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           Mike Voyce
Edward - Interactive


  A novel

  From National Portrait Gallery

  By Mike Voyce

  Copyright 2012 Mike Voyce


  The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, with the exception of Angharad and the author’s daughter, is coincidental and not intended by the author.



  This book is dedicated to my wife, my daughter, the memory of Angharad, and all those who have helped in its production.

  Thanks to Bobbie Crawford-McCoy for “(Past)”, as it appears throughout this book. It is part of the story that visions of Edward mix with thoughts about him, and with my own life. Perhaps this will help separate them.

  Thanks to “The Medieval Technology Company” for the sword image used on the front cover of printed copies of this edition.



  Introduction to the interactive Edition

  A Genealogy of Edward

  Medieval Music Links

  Chapter 1 – The Beginning

  Chapter 2 - Duke Henry

  Chapter 3 - Edward

  Chapter 4 - The Way of the World

  Chapter 5 - A Kaleidoscope

  Chapter 6 - The Kings of England

  Chapter 7 - Marbles and Hawks

  Chapter 8 - Edward and Eadie

  Chapter 9 - Christmas

  Chapter 10 - Peterborough

  Chapter 11 - Changes

  Chapter 12 - Wales

  Chapter 13 - Unhappy Differences

  Chapter 14 - Separation

  Chapter 15 - Sarah

  Chapter 16 - Penshurst and Cambridge

  Chapter 17 - Abigail

  Chapter 18 - Celebration

  Chapter 19 - Growing Up

  Chapter 20 - Father Joseph

  Chapter 21 - Meanings

  Chapter 22 - Goodbye

  Chapter 23 - Of Life and Death

  Chapter 24 - Lincoln

  Chapter 25 - Endings

  Chapter 26 - The Box

  Note from the Author

  After Word

  List of Hyperlinks


  Introduction to the interactive Edition

  In an eBook it is possible to include links and Internet devices that are not possible in a printed book. There are links spread throughout this book, some from the website www.edwardstafford.co.uk (where you will find many more) while others are new to this edition. You will find they add new dimensions to the story, and allow you to explore what History thinks of some of the characters, there are places described that you can now see. I have tested the links on my iPad and PDF reader but, if you find any fault, please report it to me. Because links require the Internet they will not work on a tablet which does not have an active Internet connection. Having clicked a link, you will have to close your browser and re-open the tablet’s library to return to the page you were on (just 2 touches of the screen).

  The electronic revolution has made it possible to reduce the separation between writer and reader, allowing a book to become more of a conversation. If you have any comments or contributions please email me, mikevoyce@yahoo.co.uk and I will do my best to respond.

  Although the text of Edward has not changed since I first published, the book you are about to read has acquired a life of its own. Most of the developments can be found on the website, but I have noticed subtle shifts in reality, prompting the second website, www.MikeVoyce.com and the Blogtalkradio show, Reincarnation, the Secrets of Past Lives. You are also welcome to join in these.

  As to the book itself, Edward is a Love Story, an Adventure Story; it’s about one of the most turbulent times in English History, and it takes you behind the scenes normally portrayed. Edward is also about me, and the astonishing way the story came to me. Most of all, it’s a story from the life.

  Here is a more personal video INTRODUCTION on the Edward Stafford website.


  Genealogy of Edward

  This can be found on the Edward Stafford website by clicking this link


  The arms of Edward Stafford, as 3rd Duke of Buckingham, the royal Plantagenet arms, quartered, were bordered at the insistence of Henry VIII, the chevrons are for Stafford.


  Medieval Music Links

  You will need a browser running in the background to hear these as you carry on to read EDWARD –

  Medieval Chant of the Templars. Antiphona: Salve Regina

  (Edward’s Templar connection through Andrew is yet to be explored)

  Music for a Knight – Ambrosian Chant

  15th century English Music – Alleluia : “A Nywe Werke”

  Quene Note

  Sumer Is Icumen In


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