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           N.L. Greene
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Illusions Begin

  Illusions Begin

  N.L. Greene


  Illusions Begin

  Copyright 2014 © N.L. Greene

  Cover photography © K Keeton Designs/Wilson Photography

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, businesses, companies, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

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  Chapter Seven

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter Nine

  Chapter Ten

  Chapter Eleven

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  Chapter Thirteen

  Chapter Fourteen

  Chapter Fifteen

  Chapter Sixteen

  Chapter Seventeen

  Chapter Eighteen

  Chapter Nineteen

  The MysticSeeker Series


  Author N.L. Greene

  Twisted Excerpt


  “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” –Roald Dahl

  “Now munchkin, make sure you stay close and hold onto Nanny’s hand, okay? Your mommy and daddy would not be too happy if you got lost. Are you listening, honey?”

  “Yes Nanny,” Katherine Rebecca answered absently as she stared around, owl eyed and barely blinking. Everything was so wonderful, colorful, and completely magical. She could smell the sweet aroma of cotton candy mixed with salty popcorn as it engulfed the air around her. She could hear the venders announcing the sale of their enticing treats, as well as programs and dazzling toys that lit up and spun around, glowing in the dim florescent lighting. “Get your popcorn! Get your peanuts!” they bellowed loudly through the air, the sound mingling with the theatrical sounds of elephants trumpeting, tigers roaring, and hundreds of children squealing with gleeful delight. It was like music to her ears.

  Although she enjoyed the sounds and atmosphere, Katherine Rebecca didn’t squeal or yell like the other children did; no she was a proper young lady with impeccable manners. She knew better than to draw attention to herself or cause Nanny to have to scold her. But that didn’t mean that she didn’t take it all in with a wildly beating heart and an excitement she had never felt before.

  She had heard of the circus before of course, her school friends talked about it for days after they attended, but her parents had never allowed her to go. They only conceded this time because she had begged and pleaded for weeks. Eventually, they grew tired of telling her no. She was a persistent thing, her daddy would say, telling her that it would come in handy when she became an amazing attorney. She wasn’t entirely sure what persistent meant since she was only seven years old. Nevertheless, the way her daddy beamed and patted her on the head when he said it, made her believe she was a very good girl.

  Although her parents gave her permission to go, they told her they would not be the ones escorting her to the big event. Her mommy thought it was too smelly and she didn’t care to be around ‘those sort of people’ and her daddy agreed that it wasn’t a place he wanted to be seen either. So Nanny said she would be happy to accompany her. Katherine Rebecca wanted to squeal and clap when she was told. Yet she remained skillfully composed, just as her mommy had taught her. Silently, she began to count down the days until she would be attending her first ever circus!

  Now, here she was, taking in the multicolored sights, captivating sounds, and intoxicating smells that danced bewitchingly around her. She didn’t know what part of the circus she was more excited to see. Her friends at school had told her everything she needed to know until her brain was over flowing with information. She knew she wanted to eat cotton candy and buy one of those spinny toys that would light up in the dark, but there was also so much more she wanted to see and experience. The elephants and tigers would be wonderful she knew, much better than when she got to see them at the zoo. There they just lay around or stand still. She was told that here they would perform tricks and be dressed up in sparkly clothes.

  She also wanted to see the clowns and all the funny antics she had been told they do. Maybe even get to meet one if she’s lucky. Then there was the tightrope walker and the pretty girls that did the acrobatic stunts. Her friends had already warned her not to be scared when they performed; they were professionals and knew what they were doing. But just the thought of them high up in the air made her nervous. She knew she would have to be a big girl when they performed.

  All of these thoughts raced through her mind as she held Nanny’s hand and followed her to their front row seats. Her daddy had pulled some strings and made sure that his baby girl sat front and center. She was so happy he did! She would be able to see absolutely everything from her seat. As the cotton candy man walked by, Nanny motioned for him to come over and told Katherine Rebecca to pick a color. Of course she picked pink. She sat back and began to eat her sweet, sticky treat. Just then the lights dimmed and everyone began to cheer. It was starting!

  She sat up straighter in her chair, her feet dangling in the air, gripping the stick of her cotton candy tighter in anticipation. The lights got even darker and then colorful laser beams began to swim around the room, as if they were searching for something. Finally they all zeroed in on the same spot, center stage where a man was standing. She hadn’t even seen him appear. He was tall and thin. He had long black hair, a black beard and a twisted mustache. Katherine Rebecca knew right away who he was by the red jacket and black and red top hat he wore. He was the ring master, leader and commander over the entire circus. He was the ‘big guy’, as her daddy would say.

  “Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, welcome to the Big Apple Circus!” His voice boomed over the crowd. Everyone applauded wildly, cheers and whistles flew through the air, but it all stopped when he raised his hand. “Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoy the show.” He paused again then yelled while thrusting his arms in the air, “Let the circus begin!”

  The crowd cheered again, but it was drowned out by the sound of music. Katherine Rebecca watched in awe as a tiny car drove out into the center ring and ten huge clowns climbed out. They were bright and colorful and oh so silly, her side was hurting from laughing at them. Nanny just smiled down at her and watched the show beside her. It was nice to be allowed to be a little childish.

  She watched the rest of the show in alternating admiration and amusement. The animals were amazing and so smart. She couldn’t believe the tricks they could do! The acrobats and tight rope walkers were scary, she even covered her eyes once, but they never fell. Oh, how can they be so brave, pretty, and graceful? Everything was just as wonderful and exciting as she had expected it to be.

  Until the magician came out.

  The instant she saw him she knew there was something special about this act. She sat up straighter in her chair again and leaned forward so that she wouldn’t miss a thing. He was by himself in the center ring, all lights trained on him. The music was mysterious, even a little bit chilling and it made her heart pound faster. She watched, completely captivated as he performed trick after trick. He pulled a rabbit out of his hat, he turned a pitcher of water into flowers, he escaped from a rope he had been tied with and he cut a pretty girl in half. It was amazing! Katherine Rebecca could barely breathe during the entire performance. S
he was mesmerized by the magician and the magic he was capable of executing perfectly. When he finished with his performance she clapped so hard her little hands hurt and then she only half-way paid attention to the rest of the circus performers. She couldn’t get the magician and his tricks out of her head.

  She felt an unexplainable pull to find out how he did those things. Was the magic real that he was doing? Oh how she hoped so! She wanted to know all of his tricks and secrets so she could do them herself. She had never wanted anything more. When she and Nanny finally got home that night, she couldn’t stop telling her parents about him. They laughed at her enthusiasm and her inability to remember much of the other things she saw at the show. She admitted that the entire experience was great and that she really enjoyed herself, but the magician overshadowed the rest by so much, they just paled in comparison.

  For the first few weeks after her exciting day at the circus, Katherine Rebecca thought and talked of nothing but magic. She begged her parents for a magic set and asked to be taken to any and all magic shows that may be happening. At first they humored her, smiled and patted her on the head when she attempted to do a trick of her own. Finally, they grew tired of her constant pleading for all things magic. When she refused to stop talking about it, they absolutely forbid her to even think about magic again. They told her that it was all fake, just silly tricks and gimmicks to get people to pay money for cheap entertainment. There was no such thing as real magic.

  Her heart broke at their words and their lack of belief. She cried for days until she finally decided that she DID believe in magic and she would prove it to them one day.

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