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Double time, p.36
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       Double Time, p.36

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 36

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Are you telling me that if you had the chance to have sex with Brian, even though you knew he didn’t love you in return, you wouldn’t have taken it?”

  “God, yes,” Trey gasped. “I would have taken anything that man wanted to give. ”

  “I feel the same way about you. You don’t have to love me. Let me come over and I’ll love you. ”

  “But then you’ll have hope that things will work out between us and they won’t. ”

  “Even though Brian never had sex with you all those years, didn’t you still have hope?”

  Trey sighed in frustration and rolled onto his side and stared at the TV screen. “Yes, but—”

  “But? No but, Trey. ”

  Trey chuckled. “Exactly. No, butt. ”

  “Own me,” he whispered. “Just in the bedroom. I promise I won’t be a bother to you, if you just own me in the bedroom. ”

  “I can’t right now, Mark. I need some time to get my head on straight. Why don’t you call Jacob? He’d love to keep you. ”

  “I don’t want Jacob. I want you. Don’t you want me? Am I undesirable? I don’t understand. ”

  “You know I’m attracted to you. ”

  “Then fuck me. ”

  What would it hurt to lose himself in mindless sex? He’d been doing it his entire life without a second thought. What had changed?

  Reagan. Reagan had changed everything, and though something inside him would love to go back to the way he’d been before he met her, he knew that would never be enough for him now.

  “I can’t, Mark. Okay? I just can’t. It really isn’t you. Find someone who deserves your love and attention. It isn’t me. ”

  The intercom near the front door buzzed. Trey scowled. “Who could that be at this hour?” He climbed from the sofa, pressed the button, and spoke into the speaker. “Who is it?”

  “Ethan. ”

  Trey’s heart skipped a beat. “I have company,” he said to Mark. “I have to go. ”

  “Who’s Ethan?”

  Again with the jealous tone.

  “He’s Reagan’s roommate. Don’t call me back. I won’t answer. ”

  “Thanks for talking to me. I miss you. ”

  “Bye. ” Trey hung up.

  His intercom buzzed again. He rubbed a hand over his face and then pressed the button to speak to Ethan again. “Don’t you think you’ve caused enough problems for me for one day?”

  “Reagan and I talked. She thinks she can handle—” The repetitive yapping of a small dog emitted from the intercom speaker.

  “You’re standing in my way, big fella,” the wizened voice of Mrs. O’Neal, who lived down the hall from Trey, came through the speaker. “Quiet, Shortie. ” The yapping changed to a series of low growls.

  “Excuse me,” Ethan said to the woman. Into the intercom, he said, “Look, Trey, I don’t think we want to discuss this over the intercom. Can I come up?”

  “Is Reagan with you?” Trey said.

  “No. It’s just me. ”

  Trey wasn’t sure why he felt such disappointment. Actually, that wasn’t true. He still had feelings for the woman. He couldn’t turn that off by walking out the door. He did want to hear what Ethan had to say. Maybe things could work out with Reagan. Ethan knew her better than anyone. Maybe he could help Trey figure out how to proceed from here, because even though he’d said he wanted to break up with her, he didn’t. Not at all. He wanted her back. Maybe he could get by with artificial stimulation. Would she wear a strap-on for him? Or maybe… He didn’t know. He had to do something, though. His conversation with Mark had made him realize he needed that woman in his life. He loved her. “Fine. ”

  Trey pushed the button to let Ethan into the building. He shoved his cell phone into his pocket and glanced around the apartment. He wasn’t sure what Ethan could possibly want to talk to him about. He was probably pretty mad that Trey had made Reagan cry. Maybe he was coming upstairs to rearrange his face. He had that temper issue when he thought he was protecting the innocent. And Reagan was definitely the innocent one in this situation.

  Maybe Trey shouldn’t have let him into the building after all.

  Maybe he could pretend he wasn’t home.

  A set of knuckles rapped on the door.

  “Trey?” Ethan called from the hallway.

  Trey’s dad was a plastic surgeon. He’d do a good job of fixing Trey’s face if Ethan was pissed enough to hit him. Trey took a deep steadying breath and then went to open the door.

  Ethan gazed at Trey with that feral hunger that made Trey’s balls throb. Damn him. Is that why he’d come? For sex? Ethan didn’t look mad. Or even annoyed. He looked horny.

  Ethan let himself into the apartment, rubbing up against Trey as he passed. Trey closed his eyes and tried not to be too obvious about inhaling Ethan’s heady, masculine scent. Turning down Mark over the phone had been easy. Ethan in the flesh was a different story. Focus on keeping Reagan. You haven’t strayed yet. You can fix things with her. Be strong.

  Trey closed the door. Ethan reached over and turned the deadbolt. He was so close, and he smelled so good, and he felt so hard. Fuck, it had been too long since Trey had been with a man. He couldn’t deny his needs. Wasn’t sure why he’d ever thought he could.

  Ethan’s hands moved to Trey’s ass. “You’re mine now,” he said in a low growl.

  “Ethan, why did you come here?” Trey asked even though he could probably guess.

  Ethan moved one hand to grip Trey’s chin between his thumb and forefinger and forced his head back.

  “I’m here to fuck you,” Ethan said.

  Trey pulled away from him. “This is what you planned all along, isn’t it? To get me to break up with Reagan so you could seduce me?”

  Ethan shook his head. “Don’t flatter yourself. She sent me over here to seduce you. She thinks she can allow you to have a male lover as long as it’s me. ”

  Trey laughed. “That’s the biggest bullshit story I’ve ever heard. Reagan would never say that. Just look how freaked out she was when you cheated on her with a man. ”

  “But you didn’t cheat on her. Where I snuck around behind her back to find sexual gratification, you were frank and honest with her. She’s willing to try this to keep you in her life. I’d say that makes you one lucky son of a bitch. ”

  “So I’m allowed to have sex with a man, but only if it’s you,” Trey said. “Do I get a say in this?”

  Ethan gaped at him. Apparently, that was not what he had been expecting Trey to say. He’d probably thought he’d be naked and lubed up by now. “You don’t want to?”

  Trey grinned crookedly. “I don’t think Reagan knows what she’s getting herself into. Actually, I’m half-convinced that you’re making this story up and are here because you want to be here. I don’t think it has anything to do with Reagan. I think you’re using her as an excuse to get laid. Or making sure you finish the deal so there is no way she’ll ever let me close to her again. ”

  “Reagan did send me, but if I didn’t want to be here, I wouldn’t be. You know I want you, Trey. I don’t know what you’re objecting to. Won’t this arrangement make everything work out for everyone?”

  “I don’t like to be told who I’m supposed to sleep with. ” Though honestly, he’d wanted to sleep with Ethan the first time he’d laid eyes on him and ever since.

  Ethan’s cell phone rang and he started. He shifted his attention from Trey to his phone. “Yeah,” he answered. “It’s Reagan,” he mouthed at Trey. “Yeah, I told him. ” He paused. “I’m not sure. He doesn’t seem to believe me. ”

  Trey was tense as Ethan spoke to Reagan. If this was happening, she was offering him the best of both worlds. A wonderful woman to love. A hot buck to fuck. But Trey still felt manipulated. He wasn’t sure why. Maybe because he was the only one who hadn’t had a say in the matter. Reagan and Ethan had de
cided this without him.

  “Reagan wants to talk to you,” Ethan said and handed the phone to Trey. He almost dropped it.

  “Reagan,” he said breathlessly.

  “Hi, baby. I figured you wouldn’t believe Ethan if I didn’t back up his story. Are you okay with this arrangement?”

  Trey’s heart thudded in his chest. “I think you’re going to wind up getting hurt. I’ve been thinking. I don’t know. Maybe I could make these needs more tolerable with a dildo or…” He forced himself not to look at the temptation that was Ethan standing next to his front door. He knew a dildo was no substitute for that hot piece of flesh, but if it helped Trey keep Reagan, he could try to get by with less. Much, much, much less.

  “That won’t be enough and you know it,” Reagan said. “Don’t feel like I’m testing you, Trey. This was my idea. ”

  “But thinking it. Saying it. Living it. All different things. ”

  “If it’s what makes you happy, I want you to have it. No fooling around with other women though. I don’t have any male parts, but I have all the female goods. I’m the only woman on your menu. Got it?”

  She was willing to do this for him? Did she love him, then? She couldn’t possibly love him one millionth as much as he loved her at that moment. Some of the tension melted from his body and he smiled. “Got it. ” She made him happy. Just talking to her made his heart flutter. “I love you, Reagan. I want you to know that having sex with another man won’t change how I feel about you. I will still love you. Always love you. Do you believe me?” Trey asked.

  When she didn’t say anything, his heart stumbled over several beats.


  “S-sorry,” she said brokenly. “I didn’t expect those three little words to take my breath away. I want to look into your eyes when I say them back. Okay?”

  “Okay. ”

  “I’m going to give you and Ethan some time alone together. I just wanted to make sure you knew it was okay and that I want us to give this relationship another chance. When you need cock, go to Ethan. He can help. ” She said it like Ethan was a mechanic who was going to change Trey’s oil.

  “Don’t you want to join us?” Trey asked.

  She laughed, more a sound of discomfort than humor. “I’m not sure I’m ready for that. ”

  “I’d get a lot more enjoyment out of it if we all participated. ”

  “I do think it would be sexy to watch you two kiss,” she said haltingly.

  Trey grinned. “I’ll send you a picture. ” He hoped Ethan wasn’t camera shy.

  Reagan groaned.

  “Is that okay?” Trey asked her.

  “God, yes. I think I might want to participate next time. I’m not sure if seeing you with someone other than me would make me insane with jealousy or not. Let me think about it. ”

  “No pressure,” Trey murmured. “It’s just, you know how much I worship your body. Imagine if I had assistance. ” He hung up.

  Trey backed Ethan up against the door. He stared deeply into his eyes. “Last chance to back out, Ethan. You have no idea how much I want you right now. ”

  “I’m sure it doesn’t come close to how much I want you. ”

  Trey closed the gap between their mouths and kissed him. The kiss started hot, deep, passionate, but soon progressed into demanding, hungry, intense. Trey was so caught up in being devoured that he almost forgot he’d promised Reagan a picture. He lifted his cell phone out to the side and did his best to hold the camera still as he feasted on Ethan’s strong lips and plastered his body along his hard length. He snapped a picture and then slid his phone back in his pocket so he could cling to Ethan’s hard body with both hands. Ethan tugged his mouth away and grabbed Trey’s hair in his fists. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the moment I laid eyes on you. ”
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