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       Maze Hunters, p.1

           Nichole Haines
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Maze Hunters






  I woke up with a severe throbbing headache. The sun was shinning in my window as I tried to get myself out of bed. I had to definitely have my coffee in the morning so I made a quick cup of coffee. I went to the bathroom cabinet and reached for my antispasmodic medication for my Cerebral Palsy. I took a huge glass of water and swallowed them quickly. I went into the kitchen and sat down to read the daily news on my smart phone. As I began to read I heard a helicopter approaching from a distance. I got up off my chair and peeked through the blinds. The sound of the helicopter blades were getting louder and louder.

  From a distance the helicopter looked like a very dark blue, but as it got closer I noticed it was black. So I thought to myself just another government helicopter. It flew over the house and I sat back down to read the daily news. I finished reading the news and decided to take a shower. As I started the water in the shower I could hear a faint noise of helicopter blades. I quick turned off the water and ran to the my bedroom window and peeked through my blinds on my window. It was another black helicopter, but this time I noticed it had tinted windows on it. Once again it flew over my house and was gone. I went back into the bathroom and started up the shower water again and took a quick shower. As I was getting out of the shower I heard a loud knock on the front door, so I quick got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me and walked to the door and asked who was there. Nobody answered, so I asked again, but nobody answered again.

  I slowly unlocked my door and slowly opened my door by a crack. There was a guy dressed all in black with a police helmet on his head with a tinted visor on the helmet so I couldn’t see his face. He asked me if I was Samantha Smith. At that point I was scared because he looked like he worked for either the police or the military. He then told me that I had to get dressed and I had to go with him. I quickly got dressed and did what he asked. As we were walking out of the front door the black helicopter with the tinted windows was approaching my house and began to land in my back yard. The guy with the police helmet told me to get into the helicopter. There was another guy and a girl around my age and I noticed that they also had Cerebral Palsy like me. I asked the guy and the girl if they knew where they were taking us, but they told me that they didn’t know and that the guy with the police helmet showed up at their house just like he did with me.

  As we were flying the helicopter began to shake and then a huge like worm hole appeared and the helicopter was then sucked into the worm hole. We saw complete darkness for a few minutes. The darkness started to fade slowly and there was a bright light ahead. It appeared there was a futuristic city below us with flying cars passing by us as the helicopter was landing. The guy with the police helmet never took his helmet off, so we weren’t able to see his face. We landed next to a huge glass futuristic looking maze. It had walls but you could see right through the walls because it all looked like made out of glass material. The guy with the police helmet directed us into a building that was right next to the Maze. He told us to get inside the building and that we had to change into special clothing. The clothing I had to put on was all white and I also had to put a police type helmet on that was white. He told me the guy and the girl who were on the helicopter had to go in the maze first before me. So they went together inside the glass maze.

  A huge glass door shut the entrance so they couldn’t get out. A big hologram clock appeared in the sky and a loud evil voice told them they had an hour to figure out the glass Maze and get out. I couldn’t see how far they got because very bright lights turned on in the maze as they started walking. As time slowly went on for me. I was wondering why the guy with the police helmet didn’t let me see his face, but as he was standing there with me he slowly lifted up the tinted visor on his helmet and I noticed he had black Alien like eyes. He looked at me with a very evil look. At that point after I saw his face, I didn’t know what was in store for me. An hour has passed and it was my turn to go into the maze. I was all sweaty and scared. The alien pushed me to the entrance of the maze and the hologram clock appeared and once again the loud evil voice told me

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