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       Triforce Warriors (based on "Legend of Zelda"), p.1

           Noah Kamper
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Triforce Warriors (based on "Legend of Zelda")

  Based on “Legend of Zelda”

  Noah Kamper

  Copyright 2016 Noah Kamper

  All rights reserved.

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  Link woke to the smell of bacon wafting throughout his house. He rolled off of his straw bed and placed his legs firmly on the floor.

  He stood up and stretched his arms, yawning loudly as he did so. He pulled a pair of brown leather boots on and followed the bacon smell. He entered his kitchen and snuck up behind the figure with the long blue hair, light blue pajama tights, and slightly translucent blue lingerie shirt. He moved his hands to hug her from behind and wrapped his hands around her, nuzzling her neck with his nose. "Morning sweeting," he mumbled through her shoulder.

  "Morning, luv," she said and turned her head and kissed his mop of straw hair.

  He lifted his head and kissed her on the lips, softly.

  She turned completely to face him, and he put his hands on her now watermelon-sized belly. He kissed her belly, he moved his mouth up her stomach to her chest, up her neck, and he put his right hand behind her head and kissed her on her lips again. She pulled back and smiled her pristine white smile. Her violet eyes with black lashes flickering off them, her thin, blue eyebrows, fair complexion, dainty nose, and small, pink mouth which held so much love, didn't appeal to some, but it was the only face Link would ever love, because it was Lana's face.

  He kissed her again and snaked his hand behind her. He reached into the pan and snatched a few pieces of the bacon that was sizzling.

  "Oh!” he cried out, dropping the scorching hot bacon. He held his hand and kicked the table behind him. "Da-"

  "Sweetheart!" Lana snapped, and grabbed his hand. There were bloody blisters forming on his fingers. She dragged him to the sink, and pumped a thin stream of water. She stuck his hand into the water and stepped back, going in the direction of their room. "Stay there, and don't touch the bacon!" She skittered off to her room and appeared a moment later with a thin white box in her hand. She pushed him onto a chair at the table and set the box on it. She grabbed his hand and pushed his face in a different direction.

  "Don't watch," she ordered, and popped the box open. Link felt a ticklish sensation in his fingers, and the pain disappeared. He turned his head, and she was closing the box. She smiled at him and kissed his fingers, sending a jolt through his hand. He kissed her.

  "Thank you," he whispered and leapt up from his chair. "So, can we eat?"

  She smiled at him. "Link I love you with all my heart, I really do, so that's why I must say this: you're an idiot."

  He smirked and popped a drawer open. He grabbed a steel fork and stabbed a piece of bacon. He blew on it and put in his mouth. He chewed, swallowed, and went to work on the other pieces.

  "Hold it!" Lana snapped and swatted his hand from going for a fourth piece. "I'm eating for two, so save some. And you can wait, so set the table, and I'll put my stuff away." She grabbed her box and skittered back off to her room while Link snuck another piece. He grabbed two plates, another fork, two knifes, and then two cups from the various drawers and cupboards.

  "Thank you Link," Lana said, as he finished setting the table. She dished food out onto each plate, and he poured cold milk into each cup. Link prayed for the meal, asking for blessings from the three goddesses.

  "So Lana," Link said as they started eating, "how's life at home while I'm gone?"

  "Terrible. I'm glad you're home for the next few months."

  "I'll be summoned to the castle now and then you know?"

  "Yes, but you won't be hundreds of miles away risking your life."

  "Without me, Hyrule would have been conquered."

  "No way! Hyrule hasn't been invaded for a hundred years!"

  "That may be so, but the lands we have conquered might have risen against us in the future."

  "Still, I wish I got more time with you."

  "I do too hon…You know what, let's not talk about then, let's talk about now. Have you named it?" He said, and chomped down on a piece of toast.

  "No…but in my defense, it is hard trying to name a baby you don't know is a girl or a boy."

  "I'm hoping for girl."

  "Really? Why would Hyrules’ general want a girl?" She dropped her fork down on her plate. "Oh…yeah, I guess I understand that now."

  "Yes, after her we can have a boy, but for now…I hope to Din it's a girl."

  "I hope so too."


  Link walked from his home, a sword on his belt and a grin on his face. He only kept the sword for two reasons: besides guards on duty, generals were the only ones allowed to have a sword on civilian grounds, and he always liked to have one in case of an emergency.

  He walked down the thin road to the gate of the interior wall. Hyrule town was separated into five chunks: the farthest out was the farming region, which circled the exterior walls, providing a slight distraction in case of invasion. The exterior wall separated the Civilian region and farming region. The civilian's homes were next, then the market region—all shops were in this part of town. The noble region was separated from the market by the interior wall. Nobles and guests of the crown were most commonly found living in the noble region, but generals and commanders lived there too. Link happened to be one of the two. Then, lastly, the castle; a twenty-foot deep moat surrounded the castle, and only the royal family and the soldiers in the barracks were allowed to stay here.

  He patted the sword at his side when he arrived at the gate, and the gate was opened by the guards stationed there. Link strode over to the market, tipping his head and waving to passing civilians. He stopped at a blacksmith to check out the new arms, entering through the cherry-wood door.

  "Hey Angie," he called out to the cashier.

  She looked up and smiled. "Hey, General, how's your wife doing so far?"

  "She's doing well; she handles the pregnancy really well."

  "When is she due?"

  "The doctors say about two months, and I have the next few months off-duty, so I'll be helping take care of her and the baby."

  "I bet you're excited," she said, rolling her eyes and smirking.

  "I will be, if it's a girl."

  "Right, that would be tragic if it were male…"

  "I heard you guys got new arms." He said, trying to lighten the mood.

  She perked up. "Yes! They are in…" she flipped through a book on the counter, "…display number eight." She walked around the counter and across the room to a display case taller than Link. It was made of oak and had purple velvet cushioning the weapons, which were deadly looking.

  The first weapon he noticed was a pike. Its handle was woven with ash and steel and had leather hand grips. The wood was stained bri
ght red, and the pummel was adorned with a ruby as big as Link's fist. It was carried by a steel crown. The head was forged with firestone. There was a circle of wood and steel binding it to the top of the pole. The tag on it said it was over his price range, pricing at 640 rupees.

  The next one was a silver ring with a cobalt blue gem sitting snug inside it. It must be enchanted Link thought as he saw the price of 780 rupees.

  The next was a sword with a cerulean steel hilt that had gold woven through it. The pummel was cerulean steel also. The cross guard was winged with yet more cerulean steel. The blade was white steel with cerulean marking going along the flat of the blade. Price: 460 rupees. That one he could afford.

  He liked the cerulean blade, and it was in his price range. Though he was a general, he wasn't given another sword, so he was stuck with the same kind of sword every other soldier had. He had gotten paid last night before he left the barracks. He had a few thousand at home, and he had half-a-thousand with him. He would browse some more.

  The next weapon he saw was a Naginata. It had a pole as tall as Link and was made of blue-stained wood. The cross guard was made of gold. The blade was simple steel. The Naginata was 654 rupees. Yeesh.

  He fancied the next weapon he saw. It was brutal. It was heavy. It was awesome. There were two silver gauntlets with red and blue gems embedded into it. A chain connected the left gauntlet to a ball of silver and steel with spikes covering it. The ball was five times the size of Link's head, and it looked heavy. It was priced at 820 rupees.

  The next weapon aroused much curiosity from him. It was a simple pair of Gauntlets with a tiny sliding mechanism on the wrist. "Can I try these on?" He asked.

  Angie nodded and walked behind the counter to find the key.

  He looked at the final weapon while he waited. It wasn't anything impressive. It was a metal rod sticking out of something similar to a crossbow. It was about four feet long. Under the barrel was a small triangle. It looked like a crossbow trigger. It was 950 rupees.

  Angie came back with a key and opened the case. Link pulled the gauntlets on, still shocked by the price of the club.

  "Flick your wrist," Angie ordered, and Link obeyed.

  A blade extended half a foot from the box on the wrist. "Whoa!" Link cried out and flicked his wrist again. The blades slid back in. "These would go perfect with stealth ops."

  "Yeah," Angie said. "I heard the Hyrulian army ordered hundreds of these and the rifles." She motioned to the clubs, "And they are crafting them now too."

  "Rifles?" Link asked, and pulled the gloves off. He placed them back in the display case.

  "Yes, they were just invented a few weeks ago, and we barely got them."

  "What is it?"

  "Let me show you," She said, and picked up the rifle. She motioned for Link to follow her and walked out the back door to the battle grounds. The shop had the battle grounds in the back so customers could test a weapon before buying it. She knelt down on one knee and placed the barrel of the rifle on a rock. She closed one eye and pushed the trigger with her finger. As the trigger was pushed a metal thing lifted up and slammed down.


  Link dived to the ground and looked up at Angie. Smoke was pouring from the rifle, and she was grinning. He looked across the yard at the target she'd been aiming at, and his jaw dropped. The once unscarred dummy, never having been hit by anything, was obliterated.

  Angie pulled a lead ball from her belt pouch and dropped it into the barrel. She then proceeded to put gunpowder in the part connecting the barrel and the shoulder rest.

  "It's like an arrow, but a bomb!" Link said and snatched the rifle from Angie's hands. He knelt down and aimed at a different target. He pressed the trigger, and the explosion rang through the air again. The target was now in pieces, and smoke was starting to fill Link's lungs. He stood up and stepped back. Angie grabbed the rifle from Link's hand and shook her head.

  "Everyone reacts that way. It is pretty incredible. I practice at night."

  They started to walk back in. "Is that what those explosions were?" he inquired. The night before he had been awakened several times to loud explosions ringing throughout the city.

  "Most likely. Sorry General."

  "That's okay," he said, and she placed the rifle back in the case, closing and locking it in the process.

  "So will you be buying anything?"

  "How much are those gauntlets?"

  "The hidden blades? 130 rupees, but you need not worry, I am giving you a pair of the hidden blades, and a rifle, for free. Along with ammunition for the rifle."

  "Oh, no," Link said, waving his hand in front of him. "Those are too much; you would lose so much money!"

  "No, we got those free, and we have two more pairs of hidden blades, along with fifty crates of ammo and ninety rifles."

  "You got all of that free?"

  "Yeah, the place we bought them from said they would sell us all of it if we took a free trial run, so we did. We liked 'em, so we took the deal."

  "How much was it all?"

  "Oh…the rifles and blades, it was close to five million, but that was easy. We just sold a crap load of things to this redhead dude. He bought our Dragon-bone Pike, and the blue ring. The ones in the case are for décor; they won't be sold to anyone. They are fake. The glass is impenetrable too. Only thing getting them is this key. Okay, do you want your weapons now?"

  "Uh, sure, why not?"

  "Okay." She turned, and entered a room behind the counter. She pulled two boxes down and brought them to the counter.

  "Well, thank you," he said.

  "You're welcome General. Anything else?"

  "No, I have enough to try out tonight. Is there ammo here?"

  "Oh, yeah, you could probably shoot forty times."

  "Mmk, well, thank you," he said, and walked to the door. He spun around and set the boxes on the counter. "Can I pick these up later?"

  "Sure. When you coming?"

  "Ten minutes maybe. I just don't want to carry this stuff all over town."

  "Okay, I understand that."

  "Thanks," he said and walked to the door. He glimpsed the White sword, and headed out.


  Link strolled out the door of his home; Lana was visiting a friend living in the farming region, so it was just him for the walk along the town. Before he could step ten meters from his house, though, he saw a figure running towards him in the distance.

  "General!" A soldier clad in blue, white, and gray armor, and panting like an animal, rushed up to Link and saluted.

  "Yes soldier?" Link asked, curious about the soldier’s disposition.

  "There are hordes of monsters in the farming region!"

  "Hordes?" Link asked, eyes widening.

  "Yes, there are tens of thousands of monsters in the farming region!"

  "Go tell the guard to be alert, and sound the bell!" Link ordered and rushed into his house.


  Link pulled on a full coat of chainmail armor and slipped a thin gray tunic over that. He then proceeded to put on his general's armor. The general's armor had silver spaulders. The torso was made of indigo steel and had silver ripples on the front and back. The sides were silver. A silver Triforce was engraved into the chest. The arms had silver spikes to fights off attackers without weapons. Link wouldn't be using his general's gauntlets anymore; he now used the hidden blade gauntlets. He slipped those on and then put on his greaves. The greaves were indigo steel as well, with silver spikes and ripples covering them. The boots were also made of silver.

  He strapped his rifle to his back and loaded his belt pouch with ammunition. He hooked two silver knives to his belt, and then his sword. His sword had a silver blade and an indigo steel cross guard and hilt. The pummel was a big sapphire. Maybe his sword was a little different than the others.

  He pulled on his silver helmet and rushed out the door.

  Link arrived at the exterior gate fifteen minutes later. It wasn’t too hard t
o run in the armor; it was quite light, as it had been enchanted to be light. He noticed other soldiers carrying rifles as well, some on the wall firing at the monsters. He climbed the stairs to the top of the hundred-foot wall and looked toward the hordes. Thousands of monsters were ravaging the farms, and hundreds were trying to climb the north gate, where Link was.


  Several cannons went off, sending their balls of death to the hordes.

  "General!" Link turned to his right, to find Impa, the commander of the army. "What are we to do?"

  "There are so many of them. Just keep firing, and when we run out of ammunition, we'll fight them with our blades."

  "We'll never make it, General. They will have scaled our walls by then!"

  "Are the spikes out?"

  "Yes, but they are using them to help climb."

  "Pour the oil, then."

  Impa nodded, and screamed out to the army, "POUR THE OIL!"

  The soldiers agreed, and hundreds of buckets of hot oil slid down the wall, coating the spikes. Every monster that came in touch shrieked in pain, as Link had earlier that day due to the bacon.

  More monsters came. They just kept climbing, and the Hyrulian soldiers just kept shooting their rifles, cannons, crossbows, and bows.

  "Are they being summoned?" Link asked.

  "No. The ones here were, but by whom, I do not know. This is it; we kill these, we live through this battle, no more being summoned…for now."

  "Good, keep mowing them down, then. They can't touch us yet, so when they can, they'll be smaller in numbers. We might win this battle."

  Impa grunted and picked up a rifle that was propped against the corrugated wall. She aimed at the blob of evil climbing the wall and started firing.

  Link pulled out his rifle and fired at the Moblin in the distance. The lead ball hit home, obliterating the Moblin's head. He started aiming for large things, like Moblins, or Lizalfos, instead of Bokoblins.

  Link noticed a flame in the distance. Another. Another, this time closer, closer, closer… He dived to the ground, before the dragon burst into the air, shedding fire around Link. The dragon circled back, and landed on the wall in front of the general.

  Link hooked his rifle onto his back and drew his sword. The dragon head became distorted, and it began to shrink. The once huge dragon was now a man, standing a foot or so taller than Link, with red armor covering his body. His helmet resembled a demon head and was made of silver. He had a long mane of glowing red hair that ran to his waist. The man pulled a pike from his back and spun it in front of him. He smashed it into the ground, sending soldiers flying as flames burst from the ground, only to disappear. Link looked closer and realized that this Pike was the one he had seen at the Weapons shop. Link brought his sword up and held it in front of him with both hands.

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