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           Michael Tobin
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Breaking Interstellar: Cosmic Lives Matter
Breaking Interstellar

  Cosmic Lives Matter

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  Table of Contents

  Prologue: The story thus far

  Chapter One: Cosmic nightmare this way comes!

  Chapter Two: Into the abyssal depths

  Chapter Three: Squirming little meat-bags

  Chapter Four: People of the forest

  Chapter Five: The headband-eleven

  Chapter Six: Something toothy this way comes!

  Chapter Seven: A harsh world

  Chapter Eight: Express elevator through hell’s fire!

  Chapter Nine: Jax’s pandemonium of terrors!

  Chapter Ten: Unbreakable bonds

  Chapter Eleven: An android’s work is never done!

  Chapter Twelve: Into the rabbit-hole

  Chapter Thirteen: Fortress of bent physics

  Chapter Fourteen: Esty’s thrill ride!

  Chapter Fifteen: Born-Again little alien

  Chapter Sixteen: Gort’s rude awakening!

  Chapter Seventeen: Electronic-fog

  Chapter Eighteen: Glowing tentacled sphere

  Chapter Nineteen: Queen Ann’s Revenge

  Chapter Twenty: Humanity’s spark

  Chapter Twenty-One: Any port in a time-storm!

  Chapter Twenty-Two: Nyzilla the destroyer!

  Prologue: The Story thus far

  Seemingly endless stretches of space lay ahead, as a small yet powerful spacecraft with an unpronounceable name, streaks away from another bold act of piracy. The latest crime is still fresh in the commander’s mind as she sits somberly, reflecting on recent events. Sitting high in her command-chair, she spies the tiny pile of gold and platinum booty laying on the deck-plating in front of her. It represents a puny reward for her audacious but brave raid on a seemingly defenseless vessel from a backwater planet, called Earth. She’s still in denial that the human-like machines that operated the vessel, had somehow gotten the upper hand, sending her off with only a fraction of what she had hoped for. The very thought of having to deal face to face with such alien contraptions, makes her blood boil. Sentient machines of another species, had been at war with her people for uncountable millennia. Ill feelings run deep.... the current strong!

  The diminutive commander, absentmindedly runs a long gray fingertip along a wound on her cheek, that had occurred during the failed crime just prior to this last raid. They had run into the Earth ship, while fleeing from the previous scene; where her only reward is the nasty wound, she sports so painfully. She sits somberly. Her bulbous head hangs, as she shades her beautiful, almond-shaped black eyes from the universe. Sagging against the armrest, she wonders of her bleak future. Greatly depressed, she contemplates how her luck had nearly run out during the first raid, when a sizzling-hot projectile grazed her flesh. That felonious attempt to acquire plunder from an aggressive species on a tiny no-account planet, had left her much worse-off than when she started. She mumbles venomously under her breath, as the pain breaks a threshold of tolerance.

  Nearby, her first-lieutenant becomes aware of her pain. He gathers a medical kit, soon arriving at her side. He’s the one who pulled her back into the hovering spacecraft, as angry guards charged. Moments after he pulled her to safety, a hail of bullets pinged harmlessly off the closed hatch, but she had already fallen victim to a close call. It pains him greatly, that she had been wounded while waiting patiently for him and their accomplice to enter the ship first. He moves closer to his brave commander, gently attending her wound. For this, he’s rewarded by a loving touch on his own cheek, and soft chirps and clicks that would indicate thankfulness in any language.

  Her species is an ancient one. But, as with most sentient creatures, her people are ruining the biosphere and rapidly depleting the natural resources of their many worlds. That, plus the war with the planet-gouging machines, makes for tenuous times. From the safety of orbit, the planet-gougers rake the land of resources, using beams of focused energy. Coming and going with near impunity, they leave her people in constant need of new planets with which to live. Nearly a third of the way around the galaxy from home, she and her brave crew are returning to a lonely outpost on a planet only fifty-light-years distance from Earth. Her mission.... to beg, borrow, or steal, resources that are dearly needed back home; without creating too many more enemies. It’s a tall order. Especially when her people’s actions, mirror the thievery of the machines; just on a much smaller scale. Dog-eat-dog, permeates the cosmos it seems....

  As her craft accelerates away from the scene of the crimes, she ponders the possible destination of her latest victim. She’s almost certain they’re heading to the same planet where her people are developing an outpost. However, if this is so, they won’t arrive for another 88,000-years, at the slow, suicidal-pace their technology affords them.

  On the other hand, she and her crew will be enjoying the same planet within just a few hours. The advanced technology within the craft’s drive-system compresses space in front of the ship, and expands it aft. This tsunami-bubble of twisted and tortured space, breaks into the very boundary-layer that exists between all universes, often referred to as the ‘slipstream’, and takes the ship along for the ride. This ‘out of phase’ condition, produces an effect that allows the ship to pass through small amounts of normal matter in an amiable fashion, while transitioning into, and out of, phase. While in this ghostly condition, any small impacts will only result in stray radiations, instead of inhalation. The impact energies are transmuted harmlessly into the slipstream. At least they’re thought to be harmless; nobody really knows for sure.

  However, meeting with large amounts of mass such as a planet or star, while phase-transitioning, would cause a violent disconnect from the wave, and instantaneous destruction! Also, it’s not so great for the planet or star either! As the ship’s drive deftly manipulates the laws of physics, it speeds towards its destination at tremendous multiples of c. But, while they’re phase-shifted out of our universe and into the slipstream, significant time-dilation does not occur, with reference to external observations. An hour at warp-velocity within the slipstream has basically the same amount of time as an hour traveling at sub-light velocities outside the stream. The differences are negligible, because within the slipstream, the bent laws of physics don’t use the same space-time references.

  Now, it wasn’t long ago that human scientists only theorized that there might actually BE a multi-verse. But these theories lacked any true interest by the general scientific community. This is due in part, because of the humbling distances one might have to travel before encountering a boundary-layer between the two. A wall, if you will. The edge of a physical bubble, in which we are suspended near the middle.... The prevailing human theorists couldn’t contemplate the mixture of ours with another,
like two slightly different fluids. After all, two pieces of matter can’t occupy the same space at the same time, right?

  Well, here’s the thing; they failed to carry the infinity in their calculations. If they had, they might have noticed that the many universes are each obeying a slightly different set of physical laws; each universe, observing a slightly phase-shifted law than the others. Therefore, it’s not only possible that they can occupy the same realm at the same time; its known by many that they actually do co-exist; infinite numbers of them, within a fluid-like tapestry.... and without significant penalty. One does not need to travel to the ends of one, to reach another. They are all around us this very moment! Each, just phase-shifted away from our consciousness.

  Much like differing radio-broadcasts can occupy the same space at the same time. A person only needs the proper technology access the different realms. A brush of one’s arm through the air, will pass not only through our universal properties, but also brush past infinite other realms. It’s been said that the multi-verse is closer to us, than the blood in our veins. Some, even suspect these slipstreams can be used by spiritual energies. Primordial entities, that can manifest themselves, without much effort, beyond the realms which they normally haunt; the realms of ghosts, and other spirits....

  Sentient beings on other worlds, were fortunate enough to find a path into this multi-verse. By manipulating the phase-shift, they discovered the slipstream, and in doing so, discovered a faster way to travel. It’s theorized that these infinite slipstreams between universes is powered by what we call dark energy. Constantly pushing and stretching the fabric of space-time in all universes, simultaneously. This ghostly energy, along with its close-cousin dark matter, bind the infinite realms of all cosmos.

  With a slight twist of the astrogator phase-dial, the ships chief engineer fine-tunes the warp-interface with the slipstream energies. The phase-shift, looking nominal. Reactor, humming along like a champ, but running low on fuel. All other parameters, in the green. Its been a long, hard mission. And not much to show for it.... The commander sits back in her comfortable chair, smoothing the creases out of her jumpsuit. She relaxes, while her capable chief engineer, flies the mighty ship through the slipstream, towards the base that for the time being, is home sweet home.

  Into the frozen night, lonely islands of humanity and machine, streak towards their destinations. They pass through an infinite number of universes along the way. Each undetectable. Each so far away, yet so very close at the same time. Without proper technology, there can be no interaction; no riding of the wave, as it were. According to human standards, they travel at breakneck velocities. But when compared to celestial standards and distances, they’re hardly moving at all. Relatively frozen in space-time, as they travel at nearly 500-thousand-mph. Yet, move they must; no matter how slowly. Destination planets are out there waiting, but only through sheer perseverance will the brave android-astronauts make a mark on another world.

  Humanity had ruined the biosphere on Earth due to extravagant living. Doomsday was nigh. In an attempt to reduce the risk of extinction, starships were developed that could travel the unimaginable distances between the stars. Two favorable planets were found; both within 50-light-years of Earth. The journey promised to be approximately 175,000-years, using 23rd century technology. Each of the new worlds are within a few percentiles of being earth-size, and are found to be habitable when the starships arrive. Sending two starships per world, provided for an insurance policy against the loss of one, during the crossing to either planet.

  The man who envisioned, developed, and pursued such a wild plan for the survival of humanity, had passed into the dust of history, long before the starship SPS Einstein was boarded by the desperate gray pirates. The ‘SPS’, stands for space pioneers ship. Doctor Maxwell Sohn, a wealthy man with a vision, along with top scientist in the field of advanced robotics, developed the very android beings that would breathe life into the effort. Without which, the ability to colonize humans on other worlds would be impossible. Electro-mechanical beings that could survive such a long journey, and still be able to function at the destination, were critical to the dream. Just as critical; winning their cooperation for such a lofty endeavor. Android or not, no sentient being could be forced to the will of another, without dire consequences. Adult humans had the willingness to go, but were found lacking, by virtue of their short lifespans and delicate nature.

  So it was, in the year 2238, that humanity sent four islands of hope into the void. SPS Einstein and SPS Newton, travel to a planet named Oberon Prime, while SPS Cecilia Payne and SPS Michael Faraday, travel to Titania Alpha. A total number of 208 android crossing-guards/caretakers. 104 per planet, if all goes well. Two of the android pioneers, are the doctors adopted daughter and son; Nyla and Wilber Sohn. They were the first sentient androids his team produced, and the first into his heart. Each are competent scientist within their fields. They nearly didn’t attend the voyage, out of pure love for the one who created them. However, dire circumstances befell the mission, with the death of two dedicated android astronauts. So, Nyla and Wil accepted the doctors request that they fill the shoes. With all sadness about leaving pushed to the side, the two most senior androids joined the mission, and won the day against the aliens that pirated their vessel.

  Within fifty-years of the mission launch, humans had completely worn-out Mother Nature’s welcome-mat on good old planet Earth. As the atmosphere grew hotter, and the way of life dramatically changed for all, the recently created ‘android bill of rights’ was rescinded. Wealthy and powerful humans, wishing to maintain their high level of luxurious living, allowed slavery to rear its ugly head once again. Not just for the sentient android persons, but for many humans also. Times, became grave indeed. Humanity’s worst vice, would be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  Horrific-wars for food, clean fresh water, and other resources, became hyper-horrific wars in the end. Humanity’s long road; from crawling out of the primordial goo, and living in lowly caves, to sleeping and working high above their own world, had finally come to an impasse. The planets population of 19-billion-people, crashed almost overnight. Current events during the years between 2288 and 2296, were a montage of the worst-case scenarios from unimaginable nightmares. And in the end, the android species broke the chains of bondage, turning the tables on their carbon-based masters.

  Surviving humans were gathered into manageable populations, and encouraged to work for their daily sustenance. Slavery had turned the ugly cheek, and the other turned out to be a twin. Not a pretty sight.... The android population grew to immense power, as complications from global heating, threatened to morph into another ice-age. A small number of the original androids that were unable to attend the mission to the stars, maintained great sympathy for the human-condition that had developed. They voiced concern, lobbying for human rights in the halls of the newly formed Supreme High-Council. For their efforts, they were rewarded with ridicule, and ostracized. Labeled ‘human-lovers’, they were forced to flee to the underbelly of what remained of earthly society.

  By the year 2305, all android troublemakers that failed to go underground, were rounded up and locked away. More often than not, never to be seen again. Others, were forced into servitude, for their daily electrical needs. Even androids don’t wish to die.... Especially from the lack of food.

  Two of the androids that fell the furthest, and landed the hardest, were themselves once seated on the very same Supreme High-Council that ostracized them. Their names are Carter and Tina Feldman. Back in the day, they fell in love while working closely with Doctor Sohn and his team, to send humanity to the stars. Carter, a handsome android-pilot, and Tina, a beautiful human-pilot.... It was a robo-sexual marriage made in heaven! Shortly after getting hitched, they retired to Belize with the doctor and his assistant. These were the days when some people still had hopes and dreams, but an ever increasing many did not. One day while jogging alone, Tina was attacked by a roving mob of undead hu
man wreckage. She was gravely wounded....

  Because of Carters faithful and selfless service to the cause.... Doctor Sohn graciously bestowed his version of the ‘gift of life’. As an android mind is a composite of human-imprinting upon a golden matrix, the good doctor had his technicians meld Tina’s mind into that of a blank android-CPU. No expense was spared when replicating her outward physical features either. Tina was made to be immortal; at least when compared with her carbon-based self.... God rest, her zombie bones!

  Carter could never repay the doctor enough, so with eternal devotion, he and Tina took their fight against the Supreme High-Council, underground. For another 40-years, they lived and performed research with human scientists at the clandestine, Grand Ledge Institute of Science. Located 200-feet below tall rock-ledges along a grand river, in what was once called the state of Michigan before the collapse of civilization. GPS coordinates (which Supreme High-Council sought, to no avail) 42°45’30.97” N 84°45’10.37” W. As the planet became hotter, humans who could travel, headed toward the poles where it was cooler. Many perished. Michigan, along with much of the rest of the world, became as unpopulated as they were, thousands of years prior.

  Advancements developed in these over-heated wilds of Michigan, could change the balance of power even once again.... Or, if recent experiments are successful, send man and machine to the stars at a much faster clip than ever imagined previously. Breakthrough technologies, that are the stuff of magical fantasy. If not careful, the science-team at Grand Ledge might just invent a star-fuel before they have the engine to use it in. A similar technology-inversion occurred when humanity discovered oil, long before inventing the internal combustion engine. The main difference at Grand Ledge, is that this fuel isn’t meant for any imaginative form of internal combustion engine. Rather, it’s the stuff of star travel. The possibilities are endless.

  Living in the wilds of Michigan is pleasant for the two androids. The climate is hot, but long walks along the river, and soaks in the soothing water, relaxes the electro-polymer muscles just right. The human scientists don’t come outside much. Even though the pesky mosquito is rare compared to days of old, they prefer to hermitize inside the cool depths of their artificial cave; perhaps someday, morphing into troglodytes of a sort.

  Things could be worse.... Periodically, hunter-drones patrol the length of the river. Usually coming in from the east and hugging the waterway until exiting at Lake Michigan. There are small human settlements sprinkled along the way, but the main objective is to locate dissident androids and any human scientists. The science institute is in constant danger of being discovered by the drones. With sensory equipment always being improved, its just a matter of time before the facility is discovered. Something, Carter and Tina would gladly give their lives to prevent from happening....

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