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Double time, p.29
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       Double Time, p.29

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 29

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  He wasn’t prepared to find Reagan waiting for him outside the dressing room door. Had she seen Xavier leave? That was bound to bring up all sorts of questions he wasn’t prepared to answer.

  “Feel better?” she asked in a clipped tone.

  Shit. She knew about Xavier. Why else would she be pissed off at him?

  “Not really. I’m clean now, but I need some alone time with my woman to alleviate the rest of the heat in my body. ”

  He drew her against him and kissed her, hoping that he could distract her enough to make her forget all those questions that must be swarming around in her mind.

  She pulled away. “Is there a woman in there?” she asked. “Is that why you tried to get me out of the way?”

  “A woman?” Trey said, feigning astonishment. “Of course not. Don’t you trust me?”

  “You’re not acting very trustworthy,” she said, wrapping her arms around her body to shut him out. “I can’t think of any other reason why you’d want to get rid of me so quickly after the show. ”

  “I didn’t want to get rid of you. ” He went to the dressing room and pulled open the door. “Go ahead and have a look. There are no women there. ”

  She didn’t look inside. She turned and started walking down the corridor as fast as her legs could carry her.

  Trey jogged to catch up with her. “Why are you mad?”

  “If you’re going to cheat on me, break up with me now, Trey,” she said, her eyes trained on the door that led outside. It was as if she couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

  “I’m not going to cheat on you, Reagan. ”

  “Because trusting someone and having them cheat on you? It fucking rips your heart out. ” She slammed the door open with both hands, startling several of the crew who were loading things into the semitrailer outside.

  Trey finally caught up with her at the bottom of the tour bus steps. He grabbed her by both arms and turned her to face him. His heart gave an unpleasant lurch when he saw the tears swimming in her eyes.

  “Reagan,” he said, “don’t be upset. I wasn’t cheating on you. I wouldn’t do that. If it came to that, I would break up with you first. Okay? I promise. ”

  She covered her face with both hands. “Don’t look at me. I can’t stand for people to see me cry. ”

  He tugged her against his chest and she buried her face in his shirt. “I can’t see,” he said, rubbing her back with both hands. “I don’t understand why you’re so upset about this though. I swear nothing happened. ”

  “You’re hiding something from me. I know you are. ”

  “I’m not. ” He hated to lie, but damned if the truth wouldn’t hurt her more. He was serious about not cheating on her. He would never do that to anyone, especially not someone he cared about as much as he did Reagan.

  “You are, Trey. I know you’re not telling me something. I’m not stupid. ” Her arms went around his back and she drew him closer. “Just tell me. Even if it hurts. I want to know. ”

  “The truth?” Half-truth. “You’re right. ” She made a pained sound in the back of her throat, but he pushed on with his explanation. “There was someone waiting for me in my dressing room. I didn’t go in there to fool around with them. I went in there to get rid of them. Okay? Every city I go to, I have several people who are used to hooking up with me after a show. It’s going to take a while for them all to realize I’m not available anymore. That I have a girlfriend now and I’m not interested in them. ”

  “So you were trying to get rid of me earlier. ”

  “I was trying to avoid hurting you, Reagan. I had no intention of cheating on you and I didn’t. I just didn’t want you to have to deal with a jealous ex-lover. ”

  She looked up at him and smiled in relief. “Thanks for telling me the truth. ”


  “You can tell me these things, Trey. I’d rather know than have you hide them from me. ”

  “Okay. Next time something like that happens, I’ll tell you. ” But there were things he couldn’t tell her. If she was this upset over finding out that he hadn’t cheated on her, how would she react if she knew the person who’d been waiting for him in his dressing room hadn’t been a woman as he’d led her to believe, but rather a man?

  Chapter 14

  Reagan wasn’t exactly an early riser, but the members of Sinners slept most of the day away. She supposed she’d have to get her sleep cycle more in sync with the up-all-night, sleep-all-day lifestyle of the average rock star, but for now she was wide awake at seven a. m. and the bus was still and silent. Trey was snoring softly beside her. He’d earned his sleep after the hours of pleasure he’d gifted her the night before. It was almost as if he was trying to prove something or make up to her for some wrong that he continued to deny. Not that she was complaining. The man was a phenomenal lover. She believed that he hadn’t cheated on her, but she wondered how long it would be before he did. The opportunity was always there. It would be so easy for him to give in to temptation. She’d just have to trust him. No matter how scary that thought was. Ethan’s cheating had ripped her apart inside, and she didn’t care for an encore. But if she wanted to be with Trey, and she did, she knew she couldn’t spend every moment they were apart seething with suspicion.

  Reagan inched toward the edge of the mattress, trying not to disturb Trey as she got up. She had to pee and a shower sounded like a little piece of heaven, but Mr. Cuddles apparently had some extrasensory perception of when his bedmate was about to vacate the premises. Trey’s arm wrapped around her waist and he tugged her against him, spooning up against her back and tangling her in his arms and legs until she was trapped. He murmured something unintelligible against her hair. She relaxed into his warm body and told her protesting bladder to shut up. This was nice. There was no place she’d rather be. She gently stroked the skin on his forearm, concentrating on the rhythm of his breathing. She could have lain like that for hours. If she hadn’t had to pee so bad.

  She carefully untangled her body from his and hurried out of bed. He lifted his head off the pillow and blinked at her. “Where you going?” he asked, his voice slurred with sleep.

  “To the bathroom. ”

  “You coming back?”

  “How long are you going to stay in bed?”

  “Depends on if you come back. ” He grinned at her and dropped his head on her pillow, burrowing into it and inhaling deeply. “I already miss you. ”

  No wonder he got anything he wanted. He was so sweet and unashamed of it. He wasn’t manipulative, exactly. Persuasive. That’s what he was. “I’ll be back,” she promised as she slipped into her discarded panties. She’d thought about getting some guitar practice in and working on the technique Brian had shown her on the plane, but spending the day in bed with Trey sounded a lot more entertaining. She was a little disappointed that Brian had left immediately after the show and would be gone until they played in Saint Louis the next night, but she understood that his family obligations came before indulging a fangirl guitarist with lessons on his grandeur.

  Reagan put on her clothes from the day before but rummaged around in her suitcase until she found everything she needed for a shower.

  “Looks like you plan on doing more than going pee,” Trey said.

  “I’m going to take a shower. ” She was sticky with cum. Trey had used condoms the night before, but he’d peeled them off at the last moment and spurted on her belly. Her back. Her ass. Her breasts. Probably other places too. She’d lost track. At the time, it had been incredibly sexy, but now she needed to feel clean.

  After her quick shower—there was a limited supply of water on the bus—she found her purse in the dining area and checked her phone for messages. Her father had called and left a message. “I spent all day Sunday wondering if you’re alive or dead. ” She had meant to call him. She made it a habit to call him every Sunday, but so many
things were happening that it had slipped her mind. He would probably be at work, but she’d leave him a message so he knew that she was safe. He’d never wanted her to leave Arkansas. He’d been convinced that she couldn’t take care of herself. Or maybe he’d been more worried that there’d be no one to take care of him anymore. She’d taken over the role of domestic goddess when Mom had left. Cooked, cleaned, did the laundry. She sometimes worried that Daddy ate canned tuna every night and wore dirty socks, but she also knew that she had to make her own life. Catering to her father for twenty-one years had been long enough.

  She was surprised that he answered when she called.

  “Is everything okay, Reagan?” he asked gruffly.

  Her heart started to pound. She already knew that Daddy wouldn’t approve of her going on tour with a rock band. Of making her dream to become a professional guitarist a reality. If he had his way, she’d have become a concert cellist in some orchestra. Yawn.

  “Everything is wonderful, Daddy,” she said, her voice giving away none of the anxiety in her chest. She wanted him to be proud of her. She didn’t want to listen to him berate her for having dreams that did not match his. “I have some exciting news. ”

  “I thought you were dead. Or worse. Strung out on drugs. ”

  “I don’t do drugs,” she said flatly. He was big on stereotypes. “I did win a contest. ”

  “A music contest?” He actually sounded excited.

  “Yeah. ”

  “So you’re going back to cello?”

  “No, it wasn’t an orchestral contest. It was a rock guitarist contest. ”

  Silence. She could picture the look of displeasure on his face. She’d seen it enough times.

  She pressed on. “I’ve been selected to be the rhythm guitarist for Exodus End while they tour the US and world this year. This is an amazing opportunity for me. ”

  More silence.

  “So if I forget to call you, I’m probably doing drugs or sleeping around with tattooed freaks or showing off my ass on stage. ”

  More silence.

  Something, Dad. Say something.

  “I’ve got to go,” she said after a long moment of listening to silence.

  “Be careful, Reagan. ”

  The phone clicked in her ear as he hung up. “I love you, Daddy. ”

  She sank into the booth at the dining table and stared down at her phone. She figured she’d never make the man proud. She might as well let that dream go. Her cell phone sounded, alerting her to the receipt of a text message. She viewed it without much thought.

  You took what’s mine, bitch. Don’t think you’ll get away with it.

  She sucked a deep breath into her lungs and erased the message before thinking better of it. She’d probably received the message by mistake. She’d never taken anything from anyone. Why would someone threaten her? She suddenly wanted to talk to Ethan. She dialed his number. He picked up on the first ring.

  “Reagan?” His deep voice was groggy with sleep.

  “Another late night?” she asked. Her heart was still pounding, but she felt safer just hearing his voice.

  “Yeah, lucky me. ”

  “Sorry I woke you. ”

  “I’m glad you called. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been. I didn’t want to come across as a paranoid, overprotective asshole, so I somehow managed to keep myself from calling you. ”

  “You are paranoid and overprotective. ”

  “But not an asshole?”

  “Usually not. ”

  He laughed. “So why did you call? Everything okay?”

  “Mostly. ”

  “New boyfriend getting on your nerves already?”

  “No. Trey’s wonderful. I called my dad this morning. Told him about the tour. ”
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