Illusions begin, p.17
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       Illusions Begin, p.17

           N.L. Greene
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  Becky and her father had lunch together. But he had spent so much of the work day away from the office; he was tied up with phone calls for the entire hour they were at the restaurant together. She didn’t mind though. She spent her time thinking about the Detective and what it would be like to date someone like him.

  She never really imagined herself with a guy at all and if she had, she doubted it would have been someone like him. She was so used to rich jerks like Lance or nerdy, shy guys like the ones she went to all of her private schools with. It seemed with all of them, business or school was their priorities. She had grown up surrounded by men who cared little for the opposite sex. For some of them it had been because they were just completely oblivious to them. Girls couldn’t compete with math equations or science discoveries when it came to most of the boys she attended school with. As for most of the others, it was because they felt they were the ones that should be pursued. They were arrogant and felt it was beneath them to seek out a woman. Lance was one of those men.

  The Detective didn’t give her either of those impressions. He noticed women and she was pretty sure he did his fair share of pursuing them as well. She didn’t doubt for one second that he rarely got turned down. Even with her serious lack of dating experience, she could see the sexiness and confidence that poured from the man. Just thinking about him made her blush. Thankfully her father was too preoccupied to notice her odd behavior.

  After lunch, they returned back to the office and parted ways in the elevator when it stopped on Becky’s floor. Her father kissed her goodbye on the cheek and made her promise to call her mother when she got home from work later that evening. Stepping off the elevator, she quickly filled Helen in on what happened at the police station, took the few messages Helen had for her, and headed back to her office to finish her work for the day.

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