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         Part #1 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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Page 29

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “I was trying to get some work done,” she said.

  “Are you finished now?”

  “Uh…” She knew she wouldn’t be able to concentrate with images of naked-Brian burned into her retinas. “I can take a little break. Actual y, we need to do something with my car. ”

  His eyebrows lifted and he grinned. “Great idea. Your car. I’l go find some pants. ”

  “Wait, you misunderstood. ”

  He’d already disappeared back in the bedroom, however.

  He emerged a few minutes later in jeans and a T-shirt. Her heart thudded in anticipation. She climbed from the booth and went to find shoes while he used the bathroom. At the exit, they waited for Jake to climb the bus steps with two coffees.

  “Oh, Brian, you’re up. Here, you can have my coffee. ” Jake tried to hand a cup of coffee to Brian.

  “Keep it,” Brian said. “Myrna and I are taking the Thunderbird. We’l meet you in Tampa this evening. ”

  “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Brian. You get lost in your parents’ backyard. ” Jake handed Myrna her coffee. She took a sip of coffee and made a face. Too strong and black.

  “My parents’ backyard is huge. But don’t worry, we’l get there. ”

  Jake shrugged. “I think Dave has the keys. I saw him get on the other bus a minute ago. ”

  “Thanks, Jake. And dude, you look like shit. Why don’t you wake Sed and have him drive for a while?”

  “I’m al right. See you in Tampa. ” Jake chugged his coffee and headed for the bathroom at the back of the bus. Brian led Myrna to the car, where she waited, sipping her bitter coffee, while Brian retrieved the keys. Within moments, he climbed in next to her and started the car. “Did I even tel you good morning?”

  She shook her head. “You don’t think so wel when al your blood’s in your smal er head. ”

  “Smal er?”

  She laughed. “What I actual y wanted to do with the car, before you jumped to conclusions, was find a place to store it while I’m on tour with the band. ”

  “So you didn’t want to suck my cock while I drive?”

  “Wel , yeah, now I do, but that’s not why I mentioned the car in the first place. ”

  Brian pul ed out of the parking lot, leaving the tour buses behind. “It’s nice to have the car with us. It’s handy for errands and we can get away from the guys for a few minutes. Maybe we can get a trailer and pul it behind the moving van. ”

  She smiled. “That would work perfectly. ” She slid across the bench seat and kissed him on the cheek. “The roadies wil appreciate it, too. They al look like the walking dead. ”

  “They’l get some rest soon. Just ten more days on the road, then we have a week off. You’re coming out to Los Angeles with us, right?” He took her cup of coffee from her and took a drink. He winced, took another sip, and returned the cup to her hand.

  “Los Angeles?” she said. “I don’t think so, Brian. I can get caught up on my work during that time. You’ve got more tour dates after your week off, don’t you?”

  “Yeah,” he said quietly.

  “What’s wrong?”

  “Nothing. Shot down again. ” He fashioned his hand into a gun and mimicked shooting himself in the chest.

  “Are you pouting because I have to work?”

  “I don’t pout. ”

  Sure looked like pouting to her. “Are you whining because I have to work?”

  “No, I’m whining because you’d rather work than spend a week in L. A. with me. ” Under his breath, he muttered, “Why do I always sound like the chick in this relationship?”

  “Won’t you be working on the new album anyway?”


  “So, it wil do us both good to have a few days to col ect our thoughts and get some work done. I have the damnedest time concentrating when you’re near. Al this slacking bothers me. ”

  He took her hand and put it on his crotch. “Does that feel slack to you?”

  “No one said you were slacking. You’ve been composing and putting on one awesome show after another. ” She loved to watch him when his attention was elsewhere. She could ogle him without making her infatuation blatantly obvious. The length of his black lashes fascinated her. When he blinked, her attention shifted to the harsh line of his wel -sculpted cheekbone covered with a light shadow of beard.

  “You’re not slacking,” he said. “You’ve been doing your survey things with the groupies. ”

  “I have,” she agreed, “but col ecting the data is the tip of the iceberg. I have to analyze the data. Do statistics. Hopeful y, find some interesting trends in the results and write journal articles for publication. This project is real y important to my future and I have a lot of work to do. ”

  “And I interrupted your work again this morning. ”

  “I wish I could say it annoyed me that you’re so distracting. ” She grinned and squeezed his cock gently with the hand stil in his lap. His body tensed. “I’d be lying though. ”

  Myrna placed an open-mouthed kiss under his ear and gently sucked his flesh into her mouth. His growl of approval made her nipples taut.

  She unfastened his pants and found him lacking underwear. His cock sprang free, and she wrapped her hand around the base.

  “Can you drive?” she asked.

  “I am driving. ”

  “With your cock down my throat?”

  He grinned at her. “There’s only one way to find out. ”

  She kissed the corner of his mouth and lowered her head. She licked the length of him, drawing her tongue over the smooth skin rhythmical y and blowing cool breaths across his flesh to draw delighted shivers from his body. He placed a hand on the back of her head, trying to urge her to suck him into her mouth. She resisted, wanting to tease him. She squeezed and relaxed her hand at the base of his cock while she trailed her tongue over his flesh. He grew harder. And harder. Myrna’s own excitement began to get the better of her. A shame to waste something this hard in her mouth.

  There was a loud honk as one of the tour buses pul ed up beside them on the four-lane highway. Myrna sucked Brian into her mouth.

  “Ah God,” he cried. He hit the brakes.

  Myrna jerked her head away so she didn’t bite him as he swerved off the road. They drew to a shuddering halt on the shoulder, with two wheels on the pavement and two in the grass. He slammed the gearshift up into park and reached for her. “Turns out that no, I can’t drive with my cock down your throat. ”

  He slid across the bench seat and pul ed her to straddle his lap. His hand moved under her sundress and pushed the crotch of her panties to one side. He grabbed her hips, shifted her forward, and then fil ed her body with his. His fingers dug into her hips as he encouraged her to ride him. The elastic of her panties cut into her flesh each time she rose and fel , fueling her excitement. Cars flew past them at high speed. She wondered if they could see what she and Brian were doing in the middle of the front seat. It might make someone’s morning commute a little more interesting.

  Brian pushed the straps of her sundress from her shoulders and bared her breasts. He bent his head to suck and lick her nipples, pushing her breasts together as he attempted to get them both in his mouth at once.

  “God, you’re hot,” he growled. He sank his teeth into her tender nipple and her body jerked before she shuddered with release. She tightened her vaginal muscles and rose up to excite him with fast, shal ow strokes. His head fel back, his breathing erratic.

  “Myrna. Myrna. You’re going to make me come if you keep that up. ”

  A flash of blue and red lights in the back window caught her attention. “You’d better hurry up about it. We’ve just been spotted by a cop. ”


  He rearranged her top to cover her breasts and his rapidly softening cock fel free of her body.

  “You could have finished,”
she said. “He’l have to run the out-of-state plates before he comes to talk to us. ”

  “I couldn’t have finished. My bal s are now hiding up in my bel y. ”

  She laughed and slid off his lap. She rearranged her panties and sat beside him. He slid behind the wheel and fastened his pants.

  “It’s not funny,” he said.

  “You’re afraid of cops?”

  “No, I’m afraid of jail. ”

  “Ah, poor baby,” she said, kissing his cheek. “I’d bail you out. Hopeful y before Big Bart made you his bitch. ”

  “How kind,” he said. “And who would bail you out?”

  “I’m sure Sed would bail me out for a favor. ”

  Brian pinned her with an angry glare. “Don’t even joke about that. ”

  “A little cranky, now, are you? I told you that you can trust me. I have no interest in Sed. ”

  “You know, that’s exactly what Angie said. And Kristie. And Jenna. And Bethany. And Samantha. And—”

  Myrna’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t have to flaunt their names. I realize you’ve fucked a lot of girls. ”

  “What? Are you jealous?”

  “Why would I be jealous? This thing between us isn’t serious. We’re just having a good time. ”

  “Of course. ” He slammed his fist into the dashboard.

  There was a knock on the window.

  “What?” Brian yel ed at the glass. He took a deep breath and rol ed down the window. “Can I help you, officer?”

  The car was stil idling, but the trooper said, “Car troubles? Do you need a tow?”

  “Everything is fine, sir,” Myrna said.

  Brian gripped the steering wheel. “Let me handle this,” he growled at her. He gazed up at the police officer. “Everything is fine, sir. ”

  The lanky man looked Brian over careful y, his hand resting on the service pistol at his hip. He turned his attention to Myrna, who sat demurely in her innocent-looking, white sundress.

  “Are you okay, ma’am? I heard some yel ing and arguing as I approached. ”

  “I’m fine. ” She smiled at him reassuringly.

  “And why are you parked on the side of the road?”

  Myrna glanced at Brian and grinned wickedly. “My companion was having a hard time driving, so he had to pul over. ”

  “Have you been drinking, sir?”

  “It’s seven o’clock in the morning!”

  “Or using?”

  “What?” Brian calmed his tone. “No, I haven’t been drinking or using drugs. I was having a hard time concentrating for… other reasons. ”

  “I see. ” The officer didn’t look convinced. “So you pul ed over to switch drivers?”

  “Yeah,” Brian said. Myrna didn’t know Brian was capable of blushing until that moment.

  “You should do that at a rest area. It isn’t safe to park on the side of the highway. ”

  “Good point,” Brian said. “Are we free to go?”

  “Let me run your license, registration, and proof of insurance first. Make sure everything checks out. ”

  Brian pul ed his wal et from his back pocket and retrieved his driver’s license. Myrna found the registration and insurance card in the glove box. She handed them to Brian, who offered the paperwork to the trooper.

  “California license. Missouri plates. ” The officer shook his head and then carried the documents back to his patrol car.

  “He thinks I’m a shady character,” Brian said.

  “You do look suspicious with al those skul and demon tattoos. ”

  “You don’t like my tattoos?”

  “I didn’t say that. I just said—”

  “I heard what you said. Tattoos are suspicious. ”
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