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         Part #1 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 10

  Author: Olivia Cunning “Deeper? Are you trying to bruise her liver?”

  Myrna laughed.

  “Just hold her, okay?”

  “My pleasure. ”

  Eric sat on the edge of the tub behind Myrna with his feet in the water. With one leg on each side of her body, he used his knees to hold her hips stil in the water. She gripped his shins and leaned back against his chest as Brian rammed into her deeper and deeper. The water slapped against her lower bel y with each thrust.

  “Awesome view,” Eric murmured into her ear.

  She looked down. Beyond the peaks of her breasts, she could see Brian’s cock thrusting into her. Hard. Thick. Glistening with moisture. In view one moment. Buried within her the next. Her mouth fel open. Something about Eric watching Brian’s cock pounding into her made this more exciting. Shameful, but exciting. Whore.

  “Damn, Brian, you are tearing it up,” Eric growled.

  “Shut up, I’m trying to concentrate. ”

  Eric’s hardening cock prodded Myrna in the back between her shoulder blades. Brian’s rhythm was apparently getting to him, too. Eric rocked against her back slightly with each of Brian’s thrusts. After a moment, Eric’s hands moved to cup her breasts. He plucked at her nipples to Brian’s tempo until she thought she’d go insane.

  Eric bent his head to whisper in her ear, probably afraid to interrupt Brian’s guitar solo writing. “Trey was right. You do have perfect tits. ” He stroked the outer edge of her ear with his tongue, again using the same rhythm. The beat consumed her. Brian’s deep thrusts. His hands, squeezing her ass rhythmical y. Eric plucking at her nipples, stroking her ear with his tongue. The water, sloshing against her bel y and thighs. God, she was going to explode. Her fingers dug into the wet jeans covering Eric’s shins and her head fel back against his shoulder as the first ripples of orgasm gripped her. “Oh. ”

  Eric reached down between her body and Brian’s. When his fingers found her aching clit and flicked it, she exploded with a scream of ecstasy.

  “God damn, this chick is hot,” Eric said.

  “I’ve gotta come,” Brian murmured.

  He pul ed out and climbed to his feet, circling his cock with his hand. Why had he pul ed out? She noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom. She wasn’t going to let him waste his load though. She pul ed away from Eric’s grasp, knelt before Brian and looked up at him.

  “Let me suck you off,” she said. “Please. ”

  He smiled down at her. “Like I’m going to say no to that request. ”

  His hand stopped stroking his flesh and gently cupped her face. She leaned forward and took him deep into her throat, and then pul ed back, sucking hard. His fingers clenched in her hair. If she hadn’t been so turned on by him, she might have protested, but the pain was stimulating. She wanted him to hurt her. He jerked her head back by her hair until just the head of his cock was in her mouth. She understood what he wanted, and began to bob her head rapidly to stimulate the head. She was careful to keep her lips over her teeth so she didn’t scrape him while she sucked him vigorously, her lips bumping over the rim.

  “Yeah, baby,” he gasped. “That’s it. ”

  The sound of Eric jerking off behind her distracted her for a moment. She paused. Brian yanked her hair again. Her nipples grew taut in response. Yeah, treat me like your dirty whore.

  She moved her hand between her thighs and slid two fingers inside herself, withdrawing them slick with her juices. She then reached between Brian’s legs and slid two lubricated fingers up his ass.

  He gasped in surprise, his body jerking. He didn’t ask her to stop. Instead, he widened his stance so her fingers could slide deeper. Most guys freaked out when she tried this. Jeremy had berated her for days— where did you learn that? Who have you been fucking? —but Brian seemed to trust her. Or maybe he was kinkier than most. She searched for her target. He was close to coming. It shouldn’t be hard to locate.

  She continued to give him head while her fingers probed inside him. Eric was stil jerking off behind her, his rhythm matching hers. She twisted her fingers inside Brian and found what she was looking for. The little gland that secreted semen was swol en to bursting. When she pressed against it, Brian cried out as his seed spurted into her mouth unexpectedly. Wel , unexpectedly to him. She’d known exactly what would happen. She swal owed his offering greedily, loving the salty taste of him.

  “What the fuck?” Brian yel ed. “God. Myrna. God. ”

  Even after he’d spent his load, she continued to rub the little gland. It pulsated against her fingers, prolonging his orgasm for more than a minute. His entire body shuddered and trembled.

  “Oh God, Myrna, what are you doing to me? I can’t stop coming. ” He put a hand on the wal for support. She smiled around his cock and removed her fingers from his ass, letting his orgasm dissipate. Eric cried out behind her as he came over her back. Correction. Into her hair.

  She released Brian’s cock from her mouth and glared up at Eric. “Did you just come in my hair?”

  “I’m sorry,” Eric said. “You’re just so hot, Myrna. I had to come on you. I couldn’t help it. ”

  “Do you know how hard it is to get cum out of long hair?” She found the sticky mess on the side of her head with her hand. “Eww. Damn it, Eric. ”

  Brian cupped her face, and when she looked up at him, he kissed her with loving reverence. “I’ve never had an orgasm that intense in my entire life, Myrna. You’re amazing. ”

  She smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. ”

  “That’s an understatement. I’ve never met a woman as uninhibited as you are. ” She wasn’t usual y like this. His lack of inhibition brought out something primal in her. He kissed her again and leaned away to stroke the tip of her nose with one finger. “I hate to leave you right now, but I’ve got to get this new solo down on paper. I hope you understand. ”

  “I think it’s awesome. ” She meant it.

  He stared at her for a moment, contemplating her with a serious expression. “Wanna go to Vegas and get married?”

  Her heart stuttered to a stop and then started to race. Married? “Uh, no, actual y. Not at al . ”

  He shrugged. “I had to ask. ” He kissed her forehead.

  Brian climbed from the tub and reached for a towel. He wrapped it around his slim hips, col ected his pants from the floor and headed toward the door. He paused in the doorway, his gaze shifting to Eric, who was stil in the tub with Myrna.

  “Hey, Numbnuts. Keep your pants on around her or I’l castrate you in your sleep. And wash your cum out of her hair, you ass. ”

  Eric grinned. “My pleasure. ”

  Brian hesitated, and then left her alone in the bathroom. Naked. With Eric Sticks.

  Chapter 5

  Myrna watched Eric tuck his slack cock into his pants and button his fly. He sat in the water in his jeans and beckoned her closer. She didn’t trust him and, now that she was no longer delirious with pleasure, she was embarrassed that he’d seen her with Brian. She covered her breasts with her hands and sank deeper into the water.

  “I can wash it out,” she said, avoiding his self-satisfied grin by focusing on the edge of the tub. The sound of Brian’s guitar throbbed through the wal . Wow. This solo rocked more than the last one he’d composed while in her company.

  “I’m not going to molest you, Myrna. ” Eric chuckled. “Unless you want me to. ”

  She knew he’d just watched her get fucked, suck cock, and ram her fingers up his friend’s ass, but she couldn’t relax.

  “I’l just wash your hair. I promise. Besides, I’m not even horny anymore. You’re perfectly safe. ”

  She did like to have her hair washed. A simple, soothing pleasure. One of her favorite luxuries. But Eric? She wasn’t sure she wanted him to indulge her.

  Eric reached for a tiny bottle and dumped a healthy amount of shampoo in his outstretched palm. Myrna leaned back in
the tub, wetting her hair thoroughly, and then sat up. Not waiting for her to come closer to him, Eric moved behind her and massaged the shampoo into her scalp. His strong fingers worked the fragrant lather into her hair. She closed her eyes and relaxed, keeping her breasts covered with her hands. Eric’s hands felt fantastic. She stifled a groan of contentment. The distant sounds of Brian’s sporadic solo drew her thoughts to their lovemaking session. Had she real y al owed Eric to fondle her without protest? She hadn’t even considered stopping him. What had she been thinking?

  It had felt good. That’s al she’d been thinking. And this felt real y good, too. His thumbs kneaded the muscles at the base of her skul , while his fingers massaged the top and sides of her head and his pinkies rubbed her temples. His large, strong hands and thin fingers hit her in al the right places.

  “Mmmm,” she murmured.

  Her hands drifted away from her breasts, down her bel y to her clit. She wasn’t sure how she could be horny again, but Eric’s fingers on her scalp and Brian’s music had her in a state again. She stroked her clit persistently, thinking of Brian’s fingers moving over his fret board in the other room.

  Her breath caught in the back of her throat as the first ripples of pleasure gripped her.

  “You know I like to watch, don’t you?” Eric said into her ear.

  She sat up with an awkward splash. Had she real y been leaning against Eric and masturbating? What was wrong with her?

  These guys. These rock stars had her behaving in a total y uncharacteristic manner. No sale, Myrna. You were born a whore. You live as a whore and you’ll die a whore.

  She ducked her head under water to rinse the shampoo out of her hair and drown Jeremy’s words. When she emerged, she moved to the far side of the tub, avoiding Eric’s heavy gaze.

  “I shouldn’t have said anything,” he said. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. Please, continue. ”

  “I’m ashamed. ”


  Unwil ing to share her turmoil, she shook her head. “Do you real y like to watch?”

  “I’d rather watch than fuck. ” He rinsed the shampoo from his hands in the water. “Sed lets me watch him do chicks al the time. That’s the first time Brian’s let me watch. I never realized what a stud he is. I mean… Damn. ”

  Myrna flushed, but nodded.

  “Is Sed a stud, too?” she asked. Why had she asked that? She didn’t want to know. Okay, she kinda wanted to know. Eric laughed. “Is Sed a stud?” He scratched his head. “I’ve seen him do four girls at once and have them al begging for more. ”

  “Four girls? How is that even possible?”

  “One on each hand. One on his face. One riding him like a mechanical bul . ”

  Myrna’s eyes widened. “And you just watched? Didn’t participate?”

  “I wore a blister on my hand from stroking myself. ”


  “No, not seriously. They invited me in after Sed passed out. ”

  “So you got his leftovers?”

  “I guess you could cal it that, but I honestly had more fun watching Sed make them scream. ”

  “Interesting. And Brian never let you watch before today?”

  Eric shook his head. “He’s a very private person. ”

  Myrna nodded slightly. She could see that. “What about the other guys?”

  Eric grinned. “Why do you want to know?”

  She shrugged. “Research. ”


  “I’m a human sexuality professor. Remember?”

  “That would explain your knowledge. What did your fingers do in Brian’s ass? I thought he was going to blow off the back of your head when he came. And came. And came. I didn’t think it was possible for a guy to come that long. That wasn’t some regular ass probe. You did something in there, didn’t you?”
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