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Double time, p.27
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       Double Time, p.27

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 27

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Sorry,” she murmured. “I got carried away. ”

  He licked a trail up her belly, his face tilted so he could look at her as he made his way upward. “That’s the whole point,” he said. He latched onto her nipple, sucking and flicking her favorite bit of metal in the world against the sensitive peak. His fingers began to glide in and out of her body in the same rhythm.

  “Can I tell you something?” he asked.

  “Yeah. Of course. ”

  “I’ve never had sex without a condom. ”

  She smiled. “That’s good. Very responsible. ”

  “Have you?”

  She could feel the heat of embarrassment rise up her face. “Well, yeah, but only with steady boyfriends. After we both got checked out at the clinic, of course. Does that thought bother you?”

  He shook his head. “Do you consider me your steady boyfriend?”

  Oh, that’s what this was about. “Yeah. I suppose I do. ”

  “Do you want to make an appointment at the clinic with me?”

  She nodded.

  He grinned. “Good, because I forgot to bring a condom again. If this keeps happening, I’m going to end up with a permanent stiffy. ”

  She laughed and hugged him. “I don’t think that would be so bad. ”

  Chapter 12

  Reagan couldn’t keep her hands off Trey. She had watched him from the crowd at numerous Sinners concerts so she knew what to expect, but watching him get ready for the show gave a whole new meaning to the man’s stage persona. He inserted hoops and studs into all of his piercings, but removed that glorious one from his tongue that he’d shared with her earlier. He gelled his hair so his bangs covered his eye as usual, but a shorter strip down the center of his head stood on end. She watched him button up a worn plaid shirt and slide into his baggy jeans. She helped him fasten leather cuffs around his wrists and several chains around his neck. He added another pair of silver chains to hang in loops along one hip. Hell, even his white socks in tacky contrast with his black canvas shoes were trademark and reminded her who her boyfriend really was—the Trey Mills. A hole in his jeans just inches from his crotch continually drew Reagan’s attention. If she stuck her finger in that hole—and she had several times—she could slide her fingers over the black silk of his boxers. Standing backstage, sucking on a cherry sucker, and rocking up on his toes with nervous energy, Trey Mills was a walking aphrodisiac.

  “I want you again,” she murmured in his ear, grabbing his black leather belt in both hands. It had silver eyelets down its entire length, which gave her ideas. “I want to use this belt to tie you to the bed and tease you for hours. ”

  He popped his sucker out of his mouth and asked, “Which part are you going to tease?”

  “Every inch. ”

  “Even my toes?”

  “Especially your toes. ”

  “If you’re into bondage, we can hit Jace up for some restraints. I think he still has some on the bus. ”


  “Yeah, he’s a badass in the bedroom. He and Aggie even give couples lessons in BDSM when he’s off tour. If you really want to get kinky, let me know. I’ll schedule an appointment. They have a dungeon in their basement. ”

  Reagan’s eyebrows drew together. “I thought Aggie made corsets. ”

  Trey grinned. “She’s a woman of many talents. She also dances. ”

  “She’s not dancing anymore,” Jace said. “Not professionally. ”

  He was so quiet Reagan hadn’t even realized he was standing right beside her. Jace’s platinum blond hair was spiked. His dark beard stubble stood in stark contrast to his light hair and had been recently trimmed. He wore his usual black leather jacket, white T-shirt, and snug blue jeans. His outfit was made even more biker by his heavy black boots, black leather belt, and the wide studded, leather cuff on his left wrist. She’d never seen Jace wear anything else. She suspected he wore his jacket and boots to bed. In the Sinners concerts she’d been to, Jace always hung to the back of the stage. Now that she knew him a little better, she assumed it was because he was shy. There was an edge to him that she’d never quite understood, but if he was a dom in the bedroom, it made a little more sense. “I suppose you’re her one-man audience,” Reagan teased.

  Jace shuddered and his eyes glazed over. Hot damn, Reagan could only imagine how sexy the man looked when he fucked. As if she wasn’t turned on enough by Trey already, she didn’t need Jace pushing additional buttons.

  “She insisted on having a stripper pole installed in our bedroom,” Jace said. “It had nothing to do with me. ”

  “I’m sure it had everything to do with you,” Trey said and shoved him in the arm.

  So Brian’s woman was a sex professor, Sed’s looked like a centerfold, Eric’s dressed up for him, and Jace’s had a pole in his bedroom and a dungeon in his basement. Reagan was dating the most sensual member of the band and he had to find her sexual expertise sadly lacking. He’d be bored with her in a week. She better up her game.

  “Hey, Jace,” she said, “Trey and I want to schedule a session in your dungeon. ”

  “Trey hates pain,” Jace said.

  Trey licked his sucker and Reagan was momentarily transported back to the tour bus bathroom and the things he’d done to her with that tongue. “He’s right. I’m not a fan of pain. ”

  “Is that all there is to your sessions? Pain?” Reagan asked.

  “My sessions?” Jace said. It was too dark to know for sure, but Reagan imagined he was blushing. He did that a lot and it softened that edge of danger in him just enough to make him adorable. “Yeah, I’m pretty much on the receiving end of lots of pain, but there are other things we can show you. Do you want me to text Aggie and see if she has any openings that week we’re in L. A. ?”

  Reagan hoped she sounded confident when she said, “Yeah. I’d like to try it. ”

  Trey wrapped both arms around her and moved her body to face his. He hugged her against him and whispered into her ear. “You’re not worried that you aren’t adventurous enough for me, are you?”

  Was she that transparent? “A little,” she admitted.

  “I have tried pretty much every sexual thing you can imagine. ”

  Her heart sank. “Oh. ”

  “If you want to try new things, I’m more than willing to participate, but don’t do it for my benefit. ”

  “I don’t want you to get bored with me. ”

  He smiled and tapped her nose with his sticky sucker. “No chance. ”

  She didn’t believe him.

  “Well, there is one thing you can do to keep me interested,” he said.

  She looked up at him, wishing she could see his expression more clearly in the limited illumination behind the darkened stage. “What?”

  “Fuck me with the lights on so I can stare into your eyes. ”

  She laughed. “That was almost romantic, Trey. ”

  He tilted his head and she could almost make out his impish look in the darkness. She was familiar enough with it to know how irresistible he looked when he did it. “Would it be more romantic with candles? I don’t usually look people in the eye when I have sex with them. ”

  “Why not?”

  “Apparently it makes me fall in love with them. ”

  She laughed and patted the center of his chest. “Yeah right, Trey. ”

  “Thirty seconds,” someone said from near the stage.

  Trey kissed Reagan and pulled away abruptly, reaching for the red and white guitar someone was holding in his direction. He slid the strap over his head, and one of the road crew checked the wireless transmitter that was attached to the back of his guitar strap. A pat on the shoulder and he moved to stand beside Brian next to the stage’s steps. Trey said something to him that Reagan couldn’t hear and Brian nodded.

  Trey slipped a pair of earbuds into each ear and then after a
few seconds climbed the steps and trotted across the stage in the darkness. Jace followed him and then Brian ascended the stairs. Reagan moved to stand near the bottom of the steps beside Sed, who was waiting for his cue to enter the stage. Someone handed Reagan a set of earphones. Dave grinned up at her from his wheelchair when she accepted them. She put them on and could hear Rebekah giving out instructions to the band, and then she could hear Eric and Jace start the low-toned intro to Sinners’ latest single, “Betrayed. ” She’d never seen them play this song live. Didn’t know what to expect. She was as excited as the cheering crowd in the stadium. Probably more so. She was close enough to touch them. She had touched them. Some of them more so than others.

  The curtain dropped and the blinding stage lights flashed on as Brian and Trey entered the song with a pair of solos that complemented one another perfectly. Every band had something that set them apart, and that was Sinners’ thing. They had two amazing guitarists—Brian who played like he was soloing constantly, and Trey who either complemented him by enriching Brian’s soloing style with intricate pieces of his own or underlying it with more subdued rhythmic sounds that focused even more attention on Brian’s wailing melodies. Reagan had always been a fan of Master Sinclair. It was a shame she’d never noticed how empty his guitar work would sound without Trey backing him. A strange feeling of pride suffused her as she watched Trey play on the opposite side of the stage from where she stood. She needed to get closer. Sed patted her shoulder and she started. She looked up at him and found him grinning at her. Since when did Sed Lionheart have dimples? She had no idea what he was grinning at her for. Maybe he thought it was funny that she was drooling over her own boyfriend, but whatever it was, the opportunity to ask him vanished when Rebekah said, “Sed, in three seconds,” in Reagan’s headphones and Sed took the steps to the stage.

  When Sed jogged across the stage, singing the first lyrics of the song, the entire crowd roared their approval. Had Reagan been in the crowd, she’d have been screaming right along with them, but as it was, she couldn’t take her eyes off Trey. When he fingered his fret board, she envisioned those talented fingers on her. In her. When he bounced on his toes rhythmically, she imagined him driving his cock deep into her body. When he started to sing backup vocals, she remembered what his cries of pleasure sounded like in her ear when he came. She was halfway to orgasm before they reached the end of the first stanza. She never would have guessed that watching the man perform would get her so worked up.

  The guitar solo in this song was one of Sinners’ amazing dueling pieces. Brian climbed up on the ego riser at the center of the stage and Trey joined him. The pair leaned against each other as they played, and Reagan’s thoughts raced in all sorts of inappropriate directions. The pair of them played together perfectly. It was almost as if they were making love to each other with music. Erotic thoughts swarmed Reagan’s mind. If they just turned their heads toward each other, they could kiss. Holy hell that would be hot. At the end of the solo they stepped away and returned to opposite ends of the stage. Their spell over her broken, Reagan wondered where those thoughts had come from. She’d never thought watching her boyfriend make out with another man would be sexually stimulating. What was it about Trey and Brian that had her heart pounding?

  Sed entered the song again and an unexpected twang alerted the guitar technician, and anyone else paying attention, to a snapped guitar string. Jake grabbed a replacement instrument and switched it out with Brian before Reagan had even comprehended what happened. With only a few notes missed, Brian got right back into the song on a different guitar, while Jake hurried to remove the pieces of the broken string and replace them with a new one so Brian could get his preferred instrument back as soon as possible.

  Before the show, Reagan had followed Jake around learning all she could about how the equipment was managed for well-known bands. She’d been particularly excited to find out she wouldn’t have to tune her own guitars or replace the strings. Technicians would do that for her. She was liking this gig more and more.
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