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Double time, p.14
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       Double Time, p.14

         Part #5 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 14

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “So what exactly will my duties be?” Ethan asked, trying to ignore the way Reagan was rubbing her sweet ass against Trey’s crotch. Ethan still remembered how well that ass fit his palms while she rode him. How hot and slick and tight her pussy felt as it slid up and down his length.

  Trey paused and looked up at Ethan. “You talk too much. ” He lifted his hand and stuck his half-eaten sucker in Ethan’s mouth. “Where’s your bedroom, Reagan? Or I could just bend you over that sofa there and finish what we started in the limo. ”


  “This way,” Reagan said and grabbed a handful of Trey’s T-shirt. She tugged him into her bedroom and shut the door before Ethan could come up with another stall tactic.

  Shit. Where were his sound-blocking headphones? There was no way he’d be able to survive listening to those sexy sounds Reagan made when she was getting it good. And Ethan had no doubt that Trey Mills was going to give it to her good.

  Chapter 8

  Trey was glad when Reagan shut her bedroom door and removed her very distracting roommate from sight. He hadn’t even made it through a day and he was already thinking about being utterly seduced by a man. Well, one man. The big, gorgeous alpha male in the living room. Trey knew Ethan would hold him down and fuck him good and hard when he needed it. It would be nice to let someone take charge for a change. His last few lovers had been total bottoms, which had its perks, but sometimes Trey wanted a man who took charge and… Wait. Wrong! What was he thinking? No more men. No submissive bottoms. No alpha tops. Not even a healthy switch. No men. Period.

  Reagan turned on a lamp, opened the top drawer of her dresser, and rummaged around until she produced a small box of condoms. She blushed when she moved to stand before him. “Only two left. I hope that’s enough. ”

  “We could always borrow some extras from Ethan. ”

  Reagan’s eyes widened. “I couldn’t. ”

  Trey was starting to think there was still something between the roommates. Something more substantial than friendship. “Do you still care about the guy?”

  “Well, I might if he wasn’t gay. Can we not talk about Ethan? I’d much rather concentrate on you. ”

  But would she still want to concentrate on him if she knew that Trey tended to be as attracted to the same sex as much as he was attracted to the opposite sex? Except he’d given up on men. Yeah. He only wanted women. And at the moment, he only wanted Reagan. He would not allow himself to imagine how unbelievable it would feel to have Ethan’s weight against his back as he filled him from behind. Trey seriously needed to get busy with Reagan so he could orient his thoughts back where they belonged. On his new girlfriend. Who was smoking hot, a lot of fun, interesting, and with whom he had more in common than any other person he’d ever met, with the exception of Brian.


  Trey grabbed Reagan around the waist and pulled her up against his chest before lowering his head to kiss her breathless. He would not be thinking about Brian either. Just Reagan. She was everything Trey could ever possibly want in a woman, and he wasn’t going to mess this up by thinking about men.

  Reagan tugged at Trey’s T-shirt impatiently and he released her long enough to pull it off over his head. She removed her tank top as well, freeing her small, perky breasts to his eager gaze.

  “You’re beautiful,” he said, touching her face, her shoulder, her rosy nipple.

  “Show me,” she whispered.

  He smiled. “I’d be happy to. ”

  He took her hand and led her to the bed. He kissed her neck while he worked at the button of her cargo pants and released the zipper. Starting at her throat, he licked his way down the center of her body as he slowly lowered her pants to the floor. She kicked them aside and tugged him to his feet. “Let’s go take a shower. ”


  “I have sand all over my feet. And I smell like dog. ”

  “You smell like pussy,” he corrected, and it had his motor revving on high.

  She chuckled. “That too. ”

  “That’s a good thing. Trust me. ”

  She stared down at her hands and pulled a face of disgust. Okay, he supposed he could survive showering with her if it would allow her to relax.

  Trey glanced around the room, looking for a door to a connecting bathroom. There was a sliding closet door and the door they’d entered, but nothing that led to a bathroom. “Where’s your bathroom?”

  “There’s only one in this apartment. ”

  He was surprised when she opened the bedroom door and walked out into the hall completely naked. Wasn’t Ethan out there? Trey kicked off his shoes and followed her. Ethan was indeed out there, and the way he looked at her told Trey what he’d expected all along. Ethan wasn’t homosexual; he was bi. For years, Trey had searched for a bisexual partner. They weren’t easy to find. Women, sure. He’d encountered plenty of bisexual women, but bisexual men willing to admit to it were more of a rarity. Of course Trey would discover the perfect lover the day he vowed to give up men forever. Murphy’s Law.

  Ethan’s dark eyes flicked from completely-naked Reagan to half-naked Trey. Trey lifted an eyebrow at him in question. He couldn’t believe that Reagan hadn’t picked up on this guy’s vibes. Was she completely clueless or just seeing what she wanted to see? Ethan grabbed a pillow, hugged it to his abdomen, and turned his attention back to the boxing match he was watching. His enormous biceps strained beneath his skin as he clutched the helpless, blue sofa pillow. Trey expected it to rend in two at any moment.

  “Trey?” Reagan called from the bathroom. “Did you get lost?”

  “I’m coming,” he said.

  “Not without me, you aren’t. ”

  He chuckled. The woman made his heart sing. It was stupid of him to even entertain thoughts of anyone but her. When he entered the bathroom, she was bent over the tub adjusting the temperature of the water. All that slick, rosy flesh between her legs instantly grabbed his complete attention. Considering his sexual ADD, that was saying something. Reagan tugged the lever, sending a steady gush of water out of the showerhead, and then stepped into the tub facing the spray. Trey followed her without hesitation.

  She turned to look at him standing behind her in the shower and laughed. “You forgot to take off your jeans. ”

  “You have stolen my ability to think coherently. ”

  She turned and wrapped her wet arms around Trey’s neck. Her smoky blue eyes were full of mischief when she said, “Is that so?”

  His hands slid over the slick skin of her back to her hand-filling rump. He loved a woman with a succulent ass. It gave him something to hold on to. Trey jerked her against him and rubbed her mound against the hard length of his cock through his pants. “Do you feel what you do to me?”

  “I haven’t even started with you yet, Trey Mills. ”

  He grinned. “Is that so?”

  “Yeah. There’s something about you that makes me want to do very naughty things. ” Her tongue flicked out and she bent her neck to toy with the piercing in his nipple.

  “I feel the same way,” he said. “That’s why I’m still wearing my jeans. ”

  “But I want you naked. ” She leaned back, her mound pressing more firmly against his cock, and unbuttoned the topmost button of his jeans. “Can I take these off?” She looked up at him coyly. Her short blond hair clung to her damp cheeks, framing her lovely face to perfection. He was surprised his wet jeans didn’t start steaming.

  “Help yourself,” he murmured, pulling away just enough for her to release his fly and ease his pants down his thighs. She squatted down in front of him as she lowered his pants to his ankles and teased the head of his cock with her tongue when it came within reach.

  He gasped at the slight contact. He didn’t usually spend all day seducing a woman before he earned his prize, so his body was not used to this level of denial. He hoped he could hold b
ack long enough to give her the pleasure she deserved. Her hand moved to cup his balls and he almost leapt out of his skin.

  “Easy,” he whispered.

  She shook her head. “Let me help you with this. ” She removed his sopping jeans and used them to cushion her knees as she lowered herself to kneel before him.

  He’d wanted to pleasure her for hours before he let himself have his release, but she was right. He needed this. He could give her those hours of pleasure after. It wasn’t as if he planned on leaving right after he came. Another rarity for him.

  “Just relax,” she murmured and sucked his cock into her mouth.

  He watched her through half-lowered eyelids. Hot water struck his chest and poured down his belly and thighs. Her hands moved to his hips as she bobbed her head faster, sucked harder. She was pretty good at this… for a woman. He watched her, forcing his mind to focus on her. Only her. She didn’t deserve to be compared to anyone else. Man or woman. She was wonderful. Beautiful. Sexy. Talented. And oh God, he was going to come.

  “Reagan,” he gasped as he found release.

  She moved her head to the side, stroking him with both hands as he came so hard his fluids struck the wall behind her. She lifted his cock and licked his scrotum until he grabbed her hair in both fists to get her to stop. His knees felt wobbly enough as it was.

  “Trey. My hair,” she complained.

  He immediately released his handholds and smoothed the damp locks. “Sorry. I just really, really needed that. You’ve been driving me crazy all day. ”

  She climbed to her feet. “Now we can start from the beginning again. ”

  Now he could worship her body as she deserved. He retrieved a bar of soap and lathered a washcloth until it was dripping with frothy suds. He washed her skin slowly, making sure the rough, foamy cloth stroked every inch of her flesh. He especially enjoyed her reaction when he sank to the floor of the tub, lifted her foot, and washed between her toes. She held onto his head for balance and alternated between moaning and giggling. He washed her other foot and then slowly worked his way back up her body. Wishing soap was cherry flavored, he paused to lick the tattoo on her hip. It was way past lunchtime. Trey moved slowly up her body, the washcloth no longer soapy. When he stood before her, she wrapped both arms around his neck and plastered her wet body against his. He reached for the soap and then lowered his head to kiss her. He washed her back as he explored her delectable mouth with his tongue.

  She tore her mouth from his. “Take me to bed,” she said, her eyes focused on his lips.

  “You don’t want to try that slow, hard fuck against a wall?”

  She chuckled. “You make me weak in the knees and it’s all slippery in here. I don’t think that’s a good idea at the moment. ”

  “Maybe later, then,” he said and claimed her mouth again.

  He moved the soap to wash his arms as they surrounded her body. He rubbed the soap over her hips, then his, making the shower about both of them now. She took the soap from him and washed his back, his ass, the tops of his thighs. Her hands moved to his shoulders and she dropped the soap.

  They weren’t really washing each other anymore anyway. They were getting to know each other’s bodies. As the warm water rinsed the suds from their entangled bodies, Trey filled his hands with her plump ass. She moaned in his mouth when he dug his fingers into the soft, yielding flesh and massaged the cheeks together before tugging them apart and massaging them together again.

  “Trey,” she whispered into his mouth.


  “I love the way that feels. ”

  “That’s good,” he murmured.

  “But you know what would feel better?”


  She moved her mouth near his ear. “If you did it while I rode you. ”

  Couldn’t argue with that logic. “Mmm hmm. ”
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