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Double time, p.28
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       Double Time, p.28

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 28

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  The song ended and the crowd erupted in cheers. While Sed did his usual thing and talked to the crowd about how great they were, Trey headed to his microphone for a little crowd interaction of his own.

  “This crowd is hot tonight,” Trey said.

  Someone in the audience yelled something that Reagan couldn’t hear. Trey apparently heard it though, because he chuckled and said, “I won’t argue with that, sweetheart. ” His deep voice sounded even sexier echoing through the enormous, jam-packed stadium. Reagan was so going to jump his bones the second the performance ended. If he didn’t stop looking so freaking irresistible, she might not make it that long.

  Sinners segued into their crowd favorite, “Twisted. ” They usually ended a show with that song. Sinners’ show had evolved since she’d last attended one. Reagan was stunned when Jace took the ego riser and played a bass solo in the middle of the song. The crowd ate up every minute of it. Reagan couldn’t take her eyes off Trey even then. Maybe he looked so good to her while up onstage because they’d spent the last couple of hours apart. Or maybe it was the way he played a guitar like he wanted to have sex with it. That guitar didn’t know how lucky it was, but Reagan did.

  Reagan didn’t think her heart rate returned to normal for the first thirty minutes of the band’s set. Near the end of the sixth song, someone moved to stand beside her. She turned and instantly recognized Sinners’ ex-bass-player Jon Mallory.

  He tugged her headphone back and said in her ear, “Hey, cutie. You look lonely. ”

  “That will be remedied as soon as Trey’s finished. ”

  Jon grinned. “So you’re Trey’s hook-up for tonight. ”

  Reagan wasn’t sure why that little statement made her spitting mad. “I’m Trey’s hook-up every night. ”

  Jon chuckled. “Sure, sweetheart. Whatever you need to believe to remove you from your panties. ”

  “Fuck off,” she said and shoved his hand from her headphone.

  He shrugged and someone handed him a bass guitar. Reagan watched him in confusion until she saw a white baby grand piano rise from the center of the stage with Jace at the keyboard. Jon played bass in this song while Jace played piano. How could she have forgotten that? Eric’s voice singing the chorus was another unique part of this amazing song. During Jon’s entire short time onstage, he tried to upstage the rest of the band. Reagan wasn’t sure why they didn’t push him off the stage and into the pit, but Jon’s three minutes of fame (or idiocy) ended quickly and Jace was back on bass by the guitar solo.

  Jon paused next to Reagan on his way offstage. He pulled back her headphone again and said, “I’m finished now if you don’t want to wait for Trey. Or we can get in a quickie and he’ll never even have to know about it. ”

  “Are you fucking serious?” she asked.

  “Jon, leave Reagan alone,” Jake said, his blond mohawk looking somehow threatening in the alternating colors of the stage lights. “If she doesn’t kick your ass, I will. ”

  “No respect,” Jon said. Some girl in the audience standing on the floor near the end of the barrier gate waved at Jon. She flashed her tits at him and he lifted his guitar strap over his head. “Never mind. I’ve found my own good time. ”

  He handed his bass guitar to Reagan, who had no idea what to do with it, and sauntered over to the giggling fangirl who’d caught his attention. Jake took the guitar from Reagan and she returned her attention to the stage wondering how much she’d missed while Jon had distracted her.

  The next song was Sinners’ new ballad, “Fallen. ” It was common knowledge that Trey wrote the song about his addiction to painkillers and his recovery. It had never occurred to Reagan that Sinners’ two ballads had both been written by her boyfriend until that moment. He truly was a sensitive soul. Intermixed with that unmistakable naughty streak. Near the middle of the song, Trey took the mic and recited a soliloquy in a somber tone.

  “Sometimes when your world crashes down from above and you think there’s no way to claw yourself out of the rubble of your life, a hand reaches for you. Finds you. Drags you from the depths of despair and refuses to let you go. ” Trey looked across the stage at Sed. Reagan felt the emotion behind Trey’s words in her chest. Tears sprang to her eyes and the lights blurred. When Trey and Sed sang the chorus in a perfectly harmonious duet, the tears started to fall. She didn’t even try to stem the flow. She couldn’t remember the last time a song had touched her so deeply. With a few words spoken before a crowd of thousands, Trey held her heart. Completely.

  Four songs and two encores later, the lights went down for the last time. The second Trey stepped off the stage, Reagan pounced on him. He was always sexy, but watching him onstage had saturated her panties and reinforced her love for him. “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted you this badly. ”

  “Oh yeah?” he murmured close to her throbbing ear. Even with the headphones the music had been loud.

  She grabbed two fistfuls of his T-shirt and started walking backward, too fixated on Trey to even care if things were in her way. “I don’t even need foreplay. ”

  He chuckled and gave her a kiss on the temple. “I’m going to go take a shower in the dressing room before we head out. ”

  “Can I join you?”

  “Next time. We have an appearance at a mall tomorrow, so we need to leave as soon as possible. Even before the equipment is packed up. I need to hurry. ”

  “So take a shower on the bus. Preferably after we spend a couple hours in the back bedroom. Unless Eric and Rebekah…”

  “Rebekah is riding on the other bus tonight. She has to help tear down the sound equipment. That bedroom is all ours. Why don’t you go change the sheets on the bed?”

  Reagan scowled. “Are you rejecting me?”

  He laughed. “Not in a million years, baby. I just need to cool down a little. ”

  “I like you hot. ”

  “Do you like me having heat stroke? I need too cool off. I’m so overheated I’m nauseous. ”

  She wanted him desperately and it was as if he’d totally lost interest. “Fine, go take your shower. ”

  He kissed her gently and left her standing in the corridor outside the dressing room. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at the closed door. If she didn’t know better, she’d think he was avoiding her or hiding something from her. He probably just needed a moment to himself. And that’s all he was getting. A moment. If he wasn’t on the bus by the time she changed the sheets, she would drag his wet, naked body to the bus no matter how much he protested.

  “Real classy, Reagan,” she said to herself as she shuffled toward the bus, not sure why she was off to change the sheets without his assistance. The guy already had her wrapped around his finger.

  Chapter 13

  Trey closed the dressing room door and leaned against it. He’d like to say he was surprised to see the gorgeous, naked man waiting for him, but he wasn’t. It’s the reason why he’d had to talk Reagan into going to the bus without him. Jake had alerted him to this situation right after the show when Trey had handed his guitar to him. If it had been a woman waiting for him in the dressing room, he would have brought Reagan in to make sure his past lover knew that he was serious, but since it was a guy… Well, Reagan didn’t need to know this man rocked Trey’s world every time he came to Topeka.

  Trey had spent the hours Reagan had been learning about guitar technicians contacting his usual Topeka entourage and telling them not to come backstage. He’d even taken their names off the guest list. He wasn’t sure how Xavier had managed to get past security.

  “Can’t do this tonight, Xavier,” Trey said.

  Xavier pouted. “What are you talking about? We do this every time you come to town. ”

  “I’m in a relationship right now. Put your clothes on. ” Trey stared at the floor, not wanting to look at Xavier’s lean body or admit that it turned him on.

  “A relationship? What kind of a relationship?” Xavier asked.

  Trey forced himself to look into Xavier’s dark eyes. “A serious one. ”

  Xavier chuckled. “You don’t do serious relationships, Trey. If you did, I wouldn’t be satisfied having you only a few nights a year. ”

  “Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Get dressed and leave so I don’t have to call security. ”

  “Now you’re threatening to call security? You don’t have to make up stories to get me to leave. If you’re no longer attracted to me, just say so. ”

  The problem was Trey was still attracted to him and knowing that he couldn’t have him made Trey want him even more. The man had the most luscious and sensual lips on the planet. Trey could almost feel them against the back of his shoulder and at his nape. And Xavier’s hands. His firm grip always stroked Trey to orgasm within minutes. Trey tried looking anywhere but at Xavier’s proud, rigid cock, but his eyes seemed to have a mind of their own. Trey wanted to be possessed by this man, not in the spiritual way that Reagan possessed him, but the physical way that she couldn’t.

  Xavier approached slowly. He moved like a cat, his graceful limbs drawing him across the room in long, fluid strides. A long-distance runner, Xavier had a lean, athletic build that made Trey’s belly quiver. “Why do you lie to me, Trey Mills? I see the way you look at me. I know you want me. ”

  Trey shook his head. “I am in a relationship,” he said. “Reagan is… Reagan is… Reagan…” Xavier was standing so close that Trey could feel his body heat, smell the mix of aftershave, cocoa butter, and arousal on him. His dark skin looked so warm and smooth and inviting, especially the hard cock situated inches from prodding Trey in the belly.

  “A woman?” Xavier laughed. “And you are monogamous with her? This woman?”

  Trey nodded.

  “How long have you been together with her?”

  Trey almost didn’t want to admit the truth. He’d only been with Reagan a short while and he was already craving some man-on-man action. It didn’t help that Xavier was one of his favorite lovers, and he usually looked forward to their times together. “Three days. ”

  Xavier cupped Trey’s face and ran his thumb over his cheek. “So new. How sweet. I will wait for you to return to me next time. I am a patient man, but also logical. A man who likes cock as much as you do will never survive a monogamous relationship with a woman. ”

  “I really care about her,” Trey said. He did. Xavier was wrong. Trey would make it work with Reagan. He just needed someone to keep the naked men out of his dressing room and things would go much better. Out of sight, out of dirty mind.

  “She’s a lucky woman. You should tell her I said that. ”

  Not in ten million years.

  Trey slid around Xavier’s tall body and headed for the connecting bathroom. “I expect you to be gone by the time I’m done showering. ”

  Xavier groaned. “You test a man to his limits, Trey. That might be why I’m so in love with you. ”

  Trey picked up Xavier’s discarded shirt and tossed it at him. “Now who’s making up bullshit stories?”

  “Believe what you must. ”

  Trey entered the bathroom and locked the door. He wasn’t sure if he’d locked it to keep Xavier out or to keep himself from inviting him in. Trey had to take a shower though or Reagan would know he was keeping things from her. He wanted to be completely honest with her about everything. Well, except for his past attraction to men. She didn’t need to know about that, but everything else… completely honest. He was still trying to convince himself that he was being honest with Reagan when he finished his shower and found, with a strange mix of relief and disappointment, that Xavier had done what he’d asked and left.
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