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A Day's Venture
A Day’s Venture

  Copyright 2014 Nathan Anton

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  A Day’s Venture

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  Thanks to Amy Lynn for the beautiful cover art and thanks to the family for their support.

  A Day’s Venture

  The temperature was warm and humid with a slight breeze, on another morning in the Underworld. The Underworld has changed significantly since Leros took his rightful place as ruler with Aimi; it has become a busy attraction for most souls, dead or alive.

  Today we will be following Ghost, the creepy spider that lurks in the shadows of the Dark Palace. Her prevalent nature is forever cautious and she interacts with others in curious ways. What awaits this spider in today’s venture I wonder…?

  Ghost opened her 8 eyes one by one and drowsily rubbed them with her tiny hands. Her 2 big human eyes began to see her surroundings, followed by the 6 little ones on her forehead. Ghost didn’t like to be watched or have any attention at all for that matter, and liked to stay out of sight, out of harm’s way. She had woken up on this nice day under a large king sized bed where her favourite prey lay. Ghost liked dark and dry places, anywhere she could be hidden. As she stretched her 12 limbs and made a cute silent yawn, Ghost began surveying the area with her thin spider appendages. Her spider legs acted like antennae for detecting movement and danger; but could also function as deadly and sharp weapons if the situation called for it.

  The scans came up clean and Ghost deemed it safe to proceed with phase 2 of her area check. She slid from under the bed like an acrobat and jumped onto the farthest corner of the ceiling, staying hidden, and safe. Her 8 eyes showed vigorous activity for a few seconds as she scanned the surrounding location. No danger was detected, but a slight shuffle from her prey made her hair stand up on edge and made her cling to the wall tighter, if only a little. She relaxed and was certain the room was not tainted with traps or a hidden presence. Ghost dropped silently onto the soft black carpet and closed in on the life-form within the cotton sheets.

  Ghost soon reached her goal and tiptoed on top of the bed, feeling its softness between her small human toes. She gently sat on the being that was sprawled on his back, and hypnotically watched his rhythmical breathing. As her gaze was fixated on him, strong lustful desires arose and she stared hungrily at the man, licking her lips and thinking of what she could do in this position of power.

  Ghost shook her head to stop the obscene thoughts from taking over. She halted her lavishing gaze and slowly uncovered the bed sheets until the man was completely exposed to her. Ghost’s eyes lit up as she examined her mark, vulnerable and naked before her. He was handsome and possessed an ideal build for Ghost’s activities. The man’s hair was pitch-black and his features were strong and masculine. The eyes hidden beneath the veil were dark brown and amber, left and right respectively. The man’s amber eye had a vertical slit pupil, like a hunter, cat, and a dragon.

  Ghost stopped investigating the man’s face and moved onto his body. She used the 8 eyes on her forehead to scan the man deeper, and saw through the illusion cast upon him. His right arm flickered between its fake holographic reality and its beautiful true form. The arm had serrated scales harder than steel and claws that could rip any material apart. It was the ultimate shield and yet the ultimate weapon, both ironically cancelling each other out. The scales originated from the inner dragon he possessed, and covered him all the way up to his shoulder and as far down as his coccyx. The scales branched off and linked to his right eye, causing the bestial look.

  Ghost stroked the silky scales; they felt nice on her human hands. Next she licked them, making them glisten from her saliva before she rubbed it off and went to inspect the last part on her list. The final and most interesting part of the man, aside from his sexual organs, was his tail. It was sharp and scaled also, giving him a frightening façade; it was coiled around his leg and rattled whenever it moved; keeping Ghost’s curiosity satisfied to say the least.

  Every time Ghost laid eyes on this man a strong feeling of relaxation and want befell her. She’d remember everything he’d done for her and think back on how they met…
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