the end of the bed and waited for Ethan. And waited. And waited. When he turned to offer Ethan a questioning look, Ethan said, “I said face the end of the bed. ”

  Trey faced the bed again and waited some more. His anticipation built to the point that he actually shuddered when Ethan finally touched the small of his back.

  Ethan planted a tender kiss at the nape of Trey’s neck and his hand slid across Trey’s belly as he pulled him back against the length of his hard body. Trey felt Ethan’s cock, hard and thick against his ass. He expected him to surge into his body. Just take him. Trey was okay with that. He didn’t need the tender caresses and loving kisses in this sort of situation. He was no stranger to having sex for the sake of sex, so he was a taken a little off guard when Ethan started to nibble on the edge of his ear and stroke his belly, his chest, his arms.

  “You have a perfect body,” Ethan murmured. “And you sme
ll so good. ” Ethan’s hands slid down Trey’s hips, his fingers tracing the ridges of Trey’s hip bones.

  Ethan circled Trey’s cock with both hands and stroked it slowly with a firm grip. Trey leaned back against Ethan’s hard chest and closed his eyes. He gasped with pleasure, quivering with unfulfilled desire.

  “I want to hear you, Trey. Make some noise for me. ”

  Ethan’s hands moved faster. Trey’s instincts were to grit his teeth and hold it all in, but he liked to give his lovers what they wanted so he worked on voicing his excitement. Ethan’s tongue traced the outer edge of Trey’s ear and then plunged inside. Trey emitted a sputtering cry.

  “Damn, I want to fuck you,” Ethan growled in his ear. He bit the edge of Trey’s ear and held on as he stroked Trey’s cock faster. Faster. Trey’s heart rate accelerated out of control.

  “Don’t make me come yet. I want you inside me when I come. Ethan. Ethan?”

  Ethan dropped his hands and stepped away. Disoriented, Trey tried to catch his breath.

  “Is it okay if I just look at you?” Ethan asked.

  No. What are you waiting for? “Um…” he said between ragged breaths. “Um… I need…”

  Ethan’s hands began to wander Trey’s body again. He caressed the insides of Trey’s thighs, cupped his balls gently, and then rubbed his hips rhythmically.

  Trey whispered, “I want to feel your body against mine. ” His hard, hard body.

  Ethan turned Trey to face him and jerked Trey against his chest. He kissed him deeply, tongue thrusting into Trey’s mouth, and Trey clung to his muscular back. Ethan’s rough manner totally turned him on. He wanted to be taken. Devoured. Trey’s hands rubbed over hard bumps and muscular bulges. The man’s ass was spectacularly firm beneath Trey’s seeking palms. Ethan’s hard cock prodded Trey in the belly. He wanted it to prod him somewhere else entirely.

  Ethan’s hands traveled down Trey’s ass. When he began to massage Trey’s throbbing opening, the strength went out of Trey’s legs and he swayed against Ethan. Yeah, that’s the spot.

  “Do you want me to use the numbing lubricant?”

  Trey shook his head.

  “I’m pretty big. I don’t want to hurt you. ”

  “I want to feel you. I don’t like to be numb. ”

  An instant later, slippery fingers began to rub against Trey’s opening. He widened his stance. Yes. Now. Take me, Ethan.

  Ethan’s finger slid inside Trey’s body and he gasped in excitement. Much too long since he’d been with a man. Much too long.

  Ethan had two fingers inside of him now. He moved his fingers in a wide arc, stretching Trey’s body to accept him more easily.

  “I’m ready for you,” Trey insisted. “Don’t make me wait. I can’t stand it anymore. ”

  Ethan applied a condom and coated his cock with excess lubricant.

  Trey bit his lip as Ethan’s fingers plunged particularly deep. Damn, he was excited. He was going to come so hard when he let go.

  Ethan pulled his fingers free and turned Trey’s body to face the opposite direction. He nudged the head of his cock against Trey’s ass. Heat raced up Trey’s spine. Ethan’s hand moved to stroke the tip of Trey’s cock, distracting him with pleasure as he sought possession. Trey leaned forward to make it easier for Ethan to enter him. He buried his fingers in the comforter at the end of the bed and relaxed.

  Ethan pressed forward, claiming Trey’s body one agonizingly slow inch at a time. Stretched to his limits, Trey shuddered in delight. He didn’t even realize he was gasping in rapture until Ethan said, “You okay? Can I go deeper?”

  There was more? Fuck yeah! “Y—yes… deeper. Oh God. You’re so… thick. ”
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