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Double time, p.20
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       Double Time, p.20

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 20

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  Trey watched her walk down the hall next to Dare until she was out of sight and then wheeled her suitcase into the parlor where everyone was waiting.

  “So where is she?” Brian asked, craning his neck to look behind Trey.

  Trey couldn’t resist fucking with him. “She’s right here in this suitcase. She’s an amazing contortionist. ”

  “A contortionist?”

  “Yeah. Why do you think I fell for her so quickly? She can wrap both ankles around her neck and lick her own clit. ”

  Brian’s eyes widened. “No shit?”

  “Shit no. ” Trey shook his head and grinned. “She went with Dare to pick out a guitar. ”

  “Is she really that talented?” Brian asked.

  “I think she could give you a run for your money, Master Sinclair. ”

  “We’ll see,” he said. He lifted sleeping Malcolm to his lips and then lowered him into his carrier. “I love you, little one. Keep an eye on your mom for me. You’re the man of the house when I’m away. ”

  Jessica hovered nearby to watch the little guy snooze. Brian drew Myrna to her feet and then led her out of the room so they could say their good-byes in private. With nothing better to do, Trey went to stand beside Jessica so he could watch his godson sleep.

  “He really is amazing, isn’t he?” Jessica said.

  Trey glanced over his shoulder in the direction Brian had disappeared. “Yeah. He really is. ”

  “I wonder if Sed’s ready to start a family. ” Jessica stroked the baby’s cheek with her knuckles. “I sure do want one of these all of a sudden. ”

  “It’s that biological clock. Tick. Tick. Tick. I can hear it all the way over here. ”

  Jessica shoved him. “I’m not that old. ”

  She wasn’t old at all. She was just fun to tease.

  “You know Sed has always wanted a bunch of kids,” Trey said.

  “Yeah, every time we talk about it he adds another one to the brood. He thinks we need eight now. ”

  “Do you have any idea what that’s going to do to your vagina?”

  “Trey!” She smacked him repeatedly in the arm.

  Yeah. Fun to tease. She got riled up so easily. One of the many things that got Sed’s motor running for the woman. Not that Trey blamed him. Jessica was easily the most beautiful woman he’d ever met, and Trey had met a lot of women in his day. She was way too high-strung for Trey’s taste. Trey preferred someone more laid back. Like Reagan. She entered the room as if on cue carrying a guitar case in each hand. Dare had two as well.

  “Reagan, we’re only going to be gone for two weeks,” Trey said. “You don’t need four guitars. ”

  “She wanted to bring eight,” Dare said. “This was our compromise. ”

  “They’re all so beautiful. I couldn’t pick favorites. ”

  Reagan tossed a questioning look in Jessica’s direction. Trey hadn’t realized they were standing so close to each other. Jessica had seen him hit rock bottom, so he was incredibly comfortable around her. Hell, he was incredibly comfortable around most people. Reagan would have to get used to it sooner rather than later.

  “This is Jessica Chase. ”

  Reagan’s eyes widened. “I thought you looked familiar. I saw that video of you and Sed getting it on at the top of the Eif—”

  Trey shook his head vigorously and luckily Reagan realized she should keep her knowledge of Sed and Jessica’s infamous sex video to herself.

  “Nice to meet you. I’m Reagan Elliot. ”

  “So you’re a guitarist?” Jessica asked.

  “Yeah. Can you believe this fucking shit? Yesterday I was a barista. Today I’m rhythm guitarist for the hottest metal band on the planet, dating the sexiest man in the universe, and about to get on a private jet to go on tour with a band I’ve idolized for years. Are you fecking serious? How did this happen?”

  “Because you’re talented,” Dare said.

  Reagan flushed. “You’re making my head swell. ”

  “You always make my head swell,” Trey quipped.

  “You’ll have to show me that on the jet. Where’s Master Sinclair? Is he here?” Reagan glanced around the room.

  “He’s saying good-bye to his wife,” Trey said. “It might be a while. ”

  “This is his new baby,” Jessica said, lifting Malcolm out of his carrier. The baby released a cry of protest and Brian dashed into the room.

  “What’s wrong?”

  “I just picked him up and startled him a little,” Jessica said. “He’s fine, Papa Bear. ”

  “He shouldn’t be handled by too many people,” Dare said. “His little immune system can’t handle all the germs. ”

  Brian paled.

  “I’ll take him,” Myrna said, walking rather slow and grimacing with each step. She collected the baby in her arms and he immediately started rooting around for a meal.

  “He knows his mother already,” Brian said and stroked Malcolm’s hair.

  Reagan dropped her guitar case and her fingers dug into Trey’s arm. He glanced at her and she looked like she was about to faint or explode or something. He followed her line of sight to Brian. Trey hoped she didn’t go all fangirl in front of everyone. He’d just told Jessica that she was cool.

  “Is this your girlfriend?” Myrna asked Trey.

  “Yeah, this is Reagan. ”

  “Nice to meet you. ” Myrna examined Reagan from head to toe. Her gaze finally settled on Reagan’s guitar case. “You’re a very attractive woman. I have a thing for guitarists, you know,” Myrna said.

  Brian choked. He turned to look at Reagan and his eyes widened. “If you want to hook up with her, Myrna, you totally have my permission,” he said, “but only if I get to participate. ”

  Myrna chuckled. “I wasn’t serious, baby. But you are. Serious. You need to relax. You’re going to explode. Everything will be fine. I promise. ”

  Brian sighed and kissed her temple. “I’m going to miss you. Make sure you take a picture of Malcolm every hour and send it to me. And video. Record lots of videos. I don’t want to miss anything. ”

  Myrna cupped his face with her free hand. “I will. I promise. ”

  “Jessica,” Brian said, tearing his gaze off his little family long enough to glance at Sed’s fiancée. “I know Myr won’t call me if there’s a problem, so you’d better. ”

  Jessica nodded.

  “She can always call me if she needs anything,” Dare said. “I’ll be here. ” Trey cleared his throat and luckily Dare was a mind reader. “I’ll just cancel my trip to Hawaii,” he added. “No big deal. ”

  Trey took Reagan’s hand. “Let’s go get on the plane. ”

  She was still gaping at Brian, so Trey had to give her a tug. She inhaled as if startled and looked at Trey. “Plane? Yeah, okay,” she said. She picked up the guitar case she had dropped.

  Trey collected her suitcases. “We’ll see you in a couple of weeks,” he said.

  Reagan said, “Nice to meet you all. ”

  “We’ll talk when you get off tour,” Myrna said. “I’d love to get the perspective of a female musician for the book I’m writing. ”

  “Sure,” Reagan agreed.

  “I’ll be there in a few,” Brian said before continuing to say his good-byes with his wife. There was a lot of open-mouthed kissing involved in the process.

  Carrying two guitar cases, Dare followed Trey and Reagan toward the back of the house where the airstrip was located.

  “Sorry you didn’t get a better introduction,” Trey said to Reagan.

  “It’s okay. Everyone’s excited about the new baby. I understand. ”

  “Brian isn’t going to handle this separation well,” Dare commented. “He’s going to need your support to get through this, Trey. ”

  Trey was always willing to support Brian. It felt kind of strange that Trey didn’t
consider this an opportunity to try to get Brian to fall in love, or in bed, with him. Maybe Trey’s feelings for Brian were starting to change. “All the guys will be there for him. You know that,” Trey said.

  “But he’ll need you most. ”

  “I never realized he was such a family man,” Reagan said. “I remember how crushed I was when I found out he’d gotten himself married and was no longer available. He really loves his wife though. I can tell. ”

  “Those two are forever,” Trey said and smiled.

  When they reached the sleek black jet, Reagan entered first. She started squealing excitedly as soon as she was onboard. “This is amazing! Oh my God! I’ve never been on a private jet before. ”

  Trey and Dare followed her aboard. They watched her dart about the cabin as she inspected the wet bar and the entertainment center. The comfortable leather captain chairs, the sofa, and the bathroom. “Room in here for sex,” she announced.

  A surge of lust pulsed through Trey’s groin. Their make-out session in the limo that morning already had his motor running in second gear, and that little comment shifted it into third.

  “Yeah there is,” Dare murmured to Trey out of the corner of his mouth.

  Trey was certain Dare knew that from experience.

  “Reagan, sweetheart, you really need to work on your cool rock star veneer while you’re on tour with Sinners,” Dare said. “No matter how excited you are about something, you have to pretend it’s the most fucking boring thing you’ve ever encountered. It’s pretty much expected that you act that way. Like it or not, honey, you’re a rock star now. ”

  “I am?”

  Dare nodded.

  “Okay,” Reagan said. “I’ll try. ” She pretended to stifle a yawn. “I can’t believe this jet doesn’t have an Olympic-sized swimming pool and full spa facilities. How can I be expected to exist under these horrible conditions? Where’s my fuckin’ beer? It better be cold. ” She glanced at Dare, who laughed. “How’s that?”

  “Much better. ”

  “I should probably warn you that Sinners don’t live like this,” Trey said. “Not even close. ”

  “I can’t wait to see the inside of your tour bus,” Reagan said. “I usually have to suck off at least two roadies to get in to see a band. ”

  Trey gaped at her and she laughed.

  “I’m kidding,” she said.

  When he relaxed, she added, “It usually only takes one. ”

  Dare tossed his head back and laughed until Trey thought he might pass out from lack of air. “She is so perfect for you, little brother. ”

  Trey couldn’t argue. He happened to agree.


  Reagan kept one eye on the open door of the jet waiting for Brian Sinclair to make an appearance. She would do her damnedest not to go ape shit ballistic when she saw him, but as much as she’d been starstruck the first time she’d met Trey and the members of Exodus End, when she’d seen Brian she’d almost had a coronary. The man had entirely changed her life. If he hadn’t influenced her style of guitar-playing, she wouldn’t be in the incredible position at all. Still, she didn’t want to annoy him by prostrating herself at his feet or damaging his eardrums with rapturous squeals.

  She heard voices outside the open door of the jet and her body stiffened.

  “Are you nervous?” Trey asked. He reached across the aisle and took her hand to give it an encouraging squeeze.

  “A little. I’ll try not to embarrass myself. ”

  “Why would you embarrass yourself?”

  “Because I’m about to be trapped on a jet for more than two hours with the Brian Sinclair. ”
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