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     Undead Sublet, p.19

       part  #2. 5 of  Half Moon Hollow Series  by  Molly Harper / Fantasy / Romance & Love
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Page 19

I supposed that was fair. But I would keep my wok handy.

I laughed as he squeezed me tight. “Well, I have to warn you, there will need to be some rules. ”

“Such as?”

“Personal space is overrated. I want to be able to see you at least a few hours a night, even if we have to move around our work schedules. ”

“Sounds reasonable,” he said. “And I promise, I will only remove parts from the doors and cabinets when they need to be fixed, not just to amuse myself. ”

“Very reasonable,” I told him. “I will only threaten you with pans and pepper extracts when you really deserve it. ”

“And the vampire issue,” he said. “Any idea where you stand on that?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted. “And I don’t know if I’ll be able to give you an answer anytime soon. But for right now, I want to be with you. Bad furniture and all. Besides, I need a contractor, and you’re the only one I know who doesn’t make my skin crawl. ”

He gave me a quick flash of a grin, then covered it with a mocking frown. He slid his arms around me. “I don’t know if you can afford me. ”

I kissed him, pinching his butt just a little bit. “I think we can work out a barter system. ”
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