Nelson Mandela, Jr

This a story about a Nigeria boy Named, Paul who against all odds achieve his dreams his parents wants for him of becoming a seaman with the Nigeria Navy. Paul had it in a rough way by working as an housekeeper with an unpredictable boss who thinks he can choose what is best for Paul.Paul a poor Nigeria boy who had not set his naked eyes on his father, went as far to get a job so as to do everything from preventing his mother from death as she was still in the hospital battling with leukemia. Paul went desperately to anywhere he can get a job along the line he got a temporal job with a cruel wicked man named, Jerry that take pleasures in seeing his swine as his family. Paul escaped when Jerry sent him and other of his ragamuffin to fetch some firewood for him from the forest. while escaping and avoiding been caught; Atinko a friend of Paul whom they both escaped saw an hunter on a tree and that almost makes Paul hope becoming a reality. Mr Silas took Paul and his friend Atinko to his house. That came as a beginning for Paul to battle to save his sick mother and to achieve his aims in life.

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