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       Verses Of Yellow Leaf, p.1

           Monira Baki
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Verses Of Yellow Leaf

  Verses Of Yellow Leaf

  Author - Monira Baki

  Translator - Tanzir Uddin


  ( a collection of seven poetry )


  9The way which you have used for your life journey life is yours literature .



  Table Of Contents

  The verses of yellow leaf

  Mother says don't write anymore

  I also run away

  The night, you & i

  Don't leave me

  For you my fellow

  At the time of sunrise


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  The Night , You & I

  After a glance of you

  Uncertainly my heart broken,

  Uncovering my bloody heart, i want -

  I want to feel the running time

  Without you.


  I remember -

  In starry night, we were singing ,

  And in the night with drezzling moon

  We sang and sang and saw moonrise

  Or, some flowers before your sight

  As i touched, they Spreading sweat smell

  For a decade

  For thousands years...

  But they don't lose any smell today and after...


  Like a cape of love

  Running time took away ourselves ,

  To the middle of the ocean and we touched the wave -

  Of time

  Of ocean

  Or, the wind.

  Oneday, circuitous time wounded us

  Oneday, furious time wring our hands

  Then try to fade away our love ,

  And -

  Wounded our heart.

  Today from a far distance

  Forgetting distance between us

  We can remember our golden years .......


  First and a wraith between ourselves

  That wraped us in a wrath

  And made us wretched also.

  But, now i want to say

  Our scraps of love

  Here, in worn out heart.

  I tied with time, the running time

  And you?

  I love you for any scream, any pain.

  And you?

  You love me and i don't love you? Is it ?

  Do you wrote those scrawl words on time?

  But why i can't believe those words?

  Love, devotion,

  or demand; what do you want?

  Do you want my love in least?

  I don't want the answer.

  I make this conservatory for you

  With the touch of -

  My love ,

  And this couch of flowers for you.


  I am leaving adorned you with m9y love...

  When you wake up remembering my kiss

  You thrill with delight and time shout for you

  You may have no sorrow, then.


  Your face may glowing in my sight

  And, i'll be happiest, my dear.



  Mother Say's,

  " Don't Write Anymore"

Forgetting my sorrows

  Oneday i also leave -

  Or flee away like others.

  And mother says don't write anymore...


  If writing wears me handcuff

  Make's me so lonely,

  Or -

  My words and sentences

  Write tattered history ;

  If uncertainly forbidden story

  I write and take out

  Horror scene of capitalist society ,

  If i write the sorrow of middle classes and show unseen history

  Then, who shame for me?


  Mother says don't write anymore...

  If i lose my heart and ambition by writing

  Or, discover some language for breaking heart;

  I know, i can never go leaving these fear.

  Sunk in the ocean of tension

  Mother says don't write anymore.

  Then writing becomes a shame

  For me at the end.

  For You, My Fellow


  I am crying for you, bride

  Look at me,

  Bloodshot eyes, my bloody body is for you.

  Bride, i see pain in your eyes

  And moonlight getting a dark cover,

  For you...

  Your bloody heart pain

  Touching my heart ,

  And there's none for you ?

  O bride, listen, i am crying for you

  No misnomer, i am crying for you.

  You never know

  They maul you as you are a bride

  They neglect you as you' are bride

  Pain mealy with your life, now ?

  But , here, i am crying for you

  Bride, my fellow. ...

  Verse Of Yellow Leaf

  From when, i lost my heart,

  - can't remember.

  Everyday in the morning , opening my eyes

  - i see with surprise,

  How sun rising touching the corner of the sky !

  And, make a lonely day...


  Everyday, sun gives me the last touch of warm

  - before sunset,

  And there's a flow of warm wind in heart.

  Coming night -

  Cold, so cold flat


  But -

  I want to live, want to live

  Again hearing sweetest song .

  Now, like sunset, a deep dark touching my eye

  Consequencely losing -

  My today , tomorrow and also before and after.

  Oneday light comes with a surprise

  For which my heart frozen,

  With losing my picked light

  See, there's a cold kiss also.



  How can i get closer with light ?

  How can i live with a sunbathe?

  And, welcome a new daylight ?

  I don't know

  There's, a deep ocean near my end

  And, yellow leaf gathered in past memorise...

  At The Time Of Rising


  Today you don't see the sunrise

  And, the rising sun losing its brightness ,

  And why -

  The far become so far for me .

  But don't see you

  In my path, hay traveler, mine -

  Today i can't sing remembering you

  As i have lost my violin .

  Following the wind -

  There's a saddest song

I am hearing it's for you ?

  I don't know .

  Running time stopped yet?


  Here, in the earth -

  Which word make thrill in heart ?

  Anyone heard that ?

  I'll take that for my prayer .

  Triumph of aversion wake

  Wake in the corner of the sky .

  Child! Who says, i amn't here?

  I am here with your love and affection .

  Look, look there in the shinning sun

  There's my affection, dear . Look behind

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