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     Lifting Dims: A Poetry Collection, p.1

       Nada Ahmed
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Lifting Dims: A Poetry Collection

Lifting Dims

a poetry collection

Nada Ahmed

Copyright ©2017 Nada Ahmed
All rights reserved.
Cover photograph courtesy of Mostafa Magdy
E-book designed by Nada Ahmed

for the family I once had.

Song for the Heartless
Lands Apart
In Regione Caecorum Rex Est Luscus
Black in Blue
I’ve Chosen the Darkness
World Suicidal
Faces upon the Waters
The Abyss
Infinite Circle
Silver Lines
The Veil

part I:

Depth of Blue

Song for the Heartless

You speak as of heaven you are
yet to me, hell is raining immorality
amply making promises
when only with hatred you cram me
I let it be
I let you chop the smile off my face
to scatter my years onto seclusion
onto bizarre conclusions

you are no man of devotion
nor am I woman of heresy
but you have taken the wrong turn
to indulge a life of dismay and hypocrisy
I don’t let it be
I don’t let you reign over me
to wander my years impetuously
you’re not the one who keeps me alive
and you won’t be the one to kill me!

Lands Apart

Swift as the autumn wind are your words
like poison, running through my veins
treacherous as the sea, keeping secrets
shadowing down my mind

I don’t call out for anything but mercy
upon this wildness
this lank insanity
my hands apart,

so spare your vicious mouthful to somebody else
unless God humbles and comes back to earth
under the name of mortality
as if it wasn’t enough what you’ve stolen
out of Mother and the spinningly token
my lands apart.

In Regione Caecorum Rex Est Luscus

A spacious meadow, a rose grew in
ivory tower, eye is sole
one, what I see: a world to me
envy of the blind blinds me

the rose, by the wronging wind has withered
growing pale, yet preserved above 'em all
ivory failing to be maintained
for they kill mammoths in the rose's land

to the leas, toward defacement it led me
to the graves, I dared to carry my fascist dreams
to the bones, have I ached for the foretold end
end where to the blind's kingdom and soul
unlikely seen, improbably said

I am king

I am no king

but of the fool.

Black in Blue

Black in blue
life, a subtle denial
die over to live
suffer a constant defile
make disbelieve.


She’s got her senses bent down at her feet
she’s got her thoughts ensilenced
her words defined
and whispers into her mind unleashed

she’s got her lurk presence keeping company
she’s got her absence in pending stiffly
this slender wait
and wonders of her retorted agony

she’s got a sheen pale
the moonlight
the clouds afloat
over her said and thought
she’s got a fear in motion
the swindling ocean
her self pried
when self was all she sought.

I’ve Chosen the Darkness

Depth of blue
tonight she falls
amongst suns and moons
tears to scars
on face so gloom
skin so dry
craving dreary fires
demon’s growls
heard at night
she, not screaming
it is the dark
for path untrodden
opting out of all wrong
all falls in darkness
all righteous
I don’t hate you
I’ve chosen the darkness.


I threw my papers away,
shoved the pen in one eye
and with the other I watched you coming by,
doling my organs away
I only wanted to look pretty
with no make-up, no self-pity,
wanted the mild mask on

please, Mr. Surgeon,
easy on the cutting
for wounds are getting deep,
deep into my eyes
why can’t you make me look pretty?
like a fairy so sleek and witty?
why can’t you just make me die?

World Suicidal

Fluted steps we are walking
pleaded in fear
by the palest sunshine
the moon is gone
beyond spaces of emptiness
the stars no longer shine
suicidal in their ever-nights

let us not cry over fate
and remorse our past cruelty
this calamitous game
of death and revival
could never release our hearts
I am bound to you
you are bound to me
universe's unjust for such a doomed reality.

Faces upon the Waters

Face upon the waters
I eat no lotuses, no
I, the exiting race

beams of furring birds
flee…but never free
swept aside
followed to no side
birds in a sly cage

time in a hurry
aging…sucking hole
not fair nor yet fairly
to fear the times

bright afflictions
lifting dims…bleaks
divine by the night

gaze justly at life
limp, jump, haste
rebel, rebel, rebel
the sleeping gods

ladders upwards mind
ascend and walk
do sell
the no-dreams
to the no-ones.


Bounced back to the bitter past, haven't we?
spreading those sharp words so evenly
carefully we hold each other's hands
not to recall what might have come of us
patience departs as we think
I hope you mean what you say.


Who said of paradise I did not daydream?
about fires and our loudest screams?
for the strength I show
in which I’ve hidden my humanity
my capability to feel,
so please, sir,
do not mistake my stubborn head
and eloquent tongue
with my idiotically chaotic heart.

The Abyss

In company, all is fair
but when sole
I am tripped
by my thoughts of you
my abyss.

part II:

Passion Crime


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