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The chaac ornamentation, p.2
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       The Chaac Ornamentation, p.2

           Michael Carter
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continent simply had no balance. Now you may scoff anew at this but time, energy, matter and space are made up of certain universal forces, the forces of fire, earth, wind and water. These forces are represented physically by the elements that their name suggests, but the real forces are what you might term invisible gases and they flow and run under the surface of the earth, and under the sea, in much the same way as blood runs around your human body. Your society is just beginning to recognise these veins of the Earth, and you call them ley-lines. We, their constructors, prefer to call them chakras.”

  Throughout all this talk there had been many laughs and mumblings from the audience, but as none of them had openly expressed their disbelief or hurled abuse at him, the scarred man continued his explanations.

  “These chakras were constructed by the twenty-four ‘Gods’ after the demise of the place you call Atlantis. It is true that Atlantis had no chakras, no balance, and the four elements were in dangerous equilibrium, much the same as they were around the whole of the planet. Atlantis was the only area that suffered, however, because that civilization had developed quite quickly into an intelligent and potentially dangerous people. With varying experiments with nuclear, post-fusion and dark matter power they affected their subterranean elements so much that the water segment of the four had much more weight than the others. This imbalance continued for many hundreds of years and eventually Atlantis was swamped by the waves.”

  The judge checked his watch and looked at the door to see if there was any sign of Dr Greppen. There wasn’t.

  “This disaster warned the ‘Gods’ about the unpredictability of the physical Earth and so we decided that something must be done about it. It was this great historic counsel session that brought forth the idea of life-lines, chakras, ley-lines or whatever you wish to call them; arteries under the surface through which the four elements could flow peacefully and in harmony. It took us a great many years, several thousand, to achieve these ethereal tunnels of power and energy and it was very tiring for all involved. But eventually, and with help from certain ground-based races, the proto-American Indians, the Egyptians, Babylonians and the Druids, the lines were constructed and held tight in the Earth by various important landmarks.

  “There was one final factor to be completed though before the ‘Gods’ could be assured that such a disaster as the sinking of Atlantis would not recur. Certain items were required to control the chakras, artefacts of various designs and forms that would act as regulators to the energies flowing beneath your feet. For each element involved, there were six items constructed, six for water, six for fire, six for earth and six for wind, twenty-four in all, each one constructed and manipulated by one of the ‘Gods’. At certain times, when pressure of one element became too heavy, certain areas of the chakras have to be closed off to that element and to do this we have to use the twenty-four items.

  “As you may now have guessed, I was not trying to steal the Chaac Ornamentation but altering it in a minute way, using it to close off certain chakra areas below the continent of North America where the water build-up was rising to an unhealthy state, just like Atalantis had suffered in the past.

  “Yes, the Chaloc Ornamentation, to give it its correct name, is one of the water elements, and it was while I, Chaloc himself, was melding the artefact in the maelstrom that I received these unsightly and unhealing disfigurements. Of the other twenty-three Chakra Regulators, your explorers and archaeologists have so far discovered seven of them, although you know nothing of their true applications. There is the great Lid of Palenque, for example, in the Temple of Inscriptions in Mexico, and the ornate crystal skulls from the same province. Then there is Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt as well as The Sphinx, the Altar Stone at the head of what you call Stonehenge, and the roof piece of the ‘legendary’ Tower of Babel, among many others of which you will not have heard.

  “I do not expect you to believe my story for I recognise it is very difficult for your minds to grasp, and I ask forgiveness for creating this false identity under which I am being tried. Nevertheless, you now have the facts, and you may consider them however you like. I for one, know them to be far more valid than what we are waiting for Doctor Greppen to produce.”

  Chaloc turned to the judge, then, and thanked him for allowing the true facts of the case to be exposed.

  “Sentence me to whatever you wish, my lord. I shall respect your judgement, but it shall mean little to me, for I will not age during its undertaking.”

  When Chaloc eventually took his seat again, there was a mild explosion of chatter throughout the audience, and a few inevitable laughs and guffaws. Whatever their reaction, Chaloc was pleased with what he had said., the truth as he had lived it.

  After several minutes of chatter in the audience and the judge consulting his notes, the main door opened and a red and flustered Doctor Greppen walked in. He bypassed the defendant who gave a slight pitying smile at him, and stood in front of the judge, who by this time looked a little confused and impatient, rather sick of the whole case.

  “My Lord, “ said Doctor Greppen, in a squeaky embarrassed voice, “I have searched everywhere and unfortunately cannot find the statement I am looking for.”

  The crowd had quietened to listen to Greppens statement, and now he’d spoken some of them laughed and jeered a little.

  “I cannot apologise enough, sir,” he offered, as the judge looked down at him over his glasses, “I will find it soon, my lord. Might I suggest we adjourn the hearing until tomorrow.”


  Authors Note;- The Chaac Ornamentation was written in October 1997, and first appeared, in a slightly different form, in the magazine ‘The Domain’[ #9, 1/98], and then on the webzine ‘Frightnet’ [#6, 3/98]. When I wrote this story I was very much interested in the Mayans and their mythology, and reading a lot about earth mysteries and ancient history. I think the story has added interest in 2012, as the end of the Mayan Long Count rapidly approaches, and everyone wonders if 21st December 2012 actually will the Doomsday that some predict. My opinion; I am looking forward to my Christmas dinner.


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