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           M.J. Fontana
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That Year
That Year

  By M.J. Fontana

  Published by M.J. Fontana

  © 2014 M.J. Fontana

  All rights Reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental

  Cover Art © L.J. Anderson, Mayhem Cover Creations


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  Occasionally, I would go to my girlfriend Victoria’s house to eat dinner. Her parents always treated me like I was part of the family, and I always thought of them as part of mine. Besides her parents Joe, a truck driver and Barbara, a stay at home wife who babysitted a group of kids from the neighborhood and nearby communities, Victoria’s two younger brothers and sister took a liking to me. Her younger sister Brianna was a shy girl that always had a doll clutched under her right arm. She would talk in a low voice that one would have to lean in to be able to hear her. I imagined this was how Victoria was when she was younger. I know it was how I was.

  I’m not a person that puts themselves out there, and most would describe me as a quiet, reserved person. Victoria would also be described as quiet by others.

  Victoria and I shared everything, would talk for hours, and I loved being with her. Although we were only 15 years old we had a mature relationship. There was no doubt about it she was for me and I was for her.

  “Next year you start high school, must be exciting,” Victoria’s mom says standing on my left hand side placing a massive pile of mash potatoes on my plate next to a massive piece of meatloaf and pile of green beans. I sure wasn’t going to complain, I loved her cooking. I look at Victoria sitting to my right, “It’s going to be a little scary at first but I’m excited about the next four years,” I say while Victoria holds back a smile. I been with her for the past two years and still there are these moments that I get lost in her beauty. Her brunette hair that stops at her shoulders and her green eyes made me feel while looking at her that I was the luckiest guy on the planet. “John and Vincent come to dinner now,” shouts Victoria’s father from the kitchen table to his two sons in another room. Brianna with her doll in her lap sits quietly to my left.

  The last day of school is a half-day. By the middle of June everybody in school is anxious to start their summer break and enjoy the nice, warm weather. Next year I’ll be going to another building in another location, next year I’ll be starting high school. I see myself being with Victoria throughout high school. The prospect of being with her puts me at ease.

  When I get home from school Victoria and I head to our favorite place the shaking bar. This place has every milkshake flavor your imagination could think of, and although on occasion we would try a new flavor, when Jimmy, the owner, saw us coming through the entrance two chocolate milkshakes with whip cream were waiting for us on our table.

  My summer break was fun, I enjoy the little things like hanging out with my friends, playing baseball and basketball at the local park and of course being with Victoria. In late July till early August I went to the shore for a week with Victoria and her parents. My three closest friends Steve, Ryan, and Josh told me to bring condoms with me. The thought crossed my mind that it would happen. Although I desired and was ready to have sex with her it still felt like I would be entering a forbidden world. Also I never got the feeling that she was ready to take that next step.

  When we arrived at our motel, right next to the beach, with our room facing the waterfront I helped unpack the car full of luggage. Victoria shared a room with her younger sister Brianna. I shared a room with her two brothers John and Vincent, and her parents had a room to themselves. All three rooms were right next to each other. After unpacking we all got changed and walked the short distance to a spot on the beach. It was a sunny, blue sky day in the mid 90s, so Barbara had us all put on sunscreen. Victoria turned to me and asked if I could get her back for her. I stood like a statue unable to speak or move lusting for her while she stood in front of me in her two piece swimsuit. She was the same girl I had known and yet my heart was beating faster than it ever had. I took the sunscreen bottle from her fumbling it my hands as it fell into the sand, picking it up I squirted some on my left hand, and rubbed my hand slowly across her back and lower back. I could only imagine what I looked like to anyone who looked at me because I felt as if I was unable to hold my excitement. Maybe I was unsure about entering this forbidden world before but at that moment I knew I wanted to.

  Later, I helped Brianna build a sandcastle, and assisted Brianna and John burry their brother in the sand. I looked to my side at Victoria’s dad, Joe, sleeping in his beach lounge chair basking under the sun’s rays next to Victoria’s mom Barbara reading a paperback book. I looked out toward the beach, at Victoria standing by herself on the edge where only your feet get wet after a wave breaks. I walked next to her. “Want to go in,” I asked her. “Yes,” she said. She grabbed my hand while we walked further and further into the ocean. We finally settled into a spot in the water where our bodies moved gently with the motion of the waves. “Hold me,” she said. I moved closer to her holding her body close to mine. We faced each other so close that not even a pinky could slide between us. Simultaneously we lock lips. This wasn’t the first time I have kissed her but this felt different. While we kissed the motion of the waves froze, the people around us froze, the birds stopped chirping, the ice cream truck tune stopped playing, and at that very moment it was as if it was only me and her. I knew at that moment both of us were ready to take that next step. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you’re with the person you love.

  Later that first night, after enjoying dinner at a hibachi restaurant Joe and Barbara retired to bed. Victoria, Joe, Vincent, Brianna whom was still clutching her doll under her right arm, and I stayed up and watched television in the room I was staying in as it was the bigger room with three beds. Victoria stood up, “Matt and I are going to my room for a little bit we’ll be right back, just stay here and watch TV”. “Why are you going to our room,” Brianna asked me in her low voice. I looked up at Victoria from the chair I was sitting on with my heart beating faster and nervousness conquering my entire body. “He has to help me fix something, we’ll be right back,” Victoria told her. “Oh,” she said and continued to play with her doll. John and Vincent remained still watching television. I got up and followed her outside to her room. I walked further into her room with my left hand in my pocket, feeling like I would stumble over my own steps. I heard her lock the door behind her. I turned around at her while she was in the process of taking off her shirt and bra. She stands in front of me completely naked. Excitement ensued. I walked up to her taking off my shirt and pants in the process leaving only my boxers on. I must have kissed and felt every part of her nude body. She placed her hands on the top of my boxers and went down with th
em as she grabbed and stroked my penis. We collapsed onto the bed together. Her green eyes stared right into mine with her hands around my upper back. All the passion we had for each other takes over on this humid summer night.

  The next morning Victoria and I walked along the beach holding hands, the strong mourning sun beaming down on us, as we waited for her family to get ready to go out for breakfast. The next three nights we went into her room leaving her siblings in my room watching television to have sex again and again.

  “You finally did it,” exclaimed one of my best friends Steve in amazement as I told him about my experience with Victoria during the trip to the shore. I knew Steve for a long time, he was always in my classes during my previous school years, and was on my recreational baseball and basketball teams I participated in. Steve is not like Victoria and I. He’s more outgoing and popular with other kids in school.

  The summer was winding down and the start of my high school career was getting closer. I never thought much about starting high school during the summer, but with the back to school commercials in high gear, the sun setting earlier and earlier, and the night air getting cooler and cooler, I have started to.

  On the last Monday of summer break I spend the majority of the day with my friends and other kids from the neighborhood and surrounding communities playing basketball at the local park. I told Victoria I would meet her at the shaking bar at 6pm, so at 4:30pm I walk back home to take a shower.

  I enter the shaking bar and see Victoria sitting at a booth. I sit down across from her. “How are you beautiful,” I ask her. “I wanted to meet you tonight because I think we need to stop seeing each other”. I’m so thrown off I just sit there like I’m having a bad dream, and I’ll wake up soon. But the time ticks by and I’m still sitting here. We have grown so far, I can’t possibly imagine my life without her. She is a part of who I am. This can’t possibly be happening, where is this coming from? I think back to anything in everything that I could possibly have done to her to make her feel like she needs to stop seeing me. Jimmy puts down our usual two chocolate milkshakes with whip cream on the table. My eyes go from the milkshakes to her. She is wearing a sad expression on her face. I think I hear her sob as she gets up and leaves the table leaving me alone with my thoughts. I was so shocked by what she had said that I didn’t even get to say anything to her before she left.

  She’s the first girl I kissed, first girl I loved, first girl that I made love to, and first girl to break my heart.

  “Maybe this is a good thing,” says Steve sitting on one of the couches in the living room of Josh’s house. Josh and Ryan sit near me on another couch playing a football video game. “How is it a good thing?”

  “Dude there is so much fresh ass in high school, all these girls want to do is get fucked and fucked up,” Steve replies. “Yeah, this is a good thing you don’t want to be tied down to one girl for the best years of your life, you got your whole life for that shit,” Josh adds after slamming down his controller as he just lost the game to Ryan. “But you are going to have to put yourself out there a little bit more,” Ryan adds.

  “True, true,” says Steve. “Girls want someone whose more confident, something you struggle with”, Josh says. “I’m not thinking about other girls right now, me and Victoria had something that you don’t just move on from quickly,” I say. “Why do you think she ended the relationship,” asks Ryan. “She is a pretty girl, she knows that, she doesn’t want to be with you right now because she wants to explore and experience, not be tied down in a relationship,” Ryan says before I could answer him. “She’s not like that,” I say getting up from the couch to head home.

  Maybe Ryan is right. After this weekend I will be in a new school with new people, and now without Victoria. I never anticipated that I would be without her when starting high school.



  The bus continues driving along an unfamiliar path I have never been on before. I look out my window trying to remain calm and untie the feeling of a knot inside my stomach. The bus makes a left turn onto the high school campus. It’s a rural campus with forest and woods surrounding all around the high school.

  The bus rides slowly up a long, windy path toward the high school. The long and windy path opens up revealing a baseball field on my right. Finally, the bus makes a left turn and for the first time I see the high school building, the building I will be spending the next four years of my life. The school, massive in size and scope, is made up of maroon bricks. The other freshmen look out there windows in exhilaration at their new school while the bus finds its parking spot.

  Ten minutes later, the bus door opens. I maneuver my way toward the school entrance. Unfamiliar people catch up with friends asking about their summer, what classes they’re in, or how their boyfriend or girlfriends are doing. As I enter the building I reach into my pocket and take out my schedule.

  I feel lost and I’m literally lost, I have no idea where I’m going. I think of how Victoria must be making out on her first day. I finally have the courage to ask a faculty member where to go. He verbalizes to me directions on how to get to my first class, pointing me in the direction to start. The hallways are beginning to get crowded with more students entering the building. Everyone seems to know everyone and here I am by myself with no idea where to go.

  I finally find my first period classroom… finally. I take a seat in a desk chair. “So much ass out there,” I overhear two freshmen talking from across the room. I keep to myself as I wait for the class to begin. “She’s a slut, she will literally fuck anybody,” I overhear a girl say from across the room. This all feels new, and scary. This isn’t me, I just want Victoria back. The world didn’t seem so big and easy to get lost in when I was with her.

  A girl walks in that catches my attention. I glance at her twice. I had to, she was stunning. Who is this girl? She had long blonde hair that flows down past her shoulders. She sits down not at one of the student’s desks but in the front at the teacher’s desk. She was going through a folder searching for something. She has the same look that I feel I’m displaying. Despite her beauty, she looks unsure of herself. She looks young, must be her first teaching job. I hear other guys murmur in a barely inaudible volume. I know what they were talking about though, the stunning, young, blonde teacher of ours. The bell rings through the speakers located near the clock above the classroom door letting us know that first period has begun.

  “My name is Mrs. Snow; I will be your Math teacher this semester. I will tell you a little about myself and then I’m going to go around the room and ask you to tell the class something about yourself,” Mrs. Snow says.

  “Last year I graduated from East Rail University with a degree in education with a specialization in math. I initially wanted to teach elementary school teachers, but you take what you can get when you have student loans to pay off. I did student teaching at Valley School district.” The class boos simultaneously. Valley School district is our most hated rival for our school sports. “I know, I know I went to the dark side, but I saw the light and I’m here now,” Mrs. Snow says laughing. Applause follows. Mrs. Snow plays along and bows. She is cute and funny.

  “Why don’t we start with you,” said Mrs. Snow pointing to a kid in the front of the column that I was in. If she was going to down I would be the fifth person to have to tell the classroom in which I have not recognized anybody something about myself. I hated this. I never knew what to say. Just like that it was my turn and I didn’t even hear what the other four other people said.”Umm, I have a golden retriever named Rover, an older sister starting college,” I say. I look up unsurely at Mrs. Snow and her blue eyes that stand out even from a distance in the front of the classroom. She looks like she wants me to add more, but I don’t know what else she wants me to say. Just go to next person, that’s all I got. Go to the next person. “Okay, and what was your name again,” asks Mrs. Snow. “Matt,” I answer. “Thanks Matt, I actually had a golden retri
ever growing up too.” She points to the next student who shares her whole life story or maybe it seems that that way since I shared so little. I wish I was more comfortable around others, but I’m not.

  I gather my notebooks and textbooks for my second period class. The hallway is swarming with other students “Hey,” says a girl whom sits on the opposite side of my first period classroom. She has a tan body and long brunette hair. “Hey,” I say. I don’t know this girl and I certainly don’t know why she wants to talk to me. Okay, calm down she just wants to talk, no reason to be nervous. “What year are you in,” she asks. “This is my first day of high school.”

  “I remember my first day, it’s scary at first but you’ll get use to it,” she assures me smiling placing her free hand on my shoulder. “I have to go this way,” she says pointing to the right side where the hallway splits in three. “I go that way,” I say pointing to the left side even though I have no idea where my next class is located. “I’ll see you around or tomorrow then,” she says smiling heading in the opposite direction. She’s beautiful, I’ll never have a chance with her, or maybe I do, I don’t know. My past is my past, this is a fresh start, these people don’t know me, and I could redefine who I am here. I don’t have to be that quiet, reserved kid anymore.

  Lost in my thoughts and trying to find my next class on my own I end up in torn down hallway that seems isolated from the rest of the school. The light flickers above me. My shoes step onto a filthy hallway floor filled with mud, old notebooks, and old stale food, rotten apples half eaten, and rotten banana peels. I continue walking down this hallway of torn apart lockers which extend on the left and right
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