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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil


  Muneeza Danial Chevalier

  Copyright © 2017

  Muneeza Danial Chevalier



  To fall in love is acceptable but to fall in love with an anomaly. The world, society and even his family are against this unique love. How far and how long will his quest for love be? Join Harman and Soumya in this one of a kind love story.

  Table of Contents


  Table of Contents

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  Chapter 1

  Ek chehra jo dil main hai 

  Soumya decided, at last, to run away from Singh household. She believed she was the reason for Harman's problems and wanted him to be free of her. Harman who had been looking for her watched her sprint away in the silent night. A lone figure on the deserted roads of Gurdaspur. Unable to see her scared and alone, deserting the one abode where she could remain safe he followed her on foot.

  At some point, Soumya tired and exhausted sat on the road side while Harman approached her tentatively.

  Harman: "Bhag liya ya abhi aur baaki hai?"

  Soumya was startled to see him so close. She stood up to run away again but Harman held her wrist making her look at him in surprise.

  Soumya: "Jaaney dijiye mujhey Harman jee."

  Harman: "Kahan jaogi tum? Aur kis liye?"

  Soumya who was terribly overwhelmed started crying. Her tears dripping on Harman's hands making him madder. How could he tell her he hated tears in her eyes. Her beautiful face was like a full moon on dark nights. It spread love and light to all, never differentiating between friend or foe.

  Soumya: "Aap meri wajah sey itney dukhi hain. Sab gharwaley aap sey naaraz hain.Aapki shadi bhi tut gayi meri wajah sey, main chali jaungi to sab theek ho jayega."

  Harman: "Tum samajh kyun nahin rahi Soumya, ab Mummyjee iss duniya main nahin raheen, aur mainey unsey tumhara rakshak banney ka vaada kiya hai."

  Soumya: "Vaadey to tor bhi saktey hain, aap bhuul jayyiye yeh vaada, nahin huun main aapki zimmedaari. Aapki zimmedaari mummyjee aur papajee hain."

  She continued to sob softly: "Aur ab Mahi bhi"

  Harman stood shocked letting go of her wrist.

  Harman: "In sab zimmedaarion key ilawa eik aur zimmedaari hai meri, meri dost ki, tumhari."

  Soumya dared to gaze at him sadly, "Kyun?"

  Harman was momentarily speechless, he realized he exercised no right on her. He couldn't keep her tied to him on a whim. How could they survive in a conniving atmosphere, where all in his family were against him and his friendship with her. He would have to let her go if he wanted her happy but then would he himself be happy without her?

  Soumya: "Yeh dosti khatam ho jaye yehi behter hai," she put the last nail in the coffin of their friendship and turned to walk away.

  Harman was left dealing with his emotions, confused at why he couldn't let go of her if she indeed was just a friend.

  Chapter 2

  Ab naam mohabbat ke ilzaam to aaya hai.

  Harman stood in the balcony pondering on the events of the day, Preeto had a nervous breakdown. The doctor had administered her a sedative. He could hear Mahi tearing down her clothes from his wardrobe, her dreams had been dashed, she was angry and rightfully so. He could hear her cursing Soumya, the word Kinnar predominant.

  He smiled ruefully looking at the full moon the only witness to his depth of concern and hurt for Soumya. He had caught her again today trying to run away, had shouted at her and regretted every word he had uttered. He had seen the pain in her eyes, the shattering of a million dreams and that heart of hers. A tear had escaped his eyes, her suffering killed him each day. The way she clung to him, the way her eyes widened when he wasn't around. Her honey tresses, her innocent eyes and her unwavering trust in him. How could he for simple pleasures of the flesh disown her?

  Why was it that when she cried his heart cried, when her eyes searched him his hand pursued hers? Why did Mahi's appearance and now departure not bother him? Harman Harak Singh these were questions he had to find answers to. His life alone was not on the line her's was bound to him. Regardless of what the society said, thought or wanted. Regardless of his parents and his responsibility to produce heirs his biggest responsibility was to her. She owned him, she belonged to him. His closed fists had relaxed he had to tell her, he had to.

  Soumya sat clutching Harman's sweater to her heart, the last remnant of the one being who was her heart. She had cried for so long that tears refused to entertain her eyes anymore. Her shivering hands had gripped the fabric breathing it deeply. It belonged to him, her Harman, the Harman she had married, who in all actuality belonged to her. But did the society allow this... No. She couldn't attain him. Somewhere far away someone had been listening to music the faint notes of a heart wrenching song could be heard.

  "Jo paar humain kerta usney hee rulaya hai.

  Kya pyaar main socha tha kiya pyaar main paaya hai."

  Rightfully so she thought closing her tired eyes when she heard him. Her heart beat accelerated. Was he angry again? Had he finally decided to get rid of her? Had his mother succeeded in changing his mind? She was too tired to lift her bent head. Let it end she thought in defeat.

  "Tum jo bhi humain samjho per tumko sada saraheingey hum.

  Beygunaah jo humain thehrayein lafz aisey kahan paaiyengey hum.

  Umeed na thi iski jo saamney aaya hai.

  Tum jo bhi saza dey do sar hum ney jhukaya hai."

  "Soumya," he called out. His voice barely audible and she had against her better judgement looked up to see him stand before her. She had not uttered a single syllable but her eyes asked him all the questions. He noticed she sat on the floor, in this cold, oblivious to her physical discomfiture. Her eyes were red veined gazing at him. What was it that he saw in them love, regret, pain? His sweater was in her hold, he had taken a seat near her.

  Soumya: "Aap uper beth jaaiye aapko thand lag jayegi jee."

  Harman: "Tum bhi to yahin ho."

  Soumya: "Meri fiker mat kijiye per aap..." she would've continued in the same strain but he placed his hand over her mouth, silencing her tenderly.

  Harman: "Kuch mat bolna please, sirf sunna," he pleaded.

  She nodded her head in consent, how could she not. He was after all her one, true, love.

  Harman took her hands in his own. "Kiya tum ..." he stopped midway staring at her unwavering gaze. Soumya tightened her grip on his hands, he noticed they were shivering.

  Harman: "Pareshan ho?" she nodded. "Hona bhi chahiye, main ney kitna sataya na tumhain, meri wajah se..." he laughed sorrowfully. "Main kiya kerun Soumya...?"

  Soumya: "Mujhey jaaney dijye sab theek ho jayega" she whispered in dejection.

  Harman: "Kiya theek hoga?" he watched her through wet eyes.

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