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         Part #1 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Feel how hard I am for you?” Trey said in Mark’s ear. “That’s going in your ass as soon as Brian clears out of here. ”

  Mark gasped and tried to pul away. “No, I don’t want… It wil hurt. Won’t it hurt?” He glanced over his shoulder at Trey uncertainly. Brian noticed he wasn’t protesting very hard.

  “Not the way I do it. ”

  “Change the sheets when you’re done. ” Brian retrieved his hat from the dresser and hurried out of the room. He finished dressing in the hal , pretending he couldn’t hear Trey’s newest lover crying out in ecstasy on the other side of the thin door. Brian tipped his lucky hat—a floppy, leather fedora—on his head. He didn’t want to waste time fixing his shoulder-length hair in its usual messy, spiked style. What he wanted to do was make Myrna’s flight arrive sooner.

  “So is she on her way?” Eric asked.

  Brian checked his watch. “She should be here in a couple of hours. Wil you do me a huge favor?”

  “Depends on what it is. ”

  “Clean this place up. It’s a fucking embarrassment. ”

  Eric glanced around as if seeing their living conditions for the first time. “You’re right. God, how do we live like this?”

  “We’re slobs, but I doubt Myrna wil appreciate having to stay here in our filth. Do you know where Jace is? I want to borrow his bike. ”

  “No idea. ”

  Brian went in search of Jace, checking his watch excessively. He didn’t want to be late picking her up. If necessary, he’d drive the fucking bus to the airport.

  Chapter 14

  The first hour of her plane ride, Myrna could think of nothing but Brian and al the things she wanted to do to him when she saw him. The plane could not get to Portland fast enough. Eventual y, she grew tired of checking her wristwatch every thirty seconds and sorted through her mail. Among the textbook advertisements and interdepartmental memos, she found a letter from a funding agency. Her last ditch grant! She’d almost missed the submission deadline and knew it wasn’t her best work, but without research funding, the university wouldn’t let her keep her job for long. She didn’t have tenure yet.

  Myrna hesitated, afraid to open the letter. She’d applied on a whim the day after she’d left Brian in Des Moines. She had the groupies to thank for the inspiration. And now that she knew for sure her government-sponsored grant would not be renewed for the fol owing year, she didn’t just want to work on this project as a fun summer side project. She needed this project to keep a roof over her head. But would it make good research? Did anyone care why women became promiscuous in the company of rock stars?

  Heart hammering, she tore open the letter and scanned its contents. Score! Ful funding. Enough to get her through the summer, in any case, and hopeful y secure her faculty position for one more year.

  “Yes!” she said, startling the man in the seat next to her. He snorted and fel back to sleep. She could use the summer months to do her field work. That would give her the time she needed to col ect data without her added teaching responsibilities. She just needed a famous rock band to fol ow around for three months. Would Sinners be wil ing to let her tour with them? It wouldn’t hurt to ask. It probably would hurt if the band refused her request. She cared about them. As friends. But if she spent every moment of the next three months with Brian, how would she keep him at arm’s length? Did she even want to? The joy his cal had incited indicated she was more attached to the man than she’d like to think. Here she was on an airplane to Oregon to visit him, after al .

  She took a deep breath. The only reason she wanted to see Brian so badly was because he was so good in bed. So open to suggestion. So accommodating. He never tried to make her feel like a whore. She could be herself with him. Yeah, that was the reason her heart rate hadn’t returned to normal since he’d cal ed. Holding him at arm’s length would be no problem. No problem at al . But what if he didn’t want her to tour with his band? How would she feel if he said no?

  Maybe she should ask another band. She couldn’t put her heart on the line again. She’d barely survived her marriage and divorce. Emotional y. Mental y. Physical y. It had literal y almost kil ed her. She slid her hand under her hair and absently fingered the thick scar on the back of her head. No, she never wanted to open herself to that kind of devastation again. Not even with a great guy like Brian. Jeremy had been great in the beginning. She couldn’t let herself forget that. Myrna tucked the grant letter into her purse. This news was too good to dwel on negative possibilities. She would decide if she wanted to ask Sinners to participate in her study at the end of the weekend. For now, she’d just enjoy her moments with Brian and not think about real life. Or her ex-husband.

  Near the end of the plane ride, she went to the bathroom and removed her panties. She tucked them into her suit jacket pocket. A little present to get Brian in the mood and set this rendezvous on the right track from the start. Not that Brian ever needed help to get in the mood, but she was competing with young girls begging him to autograph their perky tits. If she wanted to keep him interested in her body, she’d have to surprise him occasional y. With al that young, available pussy around him, he was sure to get bored with her in no time.

  When the plane circled Mount Adams and landed in Portland, Myrna felt a surge of nervousness. What if his opinion of her had changed since she’d last seen him? What if that insatiable spark between them had fizzled out? What if he wasn’t attracted to her any longer? What if—

  “Nervous?” the man seated next to her asked.

  She shook her head, though yes, she was nervous. She needed to get a grip.

  “First time in Portland?”

  “I was here a few years ago for a meeting. ”

  “It’s a beautiful city. I hope you enjoy yourself. ”

  She flushed. With Brian between her thighs, that was guaranteed. “I hope so, too. ”

  When she exited the ramp onto the concourse, she glanced around for a familiar face. Clad in leather from head to foot, including his floppy fedora, Brian stood at the end of the ramp. She recognized him instantly despite the dark shades he wore to disguise himself. Every concern clouding her mind vanished the instant he smiled at her. He pushed his way through the exiting passengers and captured her in his arms, claiming her mouth in a passionate kiss. Her knees went weak. My God, this man could kiss. He pul ed back and raked his eyes over her.

  “You look gorgeous,” he said, kissing her again.

  “You look… mysterious. ” She tapped the brim of his hat with her fingertips.

  “It seems we have a lot of rabid fans in Portland. ” He chuckled. “I’ve been dodging them al day. Poor Sed had the shirt ripped off his back this morning. ”

  “Real y?”

  “Yep. ”

  “So my plan to rip your shirt off isn’t very original. ”

  He laughed and kissed her tenderly. “I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’ve had you on my mind non-stop al month. I real y missed you. ”

  Her heart thudded. “I missed you, too. I didn’t realize how much until I heard your voice. ”

  He stroked a stray hair from her cheek and tucked it behind her ear. “Are you opening up possibilities between us?”

  She grinned. “Sexual possibilities. ”

  He smiled and kissed her again. “I’l take what I can get. Should we get your luggage?”

  “What luggage?”

  “You didn’t bring anything?”

  “I didn’t have time to pack. ”

  He grinned. Smugly. “I see. ”

  “I did bring you a present. ” She fished the white, satin panties out of her pocket and handed them to him. “They got so wet from thinking about you, I took them off on the plane. ”

  He held them up to his nose and inhaled deeply. “Are you trying to kil me?” he murmured. “God, Myrna. ”

  She chuckled.

  He whispe
red in her ear, “Does this mean you aren’t wearing any panties under that skirt?”

  She grinned at him. “That’s what it means. ”

  “Christ, Myrna. You are trying to kil me!”

  He took her hand, urging her forward at a run. She had a hard time keeping up with him in her high-heels. He found a deserted concourse and tugged her through the door of a men’s room.

  “Brian? What are you doing?”

  “You don’t real y think I can wait until we get back to the bus, do you?”

  He shoved open a stal and pul ed her inside, pressing her up against the stal door. His mouth descended on hers. His hands moved down her hips to lift her skirt up around her waist. She shuddered when his fingers found the moist heat between her thighs.

  “You real y are wet,” he said, as if awed by the discovery.

  “Did you think I was making up stories for your amusement?”

  Her hands moved to the fly of his leather pants, releasing his cock. When she touched him, he drew a shaky breath through his teeth. “Abstinence is so not my thing. ”

  His words didn’t have time to register before he lifted her thigh to his hip and plunged into her body. She clung to his shoulders, groaning at the enthusiasm of his strokes.

  “Garters under a conservative gray suit, Professor?” he murmured, his fingers running under the straps holding up her stockings.

  “Do you know how hot that is?”

  “I like to keep my smuttiness careful y concealed. ”

  “You’re not fooling me,” he whispered.

  “I’m not trying to, but you’re the only one who knows. ”

  “That makes it even hotter. ”

  He held her against the door as he thrust up into her, grinding deeply as he knew she liked it. “Brian. Brian! Oh God, Brian!”

  “Shh, someone might come in,” he said. “The last thing I need is to be arrested for public indecency. ”

  She tensed. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean to be indecent. ”

  “There is nothing indecent about you, baby. ” He cupped her jaw and kissed her gently. “You scream my name al you want. ”

  She opened her eyes to look at him and found him stil wearing his sunglasses. She took them off and tucked them into his jacket pocket. She wanted to see his eyes. Brown. Intense. Glazed with desire. For her.

  He grinned. “Can we change positions? This is pretty hard on my back. ”

  “Are you getting old?”

  “Yeah, I must be. ”

  He pul ed out and guided her hands to the wal at the back of the stal . He bent her over the toilet, not the most romantic view, and pushed her skirt up around her waist. He buried his face in her ass and lapped at the liquid heat between her thighs.

  “Mmm,” he murmured, spreading her labia with his fingers to gain better access. “I missed this, too. ” As he licked and sucked on her flesh, he ran his hands up and down her thighs, fascinated by the bare flesh above the tops of her stockings. Her breathing became erratic and shaky as she neared orgasm.

  He stood and leaned over her, possessing her body with his thick cock again. She cried out as her body shook with release. She thought she heard a door open, but didn’t care as she shifted backward to meet his every stroke.

  “God, baby, I’ve missed you. I hear it again. ”

  “The music?”

  “Yeah, the music. ”

  The sound of a zipper being released came from the stal next to them. Brian surprised her by increasing his tempo, seeking quick release. “We need to get out of here,” he whispered into her ear. “I want to make love to you slowly. With lots of blank paper and pens nearby. ”

  She wriggled her hips and he gasped.

  “Do that again. ”

  She complied. Brian groaned.

  The guy in the next stal echoed Brian’s groan and let a loud fart rip in the toilet. Myrna covered her mouth with her hand, trying to hold in her laughter.
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